Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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A Theory To Test pt. 3

The next day, he was invited to Anna’s quarters. He lifted his hand in the air, ready to knock on the door as it opened.

Anna pointed to the metal chair in the middle of the room with ropes tied loosely around the armrests.

“Sit, my son. We will get underway with your test momentarily.” She scurried to the chest of drawers that was pushed against the wall.

As she rummaged through it, Lucious took a seat and secured the restraints around his left wrist. The rough rope bit into his skin. He tested his arm, using his strength to try and break free. Pleased he remained in place, he waited till Anna returned with two blood bags in her hands.

She left them on the end table nearby and fastened his second wrist for him. A moment later, she tied a scarf around his eyes.

“We are ready. How long has it been since you fed?” she asked.

Seeing nothing but darkness, Lucious thought of his last meal and cringed. He had drained a vampire in Vienna and the repercussions of such actions fought for dominance in his mind.

“Lucious, answer me,” Anna commanded him.

“Yesterday, before I arrived in London.”

Her small heels informed him of her location as she edged around the chair and the smell of blood perfumed the air.

Lucious grasped the armrests, his knuckles paled from the strain. He had to find a way to control the urge to attack. The sensation in his stomach was close to a ball of needles rolling around, cutting him open while trying to find a way out. He swallowed hard. His fangs extended, and he inhaled the sweet scent.

“Who did you drink from?” Anna’s next question was almost drowned out by his mind screaming for him to seek out his target and drain them.

She nudged his shoulder, and his thoughts settled enough for him to answer. “A vampire in Vienna.”

Anna remained silent for what seemed like an eternity. The smell of blood vanished, and she undid his blindfold.

When his eyes focused, Anna’s small face was in front of him, and he looked at the ground in shame. “I couldn’t control it—”

She patted him on the head. “You drank from one of us, Lucious. This information must remain a secret from the world. Do you understand me?”

He nodded, studying his sire’s stern expression.

Anna undid his restraints. “This will no longer help you, so we may as well stop the torture.” She finished one arm and paused. “Was that the first time you have done so?”

“No. I drank from another while trying to overcome my descent.”

Anna pursed her lips. Her attention remained on the task at hand. Once she untied the knots, she moved away and folded her arms. “Do you know why ghouls eat the dead?”

Lucious frowned. “No.”

“Because whatever energy the dead person had in life, stayed in their body after death and that is the only way they can extract it. We are a prime example of that amplified energy. The energy our sire shares with us before death boosts what we used to have and so we awaken with better senses and stronger bodies. Of course, the fact remains, the older and stronger a sire is, the stronger the offspring.”

“Anna, please tell me why you began this topic with ghouls in mind,” Lucious asked, uncertain.

She pulled up a chair, taking a seat and crossing her legs. “Ghouls are closest to humans. They eat their flesh and never that of a vampire because the power in us can consume them. That is why we feed on humans and not on our kind. If one of us does take such a dangerous road, there is no telling what the side effects may entail.” Her expression remained blank, but her eyes reflected a darker emotion he could not decipher. “I have met one such vampire in my life. To him, human blood was tasteless.”

“Are you telling me I have to continue drinking from vampires?”

Anna’s empty stare told him nothing as she tossed a blood bag to him. “Shall we test my theory?”

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