Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Similarities pt. 3

That night, Helena gripped the key card to the apartment in her hand, standing at the front door. With a single swipe, she could find out if the bodies were taken. Her heart hurt too much as she recalled the dead faces of Laura’s parents. They were kind, good people, and they should have never gotten involved in this mess.

Her hand fell away from the lock. The key card slipped out of her hand, and she pressed her back to the door. In truth, she was weak. The bravery she managed to put on display before others was a mask she learned to keep on when surrounded by the undead. I can’t even check to see if my friend’s parents are there or not.

Two hands grasped her shoulders, and she was met with Andrew’s sour expression.

“Alexander told me you might be here,” he explained. “Do you want to go in together?”

“What about your meeting?” she asked, unable to believe he was there with her.

He picked up the key card off the floor. “Alexander will take care of the investors.”

“How kind of him…”

Andrew took her hand in his larger one. She couldn’t stop staring at it as he swiped the card through the locking mechanism and the door clicked open. The sound was enough to instil dread in her. Regardless of what they were about to find, reality remained the same—two more people were dead.

He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and pushed the door open to reveal a clean hallway. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and Helena’s knees nearly buckled under her.

“I don’t hear anyone,” he said, entering.

Helena stared at the spot where Alexander and Ben dumped the bodies. No blood. There was a strong smell of bleach in the air, but nothing she couldn’t cope with. Laura alone couldn’t have scrubbed the place on such short notice.

“Have you tried calling her?” Andrew inquired, checking the unopened stack of mail on the floor.

“I did. She didn’t take my call, so I left a voicemail. Do you want me to try again?”

Andrew shook his head. “Although I can’t believe it, her parents were hunters. We can’t let them find us here or they’ll take their revenge.”

“But, Laura—”

The look in his eyes stopped her words from coming out. There was so much pain and sorrow reflected in them, she thought that at any given moment he would break down in front of her. She pressed her lips together and took his hand, leading him out of the apartment. One glance at her phone told her the time. There was no need to stay there anymore. She had her answer—Laura had collected the bodies.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“To see your parents. It’s eight. They should be home by now.”

Andrew stopped in his tracks, and she was unable to progress further.

She gave him the best reassuring smile she could conjure. “I’ll be there with you, Andrew. That’s what friends are for, right?”

“You do realise that I see you as something more than a friend,” he countered.

Andrew clutched her hand tighter and pulled her into an embrace. His steel-like arms pressed her to his chest. The soft material of his white shirt brushed her face, and she fought to free herself.

“Helena, please, let me stay like this for a bit.” His heartbroken words made her give in to his request.

This was different to the time he held her in the apartment before he was turned. His body heat was gone, and she couldn’t find the racing heartbeat under her cheek anymore. For some reason, Andrew didn’t make her heart pound the same way Lucious did. Regardless if the need for closeness with Lucious was due to the soul-bond they shared, this simply felt empty.

“Andrew, please let go. We should head off.”

When she glanced up, chilled lips collided with hers. Andrew’s tongue entered her mouth, and she was too shocked to move.

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