Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Working Together pt. 2

Lucious saw red as he waited for Alexander’s plane to land at Heathrow airport. How could his childe be more important to her than him? He strode over to the large window displaying nothing but the night and the planes encased in the shadows. His hands wrapped around the metal railing, and he squeezed them, reshaping the thick steel.

“Cursed demons.”

A young human child gaped at him, so Lucious made his way to a secluded café upstairs. He sat on a plastic orange seat. The vibrant colours hurt his eyes. Strong scents of human perfume and body odour bombarded him. Since his descent started, he noticed the change in the way he could pick out the most indistinguishable of scents.

He snorted. Perhaps I am turning into a dog.

Lucious’ humour vanished as he recalled Vincent doing business with the werewolves. Although he had not seen any of them around, for which he was thankful, they would not seek out the Vampire Council without a good reason. He combed his hand for the dozenth time through his tousled hair. It did not matter what the Council did as long as he and his were out of danger.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he retrieved the device to read a message from Alexander, informing him of their arrival. Walking at a human’s pace, he left the café and waded through the crowd of people rushing to the check-ins.

Once he arrived at the VIP arrivals lounge, the string trembled before he laid his eyes on her. It had been a week since he had seen Helena in person, and he had missed the sight of her face.

A second passed, and she noticed him. Their eyes met. He smiled at her, but she looked away. Lucious’ jaw locked and his anger from earlier returned. Indeed, he was not the one she came here to see.

He balled his hands at his sides and strode to where the group was seated.

Alexander looked up from the laptop screen and waved him over.

With bitter aftertaste in his mouth, Lucious ignored her and stopped next to his friend. “Fill me in.”

Alexander typed something on his laptop. He closed the lid and slotted the device into his laptop bag. “You’ve missed quite a party. The saint”—he pointed to her as she settled on the furthest sofa and scribbled something in her journal—“is a handful. If I wasn’t already dead, I would fear for the state of my heart. The hunters have rearranged my living room into God-knows-what, and Helena—” He lowered his voice, “—managed to convince Reaver to help us.”

Lucious raised a questioning brow. “Why would Reaver help us?”

“Beats me.”

Lucious noted how tired his friend appeared. He probably had not slept a wink the whole week the hunters were in his home, and for a good reason. Even though Helena believed them to be harmless humans, they were anything but. Their first encounter proved that, and he was not willing to take chances with them.

Within seconds, he closed the distance between him and Helena. He took her by the arm and pulled her after him. Ignoring her protests, and a few coming from the female hunter, Lucious walked briskly until they were isolated from prying eyes and ears.

“Lucious, let go of me. You’re hurting my arm.”

He loosened his grip but did not relinquish his hold. He drew closer, and she stumbled backwards. Lucious shattered the illusion of space she wished to create by pressing his body against hers, trapping her between him and the wall.

“What are you doing? This isn’t the time for this! We have to—”

He cut her off by covering her mouth with his and willed her to open up for him. The link shook unpleasantly, making him nauseated. He drew back, seeing the same look on her face he had witnessed when he had kissed her after the meeting with the Councilmen—an expression that made him want to sink into the ground beneath him.

Helena wiped at her tears. “It isn’t the time for this, Lucious. We have to save Andrew. We have to!”

His anger melted away, and he welcomed her into his arms, letting her bury her face in his shirt. He kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking…”

She shook her head and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Help me find him, please.”

Her hazel eyes reflected his undecided expression. He wanted to possess her, to control her every action, yet was incapable of executing his desires when he looked into the depths of those shimmering orbs. Whatever magic it was, he was uncertain if he wanted it broken or not.

Lucious pressed his forehead to her slender shoulder. She was so fragile. If anyone had told him a year ago that he would turn into a fool blinded by love, he would have laughed as he gutted the messenger. But, here he stood, holding a small female who had become his entire world in such a short amount of time.

“Your eyes are quite disarming, my dear,” Lucious whispered and lifted his head. “Don’t ever cry for another man in front of me. Do you understand?”

She bobbed her head and smiled. “Are you jealous?”

“Yes, and I would prefer not to be shaken by such feelings too often.”

Helena hugged him, surprising him enough that he was unable to reciprocate the embrace for a few seconds.

“Helena, are you alright?” the female hunter called from around the corner, and Lucious groaned.

He moved away from her. At the loss of touch, his fingers itched to pull her back in. Fighting the urge, he shoved his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

“I’m fine. I’ll be right there,” Helena replied. She gave him one last smile and headed back.

Bloody hunters, Lucious thought and trailed behind her.

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