Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Too Much Loss pt. 3

Lucious grabbed Helena’s and Andrew’s unconscious bodies and fleeted out of the cavern as fast as he could. His limbs and chest throbbed from the large gashes the demons left on him before he managed to crawl back out of the pit. In his wake, he left a trail of blood, but he could not permit Helena to remain with that creature any longer. The hunter was becoming a demon and, if Lazarus took her over, they may never escape with their lives.

He burst out of the dark cave and into the mountainside. With his sensitive ears, he identified an animalistic wail from within the heart of the mountain which urged him to keep going.

Lucious sped down the mountain. At the treeline, he carefully laid Helena down and nudged his childe with a single slap to the face. Andrew’s head bobbed around his shoulders—no response. Lucious stuck him harder.

This time, his childe’s eyes slowly peeled open, and Lucious said, “I need to drink from you if we are to get out of this place alive. Do I have your permission?”

Andrew sluggishly blinked and winced when Lucious’ knee brushed his exposed thigh muscle.

“I do not have the time for this…” Lucious mumbled and sank his teeth into Andrew’s neck. Blood rushed to the surface, and he greedily swallowed it.

His childe made weak protests, and Lucious disregarded them as he revelled in the taste he had missed.

When he drew away, Andrew was no longer conscious. For the better. Lucious picked them both up. With his energy returning and his body, once again able to repair itself, he ran towards the Demon Gate.

The gate became visible, and he lowered both of them onto the dry dirt. Searing pain had consumed his legs. He had torn a muscle or two because he ignored his limits to get to the edge of the forest as fast as he could.

Lucious retrieved the viator bijous from his pocket. He could only hope that Reaver did not trick them and the damned crystal was going to work. Lucious bit into the pad of his thumb and smeared his blood on the gem. As if answering the call of the sacrifice, it shone blue in his hand.

“Is it done?” Reaver asked through the crystal, and Lucious let out a nervous laugh. Finally, something is going right tonight.

“Open the gate, we’re coming back,” Lucious ordered.

“Understood,” came a curt response, and the gem turned black again.

Helena shifted on the ground and let out a moan. “What’s happening? Where are we...? Where’s…Maya. Oh God, where is she?”

“Stop it, my dear. She is gone, and we are going back,” he said, trying to help her stand.

She slapped his hand away and started for the mountain. Lucious cursed and threw her over his shoulder.

“Put me down, you animal!”

“I guess this is bound to affect our relationship…” he muttered, lifting Andrew with the other arm.

Helena hit his back with her small fists. “We have to go back for her.”

He let her rant while he kept an eye on the gate and the tall demon guarding it. Thankfully, the dog-like creatures were no longer gathered around.

The gate activated and turned into a mirror. As it did so, he murmured an apology and fleeted for the exit.

As he neared it, the demon swung his giant scythe at him. Left with no choice, Lucious ducked forwards through the portal along with the others.

They fell out on the other side. Lucious scrambled into a standing position and grasped Helena’s middle to keep her from crawling back through the gate.

Madeline ran towards them and, as the gate was closing, a shadow-like arm emerged through the portal, grabbing for him.

Lucious coiled his arms tighter around Helena and sent them both falling. The arm caught the redheaded witch and pulled.

“She’s out of the circle!” Reaver shouted.

The saint’s expression hardened. “She’s a silver soul. There is no helping her now. Horus, purge the darkness.”

Nadine’s guardian faced terrified Madeline. He strode to the edge of the barrier. Lifting his hand, he mouthed an apology. His palm glowed with a blinding light that forced Lucious to close his eyes. When the brightness subsided, a wave of wind pushed the witch through the portal. It quickly vanished, and Helena screamed and flailed in his arms.

“Madeline!” Helena cried out, and Lucious’ soul tore to pieces at the heart-wrenching sound she produced.

He wanted to take away her suffering there and then, but he knew how helpless he was in this situation. Because of that, he shut away his emotions and picked her up.

“You’re a monster!” she shouted. “Maya was right.”

Lucious opened his mouth to respond when Ben burst out of the tunnel. His eyes scanned the wall and the other ashen faces in the room.

“Where is she?” the hunter demanded.

Helena’s form wilted in Lucious’ arms. He felt her inner turmoil as if it was his and said, “She won’t be coming back.”

The hunter ground his teeth. He raised his weapon, pointing it at Lucious’ head. “I guess I no longer have to feel guilty for trading in your lives.”

Lucious prepared to push her away, but something rolled in between the hunter’s feet. Smoke streamed from the can that stopped in the centre of the room. Reaver and the saint coughed and scrambled past the hunter. A tap on Lucious’ shoulder drew his attention.

To his right, Alexander said, “The distraction won’t last. I will take your childe. Grab the human and let us get out of here.”

Lucious followed his instructions, and they both fleeted through the tunnel. Before they could get to the exit, they were met with a group of hunters who held UV lamps and pointed their weapons at them.

Alexander cursed, and Lucious barked, “Go!”

Without another word, Alexander grasped Helena, too, and rushed through the opened metal gate that led upstairs. To distract the enemy, Lucious ran towards the hunters. Pain exploded in his side, left thigh, and shoulder as he toppled them over like dominos.

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