Lost in the woods.

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Fantasy adventure.

Fantasy / Erotica
Denny Patrick
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Lost in The Woods

The sun was bright and the wind was warm. The wild grass in the meadow swayed ever so peacefully. The bubbling brook off in the distance set the tone for a relaxing final touch to the whole scenery.

Trallex just layed in the tall grass feeling hidden from all the world as if no one would ever find him, in his own slice of the universe. He wanted to stay here forever at peace just enjoying being a grass roller with all the worldly cares absent from thought.

But alas He could hear the slowly creaping, whispers of His wife's voice asking Him ever so patiently to please take care of the fire wood for it felt like it might be a cold night and and if He didnt keep the children warm, she would not be keeping Him warm in Her loving embrace.

So He shook off the warm comforting feeling of the sun's rays and drifted through the pleasent breeze, on His way to the wood pile out back of the lovely little cottage just big enough for His wife, Athentia and their two children to call home.

Now allowing the beautiful smiles of His wife and laughter of His adorable children to flood His mind. He began to pick up the pace from a lackadaisical walk to more invigorating jog. Which in turn quickly broke into a full on stride of breakneck speeds of running. While His thoughts opened up into the countless overjoyed memories of all the playful and just overwhelming feelings of happiness created by all highs and peaks of the wonderful times His family shared together.

To arrive at His destination of chores He must take care of to keep His family comfortable and wanting for not. He must leave the pleasant meadow and travel through a good two mile patch of woods.

He did not think much of it for He has never had any troubles as of late on His journey's to the meadow to clear His mind and rejuvenate His soul. But in the myst of the joy His family brought to His heart with their memories. He was shaken out of the deep thoughts and rudely awaked to a dark force, making His hair stiffen.

He quickly took account of His surroundings and tried to find His natural sense of direction and could not for nothing in the woods seemed familiar. Not one stick or leaf nor blade of grass. So He set out to try to locate the source of this evil dark presence that invaded His thoughts and feelings.

He instinctively and rapidly searched the surroundings and off in the distance about a hundrend yards to His left He could see a blurry dark figure. So He grabbed a medium size rock from the ground next to Him and proceeded to venture closer to the dark entity.

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