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Fantasy / Adventure
Burning Cinders
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A Knight's offense

Before me layed a great shield. Embedded deep into the stone-brick ground, colored matte black. It didn’t look like an ordinary shield, it was a large, ornate looking one. Several beautiful shapes and edges, it was a royal shield-, no, a Knight’s shield. Only something as beautiful as this can be a Knight’s.

I am but a lowly girl of the slums. Hungry, dirty and frail. My eyes were tired, my arms sore from doing what labor I can to help feed my siblings and dying father. And when my eyes lay on it I couldn’t help but have a gleam in my eyes.

A beautiful shield that can be sold for great fortune” money blinded my action, walking towards the gate.

The shield’s owner I do not know, but where It was I do. Embedded into the ground like the legends of Excalibur, right in front of the gate. It was like the owner wanted it to be a special memorial, or perhaps like a monument.

People curiously spared a glance at it, but nevertheless continued doing whatever they were doing. They didn’t want to touch that shield.

I couldn’t control myself, before I had even begun taking my next breath I was already in front of the shield. My hand lay on it, feeling around the jagged edges, careful.

By now I had drawn a lot of weary glances,

It’s a girl from the slums, probably thinks she can take it out of the ground” I heard a man say amongst the crowd that had begun to form.

I placed both hands on the shield, and just then I heard a woman shout from the crowd,

“Don’t do it girl! You’ll regret it!-” I ignored her, and tried to yank out the shield with all I could muster. It didn’t come out, however it budged. I tried again, my arms started to hurt

It felt like it was almost out, so I tried once more, of the last time. I screamed and pulled it out, my grip on the shield tight, and my arms sore. It came right out, and onto me as I pulled back.

For a moment I felt pride, happiness. However, I soon heard the sound of marching soldiers. There was also the sound, the sound I’ve only heard a few times in my life. The sound of a Knight, as every step he took his armor groaned.

My back on the cold and dirty ground, I looked upwards, my eyes wide. A towering figure, a creature of sorts. Armored and colored just like the shield. Its armor as ornate and beautiful as the shield itself, its helmet bore a thin slit for a visor. Fine red mist emanated from the visor, dissipating quickly. Two horns protruded away backwards from its helmet, only to curve back in.

The first thought that entered my mind was ‘demon’. This creature certainly looked like it, and it did stifle a scream from me. I got up, shield in my arms and crawled away in fear. My heart seemed to throb from fear, and I daresay, I felt a certain aura around it.

I heard a metal groan, and then saw this creature get on one knee. Its face got so close to mine that I could almost feel the mist dissipating right in front of my face. Though I peered into the visor, all I saw was a burning fire. And I can feel it, heat.

Heat as hot as a furnace being emitted from its visor. My face grew pale, and I still grew.

You look like you enjoyed taking my shield from the ground, what’s your name?” Its voice was deep and smooth, but had a sort of metallic whine to it.

My throat felt like it had tightened, and I couldn’t manage a word. I just stared into his visor, engulfed in an endless stare between me and whatever lay behind the helmet.

However, a moment later I responded,

“M-my names...Saita,” I blinked repeatedly, trying to bring myself together. It got up, steam hissing out from under the helmet like it was sighing.

Well, Saita, you have my shield and it would be quite nice if you gave it back to me,” it reached out a gauntlet towards me, as if it wanted me to hand the Shield to it.

I felt the Shield trying to hold onto me, as if it wanted me to hold onto it tighter. A second later I hastily placed the shield on its gauntlet, and it took the shield.

Thank you for the cooperation, and as a gift, I’ll show you my land” It suddenly spoke, however I stood dumbfounded for a few seconds until two soldiers in black armor grabbed both my arms.

“What are you doing?!” I tried to fight against the soldiers grip, however I couldn’t, “I have a father and siblings to feed! If I leave they won’t survive!-”

Before I could say anymore, suddenly the creatures attitude changed,

You think I care about your parents or siblings, human. To take my shield is the highest offense, I’m taking you to my castle to see what punishment best fits you. You think I’ll reward you? nonsense.

With that The creature turned around, and I saw a large ax that hung on its belt. Three times bigger than any ax for a tree I’ve seen. It looked like it was purely made of some black metal, but the blade looked slightly worn out...and had a slight red tint to it.

I was dragged out of the gate and into the docks that were just outside. My feet were red from being dragged across the floor, but I bit my lip and took the pain. This wasn’t the best time for something like this to happen.

And it was all my fault. The shield tempted me and I fell for the temptation.

Soon we came across a massive ship. My eyes widened in pure awe, the ship was many times larger than even the biggest ships I’ve seen come dock. It was monstrously massive, but It bore no sails, just the body of a ship.

What I was surprised to find while being led into the ship was that it was completely made of metal. A similar black metal covered the hull, all the way to the walls and hallways inside.

I was led across a string of hallways, and finally I was thrown into a cell. My head hit the wall, and I immediately knew I had a concussion. I felt dizzy and squeamish, and I lost my sense of balance.

Getting up, I held onto a suspended bed attached to the side of the wall. I used it as leverage to get up, but I just broke the bed, and I felt forward.

I barely stopped myself from almost breaking my neck on the cell when falling. My breathing heavy, I retreated to the corner of the cell. Sitting with my legs pulled close.

Fear. That was all I felt, Fear for my siblings, my father. My father will try to work to keep my brother Saitus and Tano fed while I’m gone. There’s no doubt he’ll die.

His cough was getting worse, he’s been coughing blood, and his gums are starting to bleed. His eyes are red, his nerves shot and his body frail.

I started to shake and cry, that very thought made my heart sink.

Whatever I do, I have to go back home soon.

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