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FIRST BOOK OF THE ROYAL FAMILY-SERIES She is his weakness. He is her remedy. When two different worlds collide. What will happen? The moment she saw him coming out of the woods, something pushed against the edge of her mind. An unscratchable itch. It called out to him and she did not understand why. He was a stranger, a good-looking one, but still a stranger. One who looked dangerous. Yet she felt this calmness over her. An olive toned skin. A complete contrast with her porcelain white one. His hair a cool black, which with no doubt looked like the night sky. His body screamed he was someone who knew how to fight. He walked with a predatory grace, his eyes scrutinizing her. The aura he emitted made goosebumps rise on her arms. A pleasurable tingle spread through her body as their eyes locked. But it was his piercing silver eyes, shining like stars in the big black abyss, that drew her in. They hypnotized her, letting her forget the oath she swore to herself. Never to love again. FYI, since many believe everyone in this story gets a mate, this is not true. I don't know if it's clear or not in the story, but only werewolves and shifters have mates unlike all the other fantasy books. Yes, a werewolf or shifter can bet mated to a vampire or fae, but a fae or vampire cannot be mated to another fae or vampire ©️ 2020 Copyrighted by Alicia Korving

Fantasy / Romance
Alexis K. Fox
4.7 289 reviews
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Straight to the point: There is mention of BDSM in one/two chapters, but no action in this genre.

Thank uu for choosing this story and I hope you will enjoy it🥰 Expect lots of drama, betrayal, love and, of course, steamy scenes😉

The Royal Family series:
1. Endangered

2. Warring Mates

3. A Hidden Kingdom (not written yet)

Have a happy read, feel free to like and leave a review😇

You can follow me for future updates about the other books. I post regularly their with cover teasers, why I haven’t updated in a while, short stories and more. you can also join my bookclub on discord. The link is on my profile^^

This book is copyrighted and I am not scared to sue you when you plagarize it.

FYI, this is the first book I have ever written. There will be mistakes in it, characters whose backstories aren't really explained (Ara and Ryuu has their own story) or the pacing might be a bit too fast. I wrote this book to help me improve my writing, which it did. I have learnt a lot and though this book is a great read through the mistakes, the sequel will be way better. I just won't edit this book as it will take too much time and then I have to change the entire story line.

FYI 2, I will update fake chapters which has no content. This DOES NOT make my book bad or anything. I do this because the systems here sucks and I CANNOT update real content that you can actually read ten times a day. The reason for this is to get into the recently updated list so i get some new readers. And i am certain I'm not the only writer who does this. If you have a problem with it then there's the door. I already blocked someone because they didn't like this and then said that it made my book look bad. There is nothing wrong for a new author to want to gain some new readers. That being said, i do hope you will enjoy this book and constructive criticism is always appreciated^^

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