Shifter On Ice (Shifter World - Book Two)

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THIS IS BOOK TWO OF 'SHIFTER WORLD' SERIES, PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Lyvia Yule, knew that her new best friend, Sharissa, meant what she had said about Lyvia having a mate of her own, out there somewhere. But just because a pig flew over her head, doesn’t mean they really do fly. Well, that’s what she thought until she saw him. He was hers, and she wanted him, no she needed him, in the worst way. If she didn’t have him, and soon, she was going to lose her mind. She’d read what happens to a Fated Mate if they don’t mate, and she’s not going to let that happen, and neither are her friends. Once she has claimed her mate, then they can go on with their lives… Who is she kidding? Their lives are never going to be the same again. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. Still dealing with dip shits, they find themselves fighting off horny Shifters, and learning more about the upcoming war, and why they were brought back together, after so long. The Goddesses have a crazy sense of humor, and they learn that the hard, yet fun way. THIS BOOK IS NOT A STAND ALONE

Fantasy / Romance
Koko Aranck
4.7 193 reviews
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Prologue: Put to Rest



Lyvia Yule looked up from the book she was reading about Shifters and their mates. It’s something she’d borrowed from the Kraftman house. They have so many books about their race, her mind had been blown when she’d joined them at their family dinner last night.

When Dustin had announced that he and Sharissa were going to get married, his brothers bellowed and laughed and told him he was pussy whipped.

Their mother had just said one word. “Why?”

Sharissa had silenced them by telling them that her mate was doing it for her. And they’d be smart to take pointers from him, for their mates may also be human, who will have them pussy whipped so fast, their heads will spin.

That had gotten a guffaw from the men, but none of them had argued with her. Their eyes had lit up at the prospect of having their own Fated Mate. Even Mrs. Kraftman had seemed excited. She may not like humans, but if they’re bonded to the family, she made an exception. And Lyvia could tell the woman adores Sharissa.

The noise she’d heard a minute ago, came again. She set the book down on the coffee table and walked to the door. She pressed her ear to the door and listened.


She slowly opened the door and looked down to find a small orange and black striped kitten trying it’s hardest to climb up the stairs of her porch.

“You poor thing.” She whispered as she walked outside and leaned over to pet the kitten. “Where’s your mama?”


Lyvia looked up when she heard the mama kitty and smiled. “Here’s your kitty, pretty mama.” The mama cat looked just like her kitten. “It’s chilly out here, want to bring your babies inside, where it’s warm?”

The mama cat seemed to be limping, and Lyvia frowned. She scooped up the kitten, then walked over to the mama, who looked up at her kitten in Lyvia’s arms.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt him, or her.” She said as she held the kitten up so she could see and smiled. “Him.”

“Meow.” The mama cat limped as she rubbed up against Lyvia’s leg.

“Show me where your babies are.” Lyvia whispered as she watched the mama cat.

Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been able to somehow, in a way, communicate with household cats. Her mom had said it was the feline in her. And maybe she’s right. But either way, the mama cat turned and limped towards a ditch.

Lyvia’s heart beat fast in her chest as she followed the mama cat. When they got to the ditch, she looked down and saw a soaked box on its side.

“Only cover you could find, huh mama?” Lyvia whispered as she followed the cat down to the box.

Lyvia looked inside and her heart broke. “Oh, mama. You were moving this one, weren’t you? And couldn’t hold him anymore. That’s why he came to my door, he’d smelt my Tiger.”

“Meow.” The mama cat said as if to say. ‘Yeah, you got that right.’

“Okay, well, let’s get you and this little guy inside, then tomorrow I’ll have my friends help me bury your other little ones, and give them a proper burial.”

“Meow.” The mama cat said, then disappeared inside the box.

“Oh mama, I know you want to bring all of your babies, but we can’t…”


Lyvia sighed as she got to her knees and looked into the box. “Oh!” She said excitedly when she saw a kitten moving. “There’s another.”

Lyvia reached in and grabbed the kitten. It was freezing cold and Lyvia felt her heart skip a beat. She pulled the kitten out of the box and held it against her chest.

“We’ll get you nice and toasty, very soon.” She promised.

The mama cat came out of the box and looked up at her.

“Come on mama, let’s get you and your babies out of the cold.” Lyvia said, then scooped the cat up into her arms and carefully made it up out of the ditch and to her house, without dropping any of them.

Once she was inside, she set the mama cat down, then looked for an empty box. She found one that had come with her birthday present from her mother and folded in the flaps, then set the kittens inside.

She found her heating pad, turned it to the lowest setting, then lifted the kittens up and placed the heating pad inside. She grabbed a small towel and placed it over the heating pad, then placed the kittens inside the box again. She then picked up the box and carried it over to the couch and set it between the couch and coffee table.

“Here you go, mama.” She said as she lightly tapped the box.

The mama cat walked over to the box, looked inside, then jumped in and began cleaning her kittens.

“Tomorrow, after we burry your kittens, I’m taking you to the vet and having you three looked over. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you there.” She said with a smile, then walked over to the door and opened it.

She needed to make sure there were no other survivors.

With a frown, she went back to the box in the ditch. She felt each kitten and found them all frozen and not breathing. With a heavy sigh, she walked back to her house.

Out of eight kittens, only two had survived the cold. How the mana cat had kept them safe for this long was a wonder. But now, there’s only two, and Lyvia decided then and there, that she’s keeping the mama and her babies.

But she needs to find a proper name for her, she can’t keep calling her mama.


“They’re so adorable.” Sharissa gushed as she picked up the kitten who had almost died and cuddled it.

“Her name is Angel. Because she has a guardian angel.” Lyvia said with a smile.

“So perfect.” Sharissa said as she nuzzled the kitten.

“And this little guy I named Tiger of course.” Lyvia said with a grin.

“What did you name the mama?” Sharissa asked as she pet the mama cat.


“Pretty.” Sharissa said with a smile.

“Well, the hole is dug.” Dustin said as he entered the house.

Lyvia looked up at her friend’s mate and smiled. He was so tall, and sexy, her friend is very lucky.

“Thanks.” Lyvia said. “I appreciate it.”

Dustin shrugged. “It’s sad to see the innocent die, and I was happy to help.”

Lyvia and Shar smiled at each other.

Shar gathered both kittens in her arms, while Lyvia picked up their mama. The three of them walked to the ditch, and Lyvia noticed Dustin had even wrapped the kittens in a cloth and placed them in the hole.

“What should we say?” Shar asked as she looked at her friend.

Lyvia shrugged. “Rest well, little ones?”

“Good enough for me.” Dustin said with a soft smile, then began covering the hole with dirt.


Sharissa and Dustin helped Lyvia take the mother cat and her kittens to the vet.

Symone had something in her hip and the vet was able to remove it, but otherwise gave her a clean bill of health. Tiger and Angel were healthy, and since Lyvia had saved them, they’re warm and happy. A few medications for Symone, and some clean bandages, and Lyvia was able to take them home.

“I’m glad they’re all okay.” Shar said as she cuddled Angel.

Lyvia smiled at her friend. “I have a feeling you’re going to bond with that kitten.”

Shar smiled at her. “Can I have her when she’s weaned?”

Lyvia tapped her chin as if she had to think about it, then laughed when Shar pouted at her.

“Of course, you can. Three cats will be a lot for me to take care of, two will be enough trouble, but at least I’ll have company.”

“You’re going to find your mate, Lyvia, just wait.” Shar said, with a smile.

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