Trials (book 1)

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An ancient vampire must sacrifice herself to save her land and those she cares most about. She forces her mate into secrecy and he is forced to watch helplessly as her enemy conquers her. She swore to return to him however she loses her memory. She no longer knows her mate or who she truly is. Now, he must secretly guide her into the goddess she used to be or abandon her. He will be forced to kill her if he chooses to abandon her. Follow the Goddess’s journey in rediscovering her mate and the world around her. Warning: This book has dark, intimate scenes between two lovers. Please feel free to skip those sections if it offends you.

Fantasy / Romance
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Writer's word

Thank you for showing interest in Trials. This book is undergoing some huge changes.

These changes will remove some unnecessary scenes and replace them with a more in-depth view of the characters.

Please feel free to read the story, as the changes will not hinder the storyline, but keep this book in your Reading List to see the changes!

Thank you, and happy reading!


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