Trials (book 4)

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A forbidden love, and an ageless love compete for a beautiful vampire goddess who was feared and revered throughout the land. The vampire goddess unexpectedly falls and her enemy strips her of her power and her memories. The forbidden love and the ageless love are tested while she rediscovers who she is. Warning: This book has dark, intimate scenes between two lovers. Please feel free to skip those sections if it offends you.

Fantasy / Romance
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Welcome to Lara’s world,

The series is under construction which means the timeline and grammar is a bit wonky.

I recommend reading “Nothing to Lose” before you dive into Trials.

Nothing to Lose will give Lara’s character more background information for you to understand what is happening in Trials.

This DOES NOT mean you can’t read and enjoy Trials without Nothing to Lose. Trials will slowly bring Lara’s past to light, but if you are anxious for the information up front, start with Everything to Lose.

Happy Reading!!


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