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Avery Santana used to have a normal life as your average 18-year-old and she didn't know about the world of mythical creatures because she believed they were just made up creatures. Avery moved to the countryside with her mother after graduating from Highschool. It was a big change for Avery's life but, she quickly adjusted to her new life after getting a job as a waitress and she also got a boyfriend called Ryan to top it off. However, not anything goes perfectly well in this normal life. Avery came home from work one day only to find her boyfriend cheating on her. Avery broke into tears and then she ran away from the scene. When she ran through the forest that's until she saw a wolf. This was no ordinary wolf, this was a werewolf and he is the Alpha of the Dark Blood pack, Alpha Antonio. Antonio was able to capture her and bring her back to his packhouse. Will Avery be able to escape from Antonio or will she accept her role as his Luna and be his lover?

Fantasy / Adventure
Kiera Morrison
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Chapter 1

Avery Santana was your average 18-year-old woman who had recently graduated from Highschool. Avery moved to the countryside to live her mother since her father was going to be busy working abroad in Brazil with a colleague. Avery wasn't your typical 18-year-old woman, she was a bit of a geek and a sporty person. She loved practising Parkour and martial arts while reenacting the stunt moves from her favourite Assassin's Creed games and the movie version.

Before moving from the city, Avery had a lot of friends in Highschool but, she felt a little bit sad that she had to leave them behind before moving with her mother in the countryside. However, Avery's life was about to change after she moved with her mother.

Let's start at the beginning, about a month ago when Avery was on her way to her new home...


I sat in the back seat of the taxi as we drove through the countryside's road. I sat there in the backseat, not saying anything since I had my earphones on and I was listening to "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts so I can enjoy the road trip. I was sketching in my artbook and then my sable ferret, Bandit, climbed onto my shoulder and he watched me sketch his cute face.

I giggled a little and I gently rubbed my finger over his head and then I looked at the photograph of me and my friends at a graduation ceremony last month. Bandit and I stared at it sadly and then he rubbed his head against my cheek.

"I know, I'm going to miss them too, bud."

I whispered to Bandit as I tickled underneath his chin. Bandit is not only my pet ferret but he's also my friend and very protective of me. I had him since I was 15 and he's been stuck to me like glue. Wherever I go, Bandit finds an opportunity to come with me especially when I used to sneak him into school.

I chuckled at that memory and then we got to my mother's cottage which was a few miles out of town. I got out of the taxi and then my mother came running out of the cottage with a smile on her face.

"Hey, mom!"

"Avery! my baby girl!"

Mom squealed in excitement before she pulled me into a tight bear hug. I was a bit of a Mommy's girl for a while before she and Dad split up when I was ten years old. My father got custody of me and I pretty spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years in the big city until I graduated from High school and my father told me to move from there to the countryside with my mother.

Mom and I pulled away from our hug and she smiled at me while looking at me up and down.

"Look at you, my little Princess has grown up."

"I'm not so little anymore."

I glanced at my mother's cottage and it looked beautiful. It had a beautiful flower and vegetable garden since my mother is known for her green fingers, not literally though.

"Your home is a beautiful mother."

"Well, it's actually OUR home now. Come on, your room is ready for you."

Bandit squeaked in excitement as we headed inside. The indoor decorations and furniture looked amazing. The living room has a TV, a coffee table with a furry rug underneath it, a fireplace that burns logs, our family portrait hung above the fireplace and the walls and floors were made out of wood and they a light brown colour.

The kitchen looked amazing. It was in a traditional country style. The colours were a mixture of white and light brown.

Mom showed me to my room and it was beautiful. The walls were a sky blue colour, the wardrobe, desk and drawers were white, the carpet is dark blue and I also have an amazing view of the nearby town and the forest.

"Wow, this is amazing, I can't believe you were able to decorate this place all by yourself, didn't you get any handsome handymen to help you?" I teased her.

Mom chuckled at me and then she said to me, "Little miss nosy, I did not, besides, I wanted to make it extra special for you. And speaking of which, look what I've got for Bandit."

Mom walked over to a cover in the corner of the room and then she lifted the blanket off and it was a new cage for Bandit. The colour is white with blue planks for Bandit climb into the second floor.

"I got this for Bandit and there's plenty of space for another one. If he likes a friend to share it with."

Bandit leapt off my shoulder and then he went into the cage to check it out and he loves it. He was going into the tubes and playing with the toys that were in there for him. I giggled a little and I told Mom.

"He loves it, thanks, Mom."

"No problem, anything for my favourite daughter in the world."

"I'm your ONLY daughter, remember?"

Mom giggled and she ruffled my raven black hair, which I inherited from her. I also inherited her sky blue eyes and fair skin so I was like a younger version of her or rather, her twin sister.

"Anyway, once you get settled in, how about we head into the town so I can show you around."

"Sounds good to me, I'll unpack first and then we'll get going."

"Okay, honey."

Mom said as she left the room. I placed my suitcase near the end of the bed and I started to unpack my stuff. I hung up my hoodies, T-shirts, jeans and skirts in the wardrobe. I put my PJs and nightshirts into the drawers along with my underwear. Once I was done unpacking, I closed Bandit's cage and I told him.

"Now stay here Bandit and don't try and break out again."

Bandit nodded his head before he went into his food bowl to eat his food. As I got ready, I kept glancing at Bandit's cage to make sure he didn't try and open his cage door again, which is why I named him Bandit because he's always trying to cause trouble and he's also an escape artist.

Once I got ready, I headed downstairs and I got into the living room.

"I'm ready, let's go, Mom."

"Okay honey, did you make sure Bandit didn't escape his new home?"

"I did and hopefully, he hasn't opened his cage door again."

"Let's hope so, come on, let's get going."

We left the house and then mom opened the garage door and then she brought out a Jeep wrangler.

"Hope in honey."

"Awesome ride Mom!"

"I told you mothers can be cool sometimes."

I chuckled at her statement and then we headed into town while listening to the radio and I couldn't help but sing along to Rascal Flatts' song 'Feels like today'. Mom chuckled and then we got into town. I smiled at the scenery and it was amazing. I thought the city was cool but, this place rocks.

Mom parked the car and then we got out of the jeep. We went into the mall for a while and we browsed through the clothing stores, the shoe stores and of course, we bought a PS4 console along with a few games for my new room. We got to a cafe for lunch and we sat down at one of the booths which was near the window until a waitress came over to us.

"Hello, Sarah, who's this lovely lady?"

"That's my daughter, Avery. Avery, this is Gennie. She's an old friend of mine and she owns this cafe."

"It's nice to meet you, Avery. What can I get you?"

I looked at the menu and then I picked pancakes with maple syrup and a cup of tea while Mom picked a tuna sandwich with coffee. As we waited for our food to come, Mom told me about the town and the best places to visit and she also told me an interesting story about the forest that's near our home.

"Say what? strange large wolves were spotted in the woods by hikers and walkers? how big were they?"

"Hard to say, some people claim they're twice the size of your average wolf and surprisingly, some of the witnesses have claimed that some of these wolves can stand on hind legs."

"Meaning they could be werewolves? do you believe in those folklore tales?"

"I may have seen one before, it was about three years ago. I was taking a walk through the woods while collecting berries and herbs until I heard a mysterious howl in the distance. I went to investigate and there it was, a wolf black as night was standing on it's hind legs howling at the moon."

I was surprised and impressed by this and then Gennie came back with our food.

"Did that really happen, Mom?"

"It sure did, tell her Gennie."

"You mean about the werewolf? oh yeah, I believe her. I'm also one of the werewolf witnesses around here, we even have a few photographs of a few sightings, here I'll show you."

I stepped out of the booth and I followed Gennie. She showed me the wall of photographs of sightings of werewolves by photographers. I was impressed by this and then someone beside me spoke up.

"Magnificent aren't they?"

I looked to my right and there was a man about my age with dark brown hair, green eyes, pale skin and the clothes he was wearing consist of a dark blue hoodie, a black T-shirt, baggy trousers and converse shoes. I looked back at the photos and I told him.

"Yes, they are."

"I've never seen you around here before, are you new to this neighbourhood?" The brown-haired man asked me.

"You could say that, my name is Avery, Avery Santana."

"Ryan Smith, nice to meet you."

Ryan and I shook hands and then he told me.

"Did anyone ever tell you that have beautiful blue eyes?"

"Only my mother, yes."

Ryan and I looked at each other for a moment until Mom called for me.

"Avery, your food is gonna get cold."

"Uh, coming, sorry, I gotta go, I'll see you around, Ryan."

I told him before heading back to the booth. Mom smirked at me and she said to me.

"Well, I see you've met Ryan."

"You know him?"

"Of course, he's one of my patients at the therapist clinic. Poor guy had it tough after his dad passed away from cancer last year. His mother wasn't around for him and he lives alone. You know he's also single-"

"Mother! why would you say something like that?"

"It was obvious, I saw that look in your eyes, they practically lit up when you met Ryan."

She was right, when I first saw Ryan he looked handsome and I don't know what it was about him but, I felt slightly attracted to him.

From that day, my new life was about to begin, however, little did I know, my life was about to take an unexpected turn a month later.

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