To Hate Love

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Chapter 10

V - O -T -E

“Bacon is good for me”

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“How? How are the conditions better Roman? Everything that I valued was stripped away from me like it meant nothing, the rights that I had grown to cherish were stolen from me by you and apparently that’s better? I want to be able to marry whomever I choose, work a job that I have learnt through an education I worked my arse off for. I want to earn my own money and live in my own house that isn’t falling apart at the seams but you took that all from me, from millions of people and you just expect me to be okay with that,” I yell and his face moves from hard to angry in an instant, matching mine with ferocious intensity.

“Do you even hear yourself? What you went through was bad, it may have felt like it was the harshest possible life you could’ve lived but just because that’s what happened to you does not mean it happened to the rest of my pack. If you’d read the files instead of running off and throwing a tantrum then maybe you’d understand. I control the packs as best as I can but I do not dictate their every choice, your old Alpha set the conditions of the humans the way he did because manual labour benefited him and none of his pack members disputed it. There are plenty of other packs, many of which humans live very comfortable lifestyles which I fully support. I didn’t ask for a war, for my people to be persecuted, for my family to die and I most certainly am not the sole blame of what happened to you.”

“It doesn’t change the fact that it still happened, when you took humans under your rule you should’ve made sure that they were protected,” I rebut but his words pull a major weight out from underneath me.

“I don’t think you realise just how hard it is to run an entire nation, I don’t just bark my orders and then they instantly become enacted. I am trying to make things more equal for humans not only across my pack but across the world, something that I am choosing to do out of my own free will. There are no obligations for me to make anything happen outside my pack, that is our way of life but I am going to because I want to. You are seeing my place of power and assuming that I abuse it but when I took over one percent of the human population were richer than the ninety-nine, more than half the worlds population lived off less than nothing and today that isn’t the case, at least not in my continent.”

“And you see what Alpha Nicholas has done as horrible, believe me so do I, but he has simply taken over from the human rulers before him; the only change that has been made is the acknowledgement that how they live is nothing short of slavery. Humans haven’t stopped hurting humans over there, they aren’t even considered under the same branch of pack law. You think that mates compare to forced marriages? Forced marriages are the pregnant fourteen year old girls paired off to some forty year old who couldn’t care less about her. Those girls wouldn’t even know what an education was if it slapped them in the face because the’ve never been given a proper one. Mates, soulmates are destined to be with one another for the purpose of pure love.”

“I want to change the world with you but it will not work if you and I are constantly pitted against one another and the sooner you wake up and realise that, the easier it will be to accomplish it.”

He doesn’t spare me another glance and storms past me into his room, slamming the door with a thundering crack behind me and leaving me stood in the hall, his exit enough of an indication that he doesn’t want me to sleep in his room tonight.Bacon. Not just any type of bacon but the streaky type that sizzles perfectly in a pan without oil, crisping up into wavy rashes of pure heaven simmer on the pan in front of me. I figured this morning that I didn’t need to wait for Roman to come and collect me, I also wasn’t sure whether he would want to after last night.

I work my way around the kitchen in search of a toaster, opening up cupboards and drawers to find a small compartment with a plasma tv and remote sat in it. My eyes glanced over to the entry way before I hesitantly picked up the remote and turned it on. Immediately a cartoon show pops up onto the screen, loud squeaky voices filling the silence of the kitchen with a deafening volume. My hands fumble over the remote and I turn the sound down to a lower level, the wince on my face still stuck like the wind had changed and kept it permanently there. I clicked on the button adjacent to the volume, my pained face disappearing as the Chanel flicked over to a news station, the anchor-a rather handsome man staring at the camera- began talking through the screen. I immediately increased the sound and stayed transfixed on the screen, turning off my breakfast that sizzled away still in the hot pan.

“We can expect to see a greater increase in holidays to Europe as a recent trade delegation has opened up our pack borders to some of Europes fine countryside. The deal brokered between our packs was made in good grace and has strengthened our pack yet again. An inside source has informed us of what appeared to be hostility brewing in the first meeting of the week between our Alpha Superiors, claiming that the notorious Alpha Nicholas had been in open opposition of a new draft put forth by our Alpha. There will be more on that story with Jan, later tonight. In other breaking news, several photographs have been leaked from last nights function in the palace, the first event our loved up leaders have attended since their mating ceremony. Rita reports with more.” My heart begins to beat rapidly in my chest as a news jingle rings out from the speakers and the screen glides from the man over to a woman whose smile gleams through the screen.

I remember her face strangely enough, a face that would appear on my screen at home before the change in power nightly. There is no telling whether she is wolf or human but from the way she smiles broadly as an image of Roman and I at last nights event appears onto the screen I infer I don’t like her regardless. There I am, me in my flesh and blood clutching onto Roman’s arm with a smile on my face. We both look so powerful, or maybe he does and I just latch onto that because I’m stood so close to him and he isn’t bothered by it.

“Last night was one of the few times the public has captured our leaders together in film and the two look absolutely amazing. The public hasn’t formally met the Luna but she has already shown us great strength for coming out only nights after a kidnapping attempt that befell the palace. Our inside sources have told us she is very pleasant to be around but mainly likes to keep to herself, unless with our Alpha of course,” a chuckle, a grimace.

“There have also been talks of her attending meetings and challenging the role given to her and we for one, are very impressed and cannot wait to see what the two bring us next. Perhaps if we are lucky a little-“ I clicked the tv off in an instant, throwing the remote down onto the bench like it was scorching hot.

How many people are going to see that? Will Ollie? Wherever he is will he turn on a television like millions of others and see me as happy? I pray that he doesn’t, that he see’s straight through it. A shuffle of noise jerks my head towards the entry way to the kitchen and Roman stares at me, just as startled as I. He is clad in only shorts, sweat glaring from his bare abdomen. I forget sometimes just how lethal he is but one glance at his velvety skin pulled tight from pure, solid muscle underneath and I am reminded.

“You’re up early,” he grumbles.

“So are you,” I point out and an awkward silence develops quickly, one that I shut down as soon as I can. “Are you hungry?” I ask, motioning towards the food cooking away on the stove and he nods, “I was going to make toast but I couldn’t find the toaster, so bacon and eggs it is,” I say, moving to grab out two plates as he strolls over to the pantry, scurrying about before returning with the needed kitchen appliance. We move in silence, both of us serving up different parts of the breakfast we need before moving to sit down on the small breakfast table facing each other.

“About last night,” I begin and his hand pauses mid way between his plate and mouth, a crispy piece of bacon skewered onto the fork.

“I’m not,” I let out a deep sigh and he puts down his food entirely. “I’m not trying to apologise or forgive you because I don’t but I just want to say that I can see where you’re coming from. Maybe I have been small minded and maybe I jumped to conclusions about things I didn’t understand and that’s my mistake.”

His eyes dampen at my confession and he stares at me across the table despairingly. “I don’t want you to look at me and see a monster, even if you may never look at me with love I at least want for us to be able to spend time together that is somewhat enjoyable. Tolerable even. This isn’t easy for me, I’ve been told all my life that having a mate was going to be one way and now its the complete opposite and for once I don’t know how to deal with it,” he confesses and I look away guilt bursting up through my stomach as my mind instantly flicks to my goal of leaving him.

“I’m not a monster, and our child-if we ever have one-will not be a monster either. Wolves run on blood oath and when I marked you I solidified my oath to humans, took them into my pack and my heir will have that same oath running through their veins. I want what’s best for humans now because I whole heartedly recognise them as equals. The way things are, the way they have been will change for the better even if you and I don’t agree on everything.”

I didn’t have a response for that one, it seems my wit is slowly running out these days and the only answer I could give him was another bite of my food. It’d be so much easier to hate him if he were a monster, if he kept his mouth shut and just allowed me to live in vein for the rest of our existence because every time he opens his mouth and another logical excuse rolls off his tongue my extreme dislike for him breaks away just a little bit more. Will I ever like him? I hope not. But at this point it seems as though I am heading towards a neutral ground that I don’t want to get too.

“Maybe if we could jus-” Romans eyes cloud over and cut me off, his blue eyes returning with a furious blaze, his fist clenching on the table. “What is it?” I ask and he clenches his jaw.

“Alpha Nicholas and his pack members left last night without a trace except ten dead soldiers on the perimeter.”


Roman left in a hurry after dropping the bombshell of Alpha Nicholas’ departure, telling me that I could join him when I’m ready in our office so that we could start the meeting earlier than scheduled. I moved quickly up into my new room and pulled on an already folded pile of clothes before making my way back into the corridor to be met with two warrior wolves, the female from the other day and Joseph of all people. I suppose he has earned back his ranking.

“What are you doing?” I ask, directing my question at the woman.

“The Alpha has assigned us to escort you to your office Luna, as security of course,” she answers and I nod briefly, a shiver dancing down my spine. My head wearily flicks behind me to the open corridor, as if a shadow will pronounce out and try to assassinate me. Is that what this is? Is my life now in jeopardy because some Alpha Superior couldn’t handle equality?

“You don’t need to worry Luna, Alpha Roman is just taking a precaution. You are completely safe.” The tall woman states and I glance at her, another shudder ripping through me. She is made of pure muscle, her skin honed into perfection and her walk exuding a lethal grace. It doesn’t feel particularly safe sandwich between a killer stranger and the man whose mate I stabbed, not that I tell her that through. I simply wrap my arms around my waist and try to keep up with their long strides.

Roman and I’s office was guarded by two other warriors who opened the door upon my arrival to reveal the Elijah and Jayce stood in front of Roman’s desk, the three of them caught up in a heated conversation that cuts off when Roman notices me.

“Maeve, I’m glad you could make it,” he acknowledges and I move to sit behind my desk as he turns back to his Beta’s. “Have the families of the fallen contacted immediately and assign a Gamma the task of arranging for personally organising their assets. As for your other tasks see to it that they are completed immediately, there is no time to waste, understood?” They both nod and turn from the room, leaving with speed and just as I make a move to ask a question the phone on his desk rings.

“Right, yes, send them in.” He puts the phone back on his holster and stand up from his seat, turning to me. “The others are ready for our meeting. It might be best in this scenario for you to let me to do the talking however that being said, if you feel the need to raise any concerns don’t hold back.”

“I take it this kind of thing doesn’t happen often,” I comment but he doesn’t respond and we both exit the office into the meeting room. First and foremost I notice that all the Luna’s decided to attend, including those who made it clear they weren’t interested last night.

“So Alpha Nicholas has fled the coop then?” The Australian Alpha asks but no one responds to him, each to transfixed on Roman, anticipating his next move. We both take our seats.

“Yes, it would appear that Alpha Nicholas has- fled the coop.” Roman acknowledges and a few mummers rise around the table. “That issue has been brought up to our Alpha King for further investigation but at this point it appears that the packs of South America have no intention of ruling alongside us. I understand that this may call for many, if not all of you, to return home immediately to ensure the safety of your pack but we need to come to a conclusion on the matter of human rights at least somewhat before that.”

“I take it you’ve all ready through the documents and assessed any changes you’d like to be made so as it stands I’d like for all those in favour to say so now so that we can take in all the needed changes and draft up a document as soon as possible.” I look nervously around the room, waiting for someone to say something-anything to support the new draft.

“I agree,” The Alpha of Antarctica speaks up at last, earning a nod from Roman.

“We also agree, there are many more aspects to look over and review but some form of change needs to occur,” The Asian Luna speaks up, followed by the Alpha of Europe, then Africa, then Australia until all parties have come to the same conclusion and relief gushes through my veins like the water of a cold ravine.

“That’s settled then, send through your drafts to my main office and I’ll schedule an online meeting in the upcoming weeks regarding this although I’m sure we will contact each other before then regardless,” Roman concludes and the table breaks off into a conversation on commerce, one that I try desperately to keep up with but my mind doesn’t stop fading into the endless meanings that what was agreed here has, the cross roads it puts me at about deciding my fate and how it will affect everyone in this room.


I had spent a good five hours reading through the content of the draft Roman made, looking back over my edits and the notes I created for each sub section with a large sigh. Roman had been in and out of the office all day, between meetings with his own pack members, the Alpha King himself and security detailing, he didn’t have the time to sit in one spot. My eyes ached and my mind was about ready to turn into mush but I persevered, rewriting out my notes into a format that Roman could easily decipher without the two of us having to arrange a specific meeting for it. I don’t want a repeat of last time happening and if going strictly by the books will ensure that then it’s what we’ll do.

Roman walks in through the large double doors and I give him a tightlipped smile before pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose.

“The Alpha’s have all left. None of them want to take the risk of leaving their packs unprotected whilst Alpha Nicholas is acting unpredictably.” He informs me, moving over to his seat and slumping down with a sigh. “How much longer are you planning on staying here?” He asks me and I place down the piece of paper in my hands.

“I’m not sure, I think I’ll have to come back in tomorrow but it all just depends,” I say and move back to type but before I can he closes the lid of the computer.

“You can finish it up tomorrow, nothing good will come from you overworking yourself, especially in a field you are only new too,” he says and I don’t bother hiding my glower.

“I am capable enough of working a little longer, if you can stay then so can I. Besides, it’s not like I have anything better to do,” I retort and an unpleased look passes over his face.

“About that… your new friend, Keira I believe, contacted me today and demanded that I let you see her and her small friend tonight. She seemed pretty adamant on the idea.”

“Demanded? I suppose that didn’t sit so well with you,” I comment and he raises a brow.

“It didn’t, but I suppose the only thing I can really do is bring it up with her mate and I have to say I feel for the poor kid, he’s got enough on his plate with her and training to become a Gamma. Adding a scolding from his Alpha Superior wouldn’t be very helpful.”

“No, which is probably why she confronted you,” I comment and he raises a brow.

“Well the invitation is open and its your choice whether or not to attend. There will be no substance abuse of any kind tonight however, in case that sways your decision,” he adds and I narrow my eyes before letting out a deep sigh. I am tired, not so much physically drained as mentally drained but exhausted from having to work.

“Sure, I’ll go. Are your new guards going to follow my every move there?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Security has been tightened on all aspects, they won’t interfere with your fun as long as it doesn’t reach any dangerous measures. Extra security personnel is for your own safety and until things lessen down its a non negotiable. Once I have had the packs scoured for members of Alpha Nicholas’ pack should any continue to reside here then you can roam freely.”

“Fine,” I answer and I move out of my chair watching as Roman mimics my move to meet my stance.

“I’ll walk you out,” he says as a courtesy and I raise my brow, “I’ll walk you back to our quarters I mean, given you are so objected to walking with your guards,” he adds lightly and I try to hold back a smirk as I respond.

“Is it really any different if you take me?”

“Very funny.” He grumbles and I push away my satisfied smile as we walk towards the office doors and into the corridor where he dismisses the two guards.

“We can go straight there if it suits you, its getting quite late already,” he suggests and I shrug contemplating if it’d be a shorter walk to get there than our quarters.

“Okay, that sounds good,” I respond and we fall into a synchronised stroll, him leading the way through the halls, “I watched the news this morning.” A glimmer of an emotion I can’t quite pin crosses over his face.

“And?” He asks, I’d bet good money if I didn’t give him an answer he’d have someone research everything plastered over the news in case I found out something I shouldn’t.

“Well the werewolf population apparently seems to think we are star crossed lovers, they seemed pretty intent on us popping out a baby anytime soon,” I answer and his brows furrow, the concept of us getting along that well foreign to both of us.

“What gave them such an idea?” He questions with a small smile.

“A scandalous photo of me actually smiling next to you.” The fake voice I put on makes a chuckle escape his mouth.

“I wouldn’t bother watching programmes like that, they make up all sorts of absurd things,” he replies and we both nod our heads in agreement before our brief moment of civilness gets cut short as we round a corner to see Keira pressed up against a wall, passionately kissing her mate in a position that suggests she very much isn’t opposed to it.

The second Keira’s mate, Blake, senses his Superior leaders he retracts from Keira, placing her down on the ground to which she furrows her brows distastefully. She opens her mouth to scold him when she see’s his shocked face and follows it to us standing frozen in our spots, her skin turning three shades whiter.

“We didn’t mean to intrude, the Luna and I can return at a later time if that is more appropriate,” Roman suggests, his tone formal and clipped. I don’t see it, or hear it but rather feel the flickering light of hope in Roman’s chest reignite and I can tell after seeing that he won’t object to me spending more time with Keira after all.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Keira bursts out and tries to move forward but her mate snakes his hand out before she can, like he anticipated this response before it even happened.

“Ummmm, maybe we should do this another time,” I suggest, shifting from foot to foot.

“No! No Maeve please, please,” she pushes on the arm of her mate and stares at me with desperation.

“Okay fine, yeah cool that was just a little awkward wasn’t it?” I let out a strained laugh and move closer to the door next to her, watching as Blake releases Keira and she takes two steps away, “We’re just going to go now, we’ll see you both later,” I salute at Roman who stares at me with amusement in his eyes before shaking his head and turning down the hall with a gamma in training at his heels. The second they are out of sight I turn to Keira, my fake laugh long gone.

“What in the holy hell was that?”


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