To Hate Love

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Chapter 23

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“Baby we were born to run.”

-Bruce Springstein

“They what?” He grits through his teeth, his voice a deathly calm. The glint of pure, unyielded rage that flickers in his blue orbs sends daggers of ice shooting down my spine and my gut wrenching with nerves.

“They asked Noah to assassinate me, said that it would give him a chance to atone for his sins.” A thundering growl passes his lips and the very ground beneath us trembles with the power he exudes. Raw power, untamed and ready to be honed into a weapon. The hunter killing kind.

“When was this?” He snaps, his eyes focusing in on me as if a flicker in my expression will provide him all the answers he needs at once.

“Quite literally seconds before you walked through the door. Noah rang me, he was contacted by… contacted by a hunter who relayed the message,” I answer, biting down onto my lower lip to ease the nerves that rise up.

“And where did this hunter visit Noah?” He asks, his glimmer of rage somewhat subdued, replaced by a calculating Alpha Superior.

“I don’t know exactly, he said he went for a run on the border so I’m guessing it was in my old pack. He sounded pretty frantic, I think after the instance he rang me straight away,” I answer, my voice holding a slight tremor. Dead. The hunters really, truly want me dead.

I see the cogs in his mind turning as he calculates his next move before he nods solidly to himself. His hard expression softens slightly and he moves closer to me, taking my face in his hands as he tilts his head to peer down at me. “Are you alright?” He asks and he doesn’t need to verbalise it fully for me to know he is referencing my fragile state of mind.

“I’m… I’ll be fine,” I say, my words coming out with a bit more vigour than I intended. I suppose if I say it with enough dedication then maybe it’ll become the case.

“Maeve,” he says lowly, his voice edged in a growl, dropping his hands.

“Its fine, Roman. We are in France for gods sake, they aren’t going to be able to get me here. Besides, they must be some kind of desperate if they are looking to Noah of all people as a hitman,” I respond, rolling my eyes ever so slightly.

“Its not fine Maeve. Nothing about this is fine,” he snaps, seriousness taking the reins. “I don’t think the Hunters visiting your brother was a last resort, it was a strategic move. Nothing with them is to be taken lightly, they are cursed creatures, Maeve. Once they set their eyes on killing on of us, they don’t stop.” My gut wrenches and denying the truth becomes a harder pill to gulp down.

“But I’m not one of you. I’m human,” I respond, my heart accelerating.

“You are a human mated to me. That means that to them, you are as good as a wolf,” he says and I shake my head, my eyes glossing over ever so slightly.

“The humans and the hunters are working together right?” I ask rhetorically and his lips form a tight line. “Right. And the humans wouldn’t… they wouldn’t…” my words become lodged in my throat and he moves forward an inch.

“They would. And I won’t let them get the chance, you aren’t dying. Not on my watch,” he says his power thrumming in the air, rattling deep in the marrow of my bones.

“I’m not going to die,” I grit out and his eyes darken.

“No, you won’t.” He turns around and walks to the plate of brownies, turning back to me. “Are you still going to eat these?” He asks and I shake me head, watching as he puts the food away in the fridge.

I blink tiredly and fold my arms over my chest, caving into myself. “I think I’m gonna go back to bed,” I announce and his head whips around, those blue eyes locking onto mine.

“I need to go to the office, there is a lot that I need to sort out. And…” he lets a loose breath tumble from his lips. “I need you to come.” Desperation. A tight, taut sound that echoes off the empty kitchen walls.

“Why?” I ask and he grips his hand into a knuckle.

“Theres a couch in there, I can get you a blanket but I want you to be with me. I need you with me right now, Maeve and I need to contact some people,” he says and I nod my head, resigning. Honestly, being all alone in that room with Roman at the other end of an empty chateau… it unnerves me.

I let out a shaky breath and look Roman dead in the eyes, fidgeting with my fingers. “Could you make me a cup of tea first?”


The next morning I woke up back in the room, comforted around the thick duvet. The sun was only just beginning to rise over the vast sea outside the window and Roman was no where in sight. Probably back in the office.

I overheard him on the phone in intervals last night, conversations relaying in fragments as I wove in and out of sleep. He was on the phone to the Alpha of my old pack, to the Beta’s, Noah, even. Organising, planning, discussing. Every word that came out of his mouth was linked to me and my safety and I was glad when a tidal wave of sleep hit me, glad that I didn’t have to endure any more of the incessant hovering.

I stretch my legs over the bed and decide on going for a walk on the beach, to clear my head and catch that sunrise. It takes me mere minutes to slip out of my silk night wear and into a shirt and shorts and seconds to walk up to the door, eagerness to get outside of these walls filing me up. I let my hand grip the cool handle lightly, twisting it open sluggishly, my morning mind still warming up to the idea of a full days work. So much to do, so much paper work, meetings, conferences, the toll of an assassin on my back and an overprotective wolf mechanically wired to keep me safe, whatever that means.

I let my feet glide across the floor, carrying my body to the exit as I prepare a mental list of the things I need to complete today. Starting off by making some kind of schedule would probably be a good start, playing by ear can get excruciatingly tiresome. A faint smile tug on my lips as I approach a set of French doors, the direct path to the beach only seconds away from there.

I twist the lock on the door and jiggle the handle, the door not moving an inch. My heart plummets to my stomach as I try to move it again. And again. And again. Nothing. I push against the door angrily just as a man clad in black walks slowly across the exit, a gun slung across his chest and a stoic look covering his face.

I retreat so fast from the door I put Barry Allen to shame but it doesn’t stop the man outside from locking his gaze onto mine. My eyes dart towards an ancient relic decorating the wall, a hunting axe of some kind that will most likely crumble with age the second I touch it but before I can make a move the man nods his head towards me submissively and continues his slow pace. His patrolling pace.

Oh hell no.

I reach the office in minutes, my temper flaring beneath my skin every time I glance out the window and see another burly wolf, walking with keen senses. I push open the door angrily and pin Roman down with my vehement stare. “What the hell, Roman?” I press and he merely blinks at me, clutching the phone at his ear tighter.

“Let me call you back.” He says, hanging up and giving his undivided attention to me, lifting a brow.

“I want to go for a walk on the beach,” I say, muffling my anger and trying t gather my emotions into a sensible fashion.

“I can arrange that,” he says and I clench my hands into fists.

“Alone, Roman. I want to go for a walk on the beach alone,” I reiterate and he sucks his teeth, his stare on my not faltering.

“That’s not a possibility, Mae. You and I can go together later or you can go now and take some guards with you. I may seem paranoid to you but I’m not taking any chances,” he replies, his voice clipped and final.

“Am I under house arrest now?” I ask and his lip raises in a snarl.

“Its a frustrating situation for you, I get it, but we need to be taking greater measures to ensure you are safe. The only change to your day to day life will be whatever you would have normally done unsupervised outside. That’s it, and the guards will be positioned a safe distance from you to not make you feel so restricted.” Annoyance surges through my veins, its not his fault, I understand why he need to do what he needs to do but it makes me feel like a useless, pathetic little human.

“I already feel suffocated enough with you breathing down my neck, adding those wolves it’s just…” I let out a sigh, a huff of defeat. “Can’t I just, I dunno call you or something if I’m in trouble?” I ask, my rage fully extinguished.

“You are vulnerable, Maeve. I don’t mean to sound rude and I am sure you can defend yourself against someone of equal strength fairly well but these hunters pose a challenge for refined warrior wolves. All it takes is one wrong step and you’re dead. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take and neither should you,” he presses and I can’t argue it.

I want to add in that I was trained to fight by Oliver, someone with hunters blood flowing through his veins but he taught me basic self defence. Anytime I tried to be taught some skills in the weapon department outside of operating the one gun we had he would push it down and when we did spar… lets just say that after one too many losses, he refused to fight me again.

“Train me, then.” I blurt and he stills.

“Train you?” He repeats dubiously, raising a brow from across the desk.

“Yes. Just let me train with you at least, when you do your whole morning thingy. Let me come along,” I say and he looks at me with scepticism. “Or whenever those wolves train I’ll join in,” I say and he narrows his eyes at this.

“I don’t want you to get hurt. These wolves are not used to training with humans and it’d take one wrong move and you’d end up seriously injured,” he says and I roll my eyes, an action that makes his eyes darken ever so slightly at the disrespect.

“I’m not utterly incapable you know? And even if I were, that’d be all the more reason for me to train would it not? If the situation is that dire, if my life is so in threat then I think that training will do more good than bad.” I argue and his lips scrunch up in the way they do when he is put in a corner. “Look, either I train with you or I train with them, I’m not asking for your permission on this one Roman,” I say and he lets out a dry laugh.

“It would seem that way wouldn’t it?” He comments to himself and I let it blow over my head, glad that he is at least taking my disrespect and finding humour rather than the unpleasant alternative. “Fine, you can train with me but when I say enough is enough don’t fight me on it,”

I nod. “I know my limits, but fine,” I counter, adding my low jab in a strategic place so he won’t snarl at me for it. See? I want to say. I’m pretty good already.

“We start tomorrow morning then, four thirty wake up and we’ll leave before five,” he says and I swear a twinkle of excitement glimmers in those blue eyes.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you are actually looking forward to it,” I tease and his lip raises in a slight snarl.

“I’ll forever love your company but nearly every time I have attempted to awaken you it hasn’t been pleasant. I don’t see four am you being any better,” he replies and I let out a dry laugh before clutching my heart.

“Ouch,” I say sarcastically before I move over to the my desk chair and slump down in it. “So what is the latest on the hunter situation?” I ask and he leans back in his chair, the mood shifting into business.

“I’ve put a message out to the Alphas to tighten their border controls and let Beta Elijah know so he can have a team investigate the point Noah said he witnessed the messenger. A team from your old pack tried tracing tracks but it seems the messenger virtually vanished into thin air, which isn’t a good thing.” He says.

The messenger. So Noah didn’t include the part about the hunter being his father either and I don’t blame him. Fear does things to people, if anyone feels the threat of the hunters latest appearance and they know of Noah’s link there is no telling what they’ll do.

“How do you mean, vanished into thin air?” I ask and he raises his brow, as if bracing himself to inform me more.

“Some hunters have more power than others, it’s in their blood to be able to do certain things and to our knowledge the more power you have, the more you can do. Such as vanish into thin air,” he says and my stomach tightens, the subject bringing Oliver too far into my mind. “Until then we have ensured that your family remains safe and secure much like yourself and if there are any further escalations we will have them brought to the palace and put under maximum security,” he says and I nod.

“Thank you,” I say and he waves a hand, dismissing my manners.

“Its no trouble. But aside from that I was faxed through a new load of paperwork for you to read through and sign off on in regards to the renovations that are set to occur within the next few weeks. I have handled most aspects of the workers unions and the fair sourcing of wolf and human construction workers so there shouldn’t be too much for you to do in that regard,” he says and I nod.

“And what about the fair pay act?” I ask and he nods.

“Being finalised. The Gamma in charge of financing is working closely with the Gamma of economics and their teams, both human and wolf, should have the end plan to me within the next few days.”

“Good-” The phone on my desk begins ringing, the head of educations number flashing on the digital panel. “Looks like the day has already begun,” I comment and Roman lets out an amused chuckle as I pick up the phone and embers myself back into work.


“The Alpha King. As in the Alpha King wants to have a private conference with me?” I reiterate and Roman nods.

“Yes. If it bothers you I will join but it would be disrespectful considering his explicit instructions,” he says and I furrow my brows, looking up from my plate of food.

“What does he want to talk to me about?” I ask and he shrugs, skewering another vegetable.

“He didn’t say. The man is funny like that, always doing things that are unpredictable but I’d say the best bet is to discuss some of the human reforms with you, he seems very interested in what you have to say which is an achievement. He doesn’t listen to a lot of people and it’s been many, many years since he put in more effort than he had to for ruling,” he explains and I cock my head to there side, swallowing the bite of food in my mouth.

“How so?” I ask and he shrugs.

“I suppose there was a time, hundreds of years ago now where he ruled with an iron fist. He was actively involved in the runnings of the packs and it was him who finally stoped the mass killings by hunters. This was all back in my grandfathers rule, but he managed to make a relatively high number dwindle. Sometime in between then and now… he just lost his way I suppose. So many years spent alone with no real family and still to be without a mate is a difficult prospect for any wolf to grasp.”

“So you think he just gave up?” I ask and he shrugs.

“I really shouldn’t speak so freely about my King but I guess that is one way to put it. He still dealt with the matters he needed to but most of his responsibilities he put onto his court. I guess when it came to the takeover he just didn’t care, the numbers of killings had risen again and wasn’t looking to go on the decline and it made him angered,” he says and I feel that spike in my curiosity rise, poking and prodding me, egging me on.

“He didn’t initiate the takeover?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Talks of a takeover had been around since before I came into power but it was mainly among the Alpha Superiors. It took all of us to propose the idea to him to which he agreed, he was angry at the hunters and didn’t give a damn about the humans so he never truly laid out a guide for us to legally follow. He basically told us all to do what we had to do and that was that,” he explains and I push around the food on my plate, hoping that the mushed contents will trick Roman into thinking I’ve eaten so our conversation won’t end.

“And you think this is why he wants to help me? Because I am putting forth what he should’ve years ago,” I conclude and his face does this thing, scrunched at certain edges so I can’t quite discern his verdict.

“I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow.” His eyes shoot over to my plate and he pins me with a firm stare. “But you better get eating because its late and you are going to need all the energy you can get if you want to keep up with me in training tomorrow.”

A slight smirk plays on the edges of his lips and I scoff loudly, rolling my eyes. “Oh, please-”


Please,” I pant out my hands gripping into my thighs as I try to regain some breath. “I can’t… run, all the way down that beach. My legs… are killing me,” I say in between gasps and gulps. I hate the fact that I have been reduced to begging and I want nothing more than to grow magically powers and be able to keep up with him but holy hell.

Roman shoots me a firm look, folding his arms across his bare, muscled chest, a glimmer of sweat enhancing down his defined torso. “My training. My rules. I am not here to be your gentle loving mate, I am here to make you stronger like you asked. We are not taking the route through the grass, that won’t teach you anything.” I snarl at him looking up through my lashes with annoyance.

The salty air scratches at my lungs and I curse the deep sand we had just sprinted through for the torture it put my legs through. Well, I sprinted. Roman wasn’t putting hardly any effort in and I know without having to try that he could have ran faster than me by a mile.

I stare at his face, at the way he shows no signs that we have been running from four am to now. The sun is beginning to rise behind him, spreading its warm colours over the oceans waters, dying it in an array of soft yellow and burgundy. “Gentle loving mate my ass,” I quip and he narrows his eyes at me in a way that makes me slowly stand up.

“I have no reservations about being your protector, Maeve, I would gladly keep you inside our castle whilst I train and gather the strength to fight off those who wish to harm you. In fact, the primal part of me would quite enjoy it,” he says condescendingly, the words edged with that god awful smirk.

“I bet you would,” I snap back and he walks a tad closer, unfolding his arms and letting his weapon of a body glimmer, showcasing the stark difference in his strength.

“You know what? I think you are right,” he says moving an inch closer and I nearly sigh in relief at the idea of my feet against the hard earth over this retched sand. “I’d enjoy keeping you locked up safe in my castle, waiting for me like a damsel in distress. I can just imagine it, you falling into my arms with nothing but adoration for your fierce Alpha who has the strength and the will to defend your honour.” I still at the tone of his voice, the way each word falls from his lips with seduction. He is playing this bond like it’s an instrument, singing his little spell out along with it.

He removes the gap between us and my stomach twists, with what I’m not sure, until he is so close I can feel the warmth from his body. “In fact, I think you’d want to do a whole lot more than just fall into my arms.”

I push from his body with annoyance and give him a stare that would make even the bravest of men quiver in their boots. “Oh fuck you,” I say and I expect that smirk to vanish at my profanity but it only widens.

“That’s precisely what I had in mind,” he replies in that deep, husky voice that I am sure worked on many many girls in the past.

“I won’t be falling into anyones arms. Especially not yours,” I say, pure rage at his obscene innuendos- if they were even that, I mean the guy practically spelled it out.

He lets out a dry laugh that holds only amusement and those arms cross once more, making his biceps enlarge. “We will see about that, you refuse to run down a mere beach. You know what, I overestimated this, I thought you would have the strength to push through with one training session but it seems you are unwilling. Let’s go back on the grass route.” He removes one hand and raises it in the air as if pointing something out.

“You know what? Since your so tired I suppose even that will be a struggle and if the sun is any indication we are going to be late for work. I’ll shift here and you can catch a lift home, sound good princess?” He suggests and that simmering rage turns to boiling bubbles. If his smirk is anything to go off he can see that too.

He moves back closer to me, faster than I could prepare for in my angered state and places a light hand on my hip, his thumb reaching under the shirt to send sparks rolling through my body. He leans down to my ear and my body tenses. “I’d love nothing more than for you to ride me little mate,”

I break out of his grasp and begin sprinting down the length of the beach, muttering obscene words to him and as I do I hear his roar of laugher. I spare one glance behind me to see the triumphant expression on his face but it only makes me want to push on harder. That little prick. He knew I would do this, he was playing me, pushing all the right buttons to get me to-

“Ugh,” I spit out, my face contorted as I run faster and faster. The feeling of that coursing adrenaline rushing through my veins propels me down the length of the beach, fuelled by ferry rage and edged by anger.

I run until I see the chateau appear, only slowing down to a jog when the path leading back up to that mansion of a thing comes into view. Ever since that bite I haven’t had the will to push my limits, test my strength and it feels different. My body, I mean. Like running is now a second nature and agility is something that I can depend on if the time comes.

It makes me think back to the humans… maybe I am different now, no longer one of them but not a wolf either. Someone lost, drifting in between with no place to belong and no identity to crown.

“Very good.” I snap my head over to Roman who saunters down to my ragged, sweaty self, a faint dimmer of sweat sheathing his skin. I look behind me and then back at him with bewilderment.

“How? How did you get there so fast?” I ask and he smirks before shrugging.

“I took the grass route,” he states dismissively and I’d scowl if I didn’t feel so double crossed. “Lesson number one, Mae, don’t let me dictate your limits, although you really should have more faith in yourself,” he says, motioning to the fact that I made it here in one full piece.

“Asshole,” I mutter and he works past the glimmer of disapproval that washes his face, a smirk replacing it.

“I won’t be the only asshole you have to worry about if you show up late looking like that to your meeting with the Alpha King,” he says and I furrow my brows looking at him with confusion.

“When is he calling?” I ask frantically and he takes his time to look down at his watch before grimacing.

“Yeah, soon. You better start sprinting up into that shower Mae… I’d offer you a ride but-” He shrugs and I narrow my eyes at him letting out a scoff as I push past him and make my way to the chateau.

The Alpha King and me in a private meeting. It makes sprinting down the beach seem like a piece of cake.

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