To Hate Love

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authors note

And that’s book two done.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all the readers who have stuck by me and given me so much support over these last couple of months. Its been a crazy ride but through the threats and the drama and my stressed out ass so many of you have been so kind and I cannot thank you enough.

This book has grown so much more than I ever thought it would and that’s both awesome and kinda scary but overall it has been a seriously great learning experience for me both as a writer and as a person. The community in this little nook of Wattpad gets messy sometimes and discussions turn into debates which turn into unspoken rivalries but I guess that’s life.

I’ve made some pretty cool internet friends through this and I hope that you guys have to.

I also really want to thank everyone who has trusted the plot of this story and are still here reading this now. I know it sounds semi-maniacal when I’m all trust the plot, nothing is ever as it seems, there is method to my madness (if you imagine a like crazy evil laugh then it really does sound mad-just for extra effect) but there really is.

So I guess I should end this note with the announcement of BOOK THREE, the final book in this series! :’(

I am going to be updating more on when the final book will be released on my instagram and I will post teasers, hints and a bomb TRAILER for ya’ll on there as well.

For those of you who don’t have Instagram (and everyone else he he) click on my bio and press FOLLOW so you can get all the announcements I post on there regarding book three. There won’t be as many as Insta but I’m not gonna leave you all hanging either.

For the INKITT fam specifically, please please don’t forget to take five seconds and write a review! It’d mean so much <3

Don’t forget to share this story!

I have so so so much planned guys and I am seriously so eager to share it with you all and continue this epic journey with everyone :)

Loads of love,


INSTAGRAM: theauthorsoasis

TWITTER: khalesi_7

INKITT: khalesi_7

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