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“What you did is outrageous and not to forget very disgusting, more so because you have a mate, and by insulting a mate bond, you’re insulting the moon goddess”, I commented as I glared at Issac. He doesn’t deserve a mate, the fucker like him deserve to be mateless.

“You’ve wronged your mate by trying to sleep together with another she-wolf and this male by asking for him to sell his sister to you. So, your punishment will be decided by them too”, Issac looked horrified for a moment. I can punish him because I’m above him but getting punished by someone who is below you is insulting for him. I know Issac has a big ego and I’ve just now bruised it. Good, I thought.

“Josh, go and bring Beta’s mate”, I commanded Josh who nodded. He wouldn’t have taken a step before a soft voice stopped me, a voice I know too well.

“I’m here, Alpha”, Mary, Issac’s mate said from behind him. Without turning around I motioned for her to come in front of me. She followed my command with her head down. I’ve always known she’s a meek little woman who is abused by her mate for years. I’ve tried to make her spit the truth out and find any evidence about Issac abusing his mate but that sneaky bastard has slipped through my hands for years. Not anymore.

“You’re aware what your mate has done?“, I asked her and she nodded with her head down. I walked towards her and tilted her chin up.

“I’m giving you the right to punish him for what he did”, I said softly but she shook her head with tears in her eyes. I softened my eyes and nodded. I didn’t expect anything else. He may the most horrible mate but he is her mate and she can’t bear to see him in pain, even though all he has given her was pain.

“You, what did you decide his punishment should be?“, I turned to the male. He hesitated for a second.

“He should get whipped fifty times”, the male said in a small voice. I resisted the urge to pat his back and praise him but all I did was nod professionally.

“Passed on to all the pack members that there will be a meeting in half an hour. I want each pack member present in the meeting”, my voice boomed through the pack training ground. The present pack members replied with “yes, Alpha”.

“And prepare a silver whip”, the eyes of pack members widened and some of them gasped. Isaac gulped but keep his eyes down. I’d have gauged his eyeballs if he had looked me in the eyes at this moment.

Once giving another murderous glare to Issac, I turned on my heels and went to my room.

I plopped down on the bed with a sigh. At least I have time for a shower now. With that thought, I made my way into the bathroom and took a long, relaxing bath, though I desperately wanted my mate’s smell to cling on to me.

I sighed dejectedly as I washed his touch away. I’m whipped.

Yes, you are. My wolf deadpanned with a wolfish snort.

That sounds rich coming from you. I resorted and shut her up for good. She is the one who is literally feeding on his palm, that traitorous wolf of mine.

Huh-uh, he’s the one I’ve wrapped around my pretty paws. She said so smugly that it caused me to laugh.

You sound so sure about that. I teased her playfully.

Because I am sure our mate has been whipped by us. I threw my head back, laughing like Ursula from the little mermaid, okay not that terrible but I laughed really unattractively.

The time has come to punish that mutt. Her comment sobered me up and all the playfulness vanished. Anger washed over me. How unlucky I am to get such a pack member?

The unfaithfulness he has shown for his mate shows that that mutt is not to be trusted. He won’t think twice to stab in the back.

Let’s go. I collected my emotions before I went out. The pack members were already waiting for me. They parted the way for me as I walked to the front. I can feel the gaze of pack members on my back. My father has been a ruthless leader, punishing the pack members severely if he deemed fit.

But it was the second time I’m going to punish a member, with a reason of course. And unsurprisingly Issac has been the one getting punished both times.

Isaac was standing proudly in front of the crowd as if he is going to punish rather than getting punished. I glared at him with hard eyes and he finally dropped his eyes but kept his head high.

And the award of the egoistic bastard goes to one and only Beta Issac. My wolf said with an anchor voice. I had to ball my fist to hide the smile that is ready to burst out.

Make sure to break his ego. That damn bastard should know his place. My wolf encouraged me. I’m sure if she was a human she’d have even cheerlead for me.

Will do. I replied as I stood in front of the pack members.

“You all are here today to witness a punishment. Beta Issac has committed the crime of insulting the mate bond, he has been unfaithful to his mate and misused his authority in this pack. Beta Issac has wronged Gregg and hence this punishment will be given by him”, I met the eyes of pack members as I said in a calm voice.

Murmured broke out in the crowd and I saw how each pack members cast a disgusted look towards Beta Issac. Unfaithfulness towards mates is frowned upon.

“You can begin”, I motioned to Gregg and silence followed after my command. I looked at Beta Issac pointedly. He clenched his jaw and removed his shirt, turned his back towards the pack and kneeled.

Gregg took the silver whip from Josh and stepped forward. After getting one nod from me he raised his hand and brought the whip down pretty hard.

Beta Issac groaned in pain as silver connected with his skin. His pleads went deaf to my ears. I don’t feel any sympathy towards that bastard, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

Gregg didn’t coward away and rain whip after whip on Beta’s back. Beta screamed in pain as pleaded with me to stop the punishment, he promised that he’ll never do it.

I turned to the pack with a poker face, ignoring the call of Beta. He’s going to take his punishment. I won’t interfere, this doesn’t only include me, it includes the dignity of another member and I’d be dammed if I let Beta get away after he tried to force his authority on an innocent pack member.

When Gregg whip the Beta for the last time, he collapsed into the ground due to immense pain. His back has ripped open due to silver and blood is continuously dripping down from his wound. Due to silver, he’ll not be able to recover fast and I hope after this he takes it as a lesson to not mess with any innocent member and better yet he starts to treat Mary like she deserves, though the chances of that are dim. That bastard has been twisted since years and get away with all his crimes so it’ll take more than two punishment to set him on right track.

“What is going on here?“, an angry, powerful Alpha voice boomed into the air. I turned towards the owner of the voice.



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