Princess Elisha and the king of shadows

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The enormous brawl between the two kingdoms was unknown to humanity. Once the best of associates- but never the best of ancestors

Their silence spreads across the ground- causing it to quiver into the unknown. Obedient figures aroused to stand in battle.

Ferocious warriors drift through the confusion, swinging their indistinguishable steels. Assassinating every soul in his or her path

The warrior, known as, King Uriah, lifts his sword into the air- a dominant beckon strikes from the sword of happiness, exploding into the souls of the figures.

His powerfully built stature shifts backward- “Strike-“

His combatant accent blows an echo causing the figures to reallocate to the rear . . . their howling vibrates against each other, signalling them to flank the warrior. Little to their knowledge, the sword of happiness cannot be destroyed.

Men and women rushes into encounter- slaying the invisible figures- burning their shapes to the ground . . . King Shadow observe in repulsion as his obedient companions fades into the ground. He sways through the crowd, vibrating his sword against his opponent.

“Today you fall, Shadow-“

His expression changes- a fierce grin falls on his lips- “Do not be so certain, Uriah,” with no forewarning- King Uriah modify into an mysterious form- fur awaken on his pelt- colossal ears shred from his skin- his teeth lengthens- the sword of happiness produce in his paws.

His howl shudders through the lost territory- “Exactly as planned-“

King Shadow hangs from his paw, “You have caused enough damage . . .” King Shadow shimmer his fingers and obedient shadows rouse from the floor bend, shifting through King Uriah- he roars hurling King Shadow from his palm.


King Uriah pierce the sword of happiness into the earth- continues rays boom from it- causing the shadows to weaken into the soil- he weight down on the sword . . . thunderous rumbling into the hours of dusk

The sword of happiness . . . concealed deep in the soil of the earth . . . where no mortal could reach it.

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