Princess Elisha and the king of shadows

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Kingdom Magical Love

Once upon a time-

Lived a stunning, particular individual by the name of Elisha-

She shared some abilities, talent only she understood- some may have called her dissimilar when she was born. The king kept her out of sight, until Elisha reached the age of five that she learned to control her skin.

Indeed . . . strong by heart and the will to conquer anything-

Her father, King Uriah, was a heroic man and he wished only the superlative and protection for his empire. There was nothing more important to Elisha then for her aspiration to come true. However, Elisha had five other adopted sisters, which also shared their own passions.

Her mother, Queen Dione, disappeared after the birth of Elisha and of course, Elisha and her five sisters had only their father to depend on. However, Elisha never saw her father as a depended; she grew up taking care of herself.

On her fifth birthday, Elisha received a dragon named, Flammarion as a present. Her father guarded the dragon in the dungeon and Elisha raised it fully hearten and loved it endlessly.

A few years pass on and Flammarion became unstable. They could not control it, for some unknown reason destroyed the dungeon, and attacked the kingdom. The guards tried to have power over the dragon, but it was no use, his powers were infinite.

Most villagers passed on and of course, the kingdom itself was in ruin.

Princess Elisha, as brave as her heart allows her to be, could not seem to tame the dragon, but she knew she could not, for something aroused in the dragon, causing it to be disobedient toward her voice.

She ran out of the kingdom, unaware of the figure battling for his life. A shadow disappears, “Father- father-“

terror struck across her appearance as her knees cavern next to her father, his breathing baffles, she can barely understand a word existing his quivering lips.

“Father, no, please, just holds on-“

Salty water crawls over her blushed cheekbones. She knew it was too late, she knew whoever slaughtered her father was out there. “Father . . . no,” She rest her head on his torso, with annihilation happening in the background

She cried frantically. “I guarantee I will find who did this-“

She lifts her head . . . her father leisurely ashes away into the foggy heavens.

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