Princess Elisha and the king of shadows

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Nearly a year later


Princess Elisha sat by the river wiping her cheeks with her thin fingertips as her thoughts reminded her of the horrific day she lost her father. It has been nearly a year since she decided to leave the kingdom.

A voice behind her frightened her thoughts away; she turned, taking her stand at the figure before her. “Manteno- how . . . how did you find me?” He scans the distance, “It was not an easy task, to say the least- I knew exactly where to find you, but what I was not aware of, is that your land moved.”

Perfectly built for his strength; his black hair, which was always combed in a wave, fitted his sharp facial structure. His shocking green eyes lid his heart when he smiled. He always manages to find the time to properly, dress himself. Most of the time his serious expression can be, expected but when he did beam, his cheekbones pushed upward causing his inner self to glow.

His length was much too elevated for his age-

He looks at her in thought; he could tell that her mind was not at the proper place. “I know I am intruding, and forgive me if I do . . . but what on earth are you doing out here princess? Every soul at the kingdom thought-“

Salty water leaks from her eyes as she focuses on his pupils. The scar in her heart is much to shred to heal. “I might as well be, Manteno . . . I could not handle the pressure of me standing next in line, and with my father’s passing . . . I-I just cannot,”

“He was a fierce king and an outstanding father, but it has been nearly a year princess- certainly the rumors in the walls have calmed down,”

He slowly folds his arms around her petite figure; she cannot help her watering pedals soaking him, “I miss him, I cannot return knowing that he is not there anymore,” He exhales into the misty air, “I must admit I miss him too, princess, there is no explaining for what happened and I understand your ache, but . . .”

She pulled away from his demanding expression, “I do not want to hear it . . .” “Princess, you have to return with me to your kingdom . . . I cannot return empty handed,” Fright crawls on her expression, “What will they think of me? I am unknown to every soul . . .”

She murmurs an excuse whilst she returns her gaze on the river, “And to instigate- I do not even want to know what they are thinking- I know I have sisters and I suffer for them . . . but I can never return to a kingdom I, no longer am familiar with,”

His expression falls, “They know who the real hair to the throne is; I can only lead them so far- please . . . I know this is much to ask, but you must by all means return to the kingdom- they need you princess- if you care enough . . . you will reconsider my proposal,”

She tries to ignore his burning pupils. Although she knows he is correct, she cannot think of this as much as he wants her too, but Manteno is a wise man. It was impractical of her to think she can remain here for a long period without a soul seeking her.

“To be a queen is one thing, but to address them is another- I am incapable of doing so Manteno, certainly you understand my concern?” He nods- “I am not blind by your position, princess, but the kingdom needs a queen and whether you are capable or not . . . you have to return or bandits will certainly claim your kingdom-“

Her blue eyes stretch at his speech, “Bandits- I am certain that they were sealed away from the kingdom,” “Of course, they were sealed from the kingdom, but no matter how much I address the kingdom or the people. They refuse to listen to me, princess,”

She shivers thinking what will happen if she does not return- she cannot allow the people to lose the only safety they have ever known.

“I see- I will return with you Manteno, clearly danger lurks outside the walls and I cannot allow my kingdom to fall,”

He smiles in acceptance of her agreement. “To me you will never be unknown princess, for as long as my heart remains alive and well, I will heel wherever you walk,” She lifts on her toes and surround her arms around him.

She indeed missed being in the presence of another soul and of course she missed Manteno. “I thank you for your kindness Manteno.” She pull away, turning to the river once more, “I just need a bit of guidance, every once in a while- they may have taught me much about being a queen. However, I too get overwhelmed with everything . . .”

He agrees with her, “We all get overwhelmed, but it is who we believe in that helps us lead. Never lose faith no matter the situation princess,” Her expression lids as she looks at him, “I promise to never abandon my kingdom. I was . . .”

Her muttering joins her shame, “I was egotistic to think only of my own failures- when my kingdom needed me the most, I disappeared, thinking I was not leader worthy. Every single time I wanted to return- I know father is not there anymore- I know standing next in line will of course, have an impact on the current situation, which I know many have moved on from, but I seem to stuck myself in the past tense,”

She gazes at the water murmuring- “I knew some soul wanted to take father’s kingdom, but I never realized that his spirit would leave so early. What am I supposed to do without his guidance Manteno?”

Manteno assures her heart with a few compelling words, “Elisha, I am well aware of the guilt you feel for his passing. However, this is not your doing- you could not have prevented this from happening and this is the exact reason why you should return and show them how a fierce queen would be. Your are the daughter of a warrior king,”

His palm caress her soft cheekbone, she relax her own palm on his hand, her heart felt calm as if he had some magical touch lingering in his skin. He assured her some more, “You can do this Elisha, the kingdom and including me, believe in you. They need you . . . I need you . . . to be strong. Show them what kind of queen your father raised-“

Her heart was as calm as the river before them- a striking grin falls on her lips . . . Manteno could not help but notice his heart rapidly rising for the sight before him. She was indeed beyond magnificent and to him. She shone a light that guided him all the way through.

He wished for her heart . . . however, he also knew that he shared a forbidden love and because of this. It made him gloomy but nothing he can do will change the regulations of the kingdom and that of course, shred his heart.

Up to this day, he is uncertain of how Elisha feels, but he knows in a way she always feels calm whenever his warmth surrounds her . . .

She assured her voice, “I will return to my kingdom,” He agreed with her, “Very well than princess,”

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