The Moon Coven: Creatures of the Night

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Meet Celene, 25 year old woman and a magical witch to a powerful and ancient coven blessed down the line by the Goddess of the moon. And now pack doctor to the Hidden Pine Pack in the top farthest North American werewolf pack. Enter Roderick, alpha werewolf and unmated male, disguised as your local mail man, handing out packages as an attempt to avoid daily pack drama and the females that hunt his every move. Fated to be mates, Celene must do everything that's within her vast power to protect her newfound mate, her pack and her very own life as the balance of her world is suddenly tipped over for the worse. Book 1 in the "The Moon Coven" series.

Fantasy / Erotica
Literary Witch
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It was a mellow night upon the young planet known as Earth. The world lay dormant and quiet as the Gods and Goddesses that played by day rested, while the ethereal Gods and Goddesses of the night came to lay claim to the lands left to rest by the people of the day.

And there sat the goddess of the moon. Lunaria, her skin shimmered with the reflection of the pale moon she claimed domain over. Black inky hair draped over her delicate skin as she sat upon a throne of milky quartz.

Her eyes, as deep as obsidian focused upon her creation, her children, the ones she gave her heart to. The were children who worshiped her likeness in the moon.

"My lady, your children continue to run in their wolf forms, dont you worry they wont take the form of their human aspect?" Her right hand and servantile maid asked as she kneeled behind her throne. Envy shining through her eyes as she watched the favored children romp through the forests.

Full, luscious berry colored lips curling in a dainty smile, Lunaria tilted her head towards the handmaiden. "My dear Astra, I do not fear for their minds or their bodies. My dear brother the God of the sun informs me they take the skin of the human while the sun rises high in the sky. They hide themselves well amongst the actual humans. Assisting mankind in a way even the humans dont know. I do not fear they will lose their uniqueness to my beloved animal, the wolf." Chuckling throatily, she turned to stare full on at her beautiful maid.

"Do I hear jealousy and envy in your voice Astra? Do you envy my children the attention I give you?" She cooed softly, watching her closest confidante shift nervously on the ground, her silvery hair reflecting the moons likeness, almost glowing in the gently light.

"I...I'm not jealous my lady, I just...I'm just merely lonely...I watch your children play and wish I had something to claim as my own" She said in an almost a whisper of her voice.

Eyebrow lifting in interest at her maids confession, Lunaria stood. Stretching to her impressive height of 6 foot even, luxurious and voluptuous body swaying underneath her sheer robe of while silk. She sidled up to her maid and knelt down in front of the girl.

"Do you remember how and why you were maid?" She asked softly, her hand running through the silvery, silky soft waves of the maids hair.

Keeping her eyes downward as she felt the goddess gently touch against her hair, Astra bit her lip as she remembered the sudden creation of her being.

"I...I remember it a little. The God and Goddess of the earth created me to serve you under your night time reign. I was made to keep you company...and to do everything as you so wish" Astra said in a soft voice.

Smiling at the maids words Lunaria nodded. "Yes, I was lonely before they gave me you. You inspired me to create a new life, you inspired me to create my were children. And they are happy and live plentiful lives under the moon. I see now you are in the same predicament I was before I had you. And so my dear Astra, if you wish it I can bestow a wonderful but heavy blessing upon you" Lunaria said, her tone become heavy and grave.

Head snapping up, Astra stared at her Goddess in shock. "A...a blessing? My Goddess you dont mean to make me a werewolf do you?" She asked, concern and worry filtering through her voice, Astra wasnt sure she could live a double life like that.

Chuckling quietly, the goddess shook her head, eyes focusing on her maid, she reached a hand out and cupped her maidens face. "No my sweet Astra, I would give you a power all on your own. A witch I would make you, from the elements you came from the elements you shall wield. A Witch of the Moon they will call you. But it's a heavy price to pay. You cannot bear children that would inherit your power. You may only bestow it to those that show my mark. Faithful to me and mine you and your new found coven will be, you will serve my children however they need with your beautiful and wild new powers. Under my name you will use them." Inhaling, the Moon Goddess paused. "And as a reflection of me. You may lay with as many a person you wish to. But never will you have a child unless I wish it to be. Only those that have been blessed by my hand shall they find themselves a true mate of the soul, and will they be able to bear children with my likeness."

As a Goddess created to weild power over the moon, Lunaria was never gifted the ability to bear children from her own loins. Instead she used her power to create her children. The creatures that house wild souls within human bodies. And danced and played under the moon in their wolf forms.

"Do you accept my blessing Astra? Will you become a Witch and hold the ability to wield powers beyond your imagination? There is a heavy burden to bear, you may never have a child, but you can grant a child powers as long as they wear my mark of the moon. And live a long life of protecting my kind against the dark creatures that inhabit this world?"

Face close to her maids. She scrutinized the small woman that knelt before her, body quivering as she took in the words of her Goddess.

Taking a deep shuddering breath, Astra steeled her shoulders and met her Goddess endless deep gaze.

"Yes my Goddess, please give me a purpose bigger than just me and myself, I wish to hold a higher purpose than sitting in just a shadow. I wish to do more with myself, and if it means...if it means forsaking a true family, but getting to teach and create my own...I'll... I'll gladly accept your blessing. Please my Lady, I wish to do this, I ache to do it."

Smiling wickedly as she heard her servants fevered words. Lunaria nodded sagely. "And bless you I shall" she said softly, her mouth descending upon the maids softly pillowy lips, holding the girl tightly to her, a soft light passed between the Goddesses mouth and to the Maidens, traveling down her throat to settle deep into her chest.

Releasing the maiden from her hold. Lunaria leaned back, watching as her power unfolded itself into her servant, she watched as it throbbed brightly in the girls chest.

Doubling over, Lunaria watched as Astra began to writhe in pain, her chest glowing with a bright hot white light. Groaning deeply within her throat, the maid panted heavily as wave after wave of pain hit her heart.

"What...what's happening to me my goddess?" She gritted out, hands clutching tight against her breast. Her chest heaved as she fought to breath against the waves of pain pulsating through her body.

Smiling sadly, Lunaria sat there observing the transformation.

"Like with my children, transformation for the first time is a process of a painful rebirth. Your heart must change to accept the vast amount of power you will hold. For your heart is where your true power lays." Reaching out to remove a strand of silver hair stuck to her sweat soaked face, the Goddess gathered her maiden close to her.

"The pain will soon come to pass and you will wake up a new person with a new purpose in your life. Protect my namesake. And protect my children with your very life my darling maid. There are creatures out their that seek to destroy me and my reign over this world. I'm trusting you to be my protector, my sword and my shield. With the powers I've given you use them for pure good. Fore if you turn against me, consequences will strike you down with a heavy heavy burden. I do not give this gift lightly. But fear not my sweet girl, I forsee one of your witches many lines down coming into a power as strong as yours, and it will be up to her to help fight the darkness that will swallow the Earth whole " Lunaria cooed against the girls quivering head. Her body cradled against the goddess' soft frame, her words of warning and prophecy embedding deep into the maids brain.

Biting back a scream. Astra's back arched as a wave of molten hot flame poured through her veins, chest glaring brightly, she screamed in agony as the pain hit its crescendo. Sobbing as her body convulsed in the arms of her Goddess. The handmaiden known as Astra, the right hand woman to the Goddess of the Moon was reborn as Astra the protector of the Moon and her favored children the Werewolves.

And That is how the coven if the Witches of the Moon began, the protectors of a fantastical species of people known as werewolves, and defenders against the dangerous creatures that lurk in the night whom so wish to wreak havoc against the balance of the natural world.

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