Omega's Onslaught [ShadowPack #5]

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Zack Adamos has been lost since his mother's death. He has been attacked by rogues and then he found a family again. His half brother, Arthur, Gamma of the pack, and his mother. They took care of him like he was a part of the family. But Zack for something more. Samantha Lykos has been waiting for the one that she would proud to call her mate. But what a disappointment when she found out that Zack, the Omega of the pack, was her mate. He was not worthy to be with an Ultima. And so, she rejected him. But little did she knows, her action has caused the Omega to lose his mind and went into recluse to the deeper part of the Paphos forest, the part where hunters and poachers lurked in the shadows. And the pack leaders were worried about him. She had to do something but can she accept that her mate was more than just an Omega? Or will she uncovered the gem underneath of Omega that she would regret rejecting Zack without getting to know him first?

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Destiny

5 years ago

Samantha Lykos’ POV

“I got to go. My mum would be worried sick,” I said as I was standing up from the table that I shared with the tourist that Xavier has brought to the cafe that I worked. She was a nice person and her name was Stella. I think Xavier was pissed that I spent some time with her.

I waved at Stella as I was making my way into the forest to the pack community. It was very tight and not everyone was lucky enough to know about this. Only certain people that were destined to be a werewolf’s mate can be the ones that know about us.

Unless your mate was from the pack as well.

I was walking along the trail as the moonlight was shining the trail. I sighed. It’s not that I cannot see in the dark but I was wearing contacts that were concealing the real color of my eyes. You see, not everyone has red iris in this world.

Some movements were in the dark forest as I was looking to my right. I don’t know if it was dangerous or not but I think it was not life-threatening. It might be foxes that were running from poachers and illegal hunters.

I growled as I thought those lousy humans. Some of them managed to kill some of the members with the help of the old geezer. But that was in the past now. However, I cannot move forward to the future that he had limped the old Alpha.

I think I wanted to throttle him myself.

There was another movement again. I was looking around me as it was dark and I cannot see right through as the lenses were limiting my sight right now.

“Who’s there? What do you want?” I asked myself as I was shouting in the dark. There was no movement after that moment but a howl and snarl.

‘Mine,’ the mind link was coming to me. I was looking around before I was pushing it off from my mind. I did not waste my time to dwell there so I ran and I ran as fast as I could until I found my house.

As the sister of the only living Ultima, not including myself, we have been given the care and respect that we needed. It was rare for someone to have the gift that we had. Sebastian, my brother, and I can change a normal human into werewolves. But, it has been long since Alpha allowed us to change anyone.

I was breathing hard as I was standing in front of the house that stood in the forest. It was not that far from the packhouse and if I shout, the warriors will come for sure. But I don’t need that since I was safe in my house as I opened the door and Sebastian was nowhere to be found.

I sighed. My reclusive brother must be in his cave as he loved to spend some time there for alone time. It helped him to think. Even though I don’t know what he was thinking about. I might say it was his mate but I don’t smell anyone scent on him so maybe something that was related to the pack.

I went to the window as I was looking outside. There was no movement from earlier and I think I was safe, for now. Then, something was lurking behind me.

“What are you doing?” Sebastian asked me as I shrieked. I turned around to look at him as he was arching his eyebrow at me. I sighed before I shook my head. I turned to look at him.

“Nothing that concerns you,”

“Since when do you concern on my nose that was sticking into your business?” He asked with amusement. I rolled my eyes at him as he was being like the big brother he was.

“Nothing to see here, and have your shower? You smell like shit,” I said as I was my nose to make sure that he got the point. Sebastian was smelling himself before he scoffed at me.

“I did not smell that bad. I was…doing some work,” he explained before I arched my eyebrow at him.

“What kind of work?”

“None of your business,” Sebastian said as he was waving his hand dismissively before he went to his bedroom. The house has 4 bedrooms and all the bathrooms were in the bedroom. It was convenient when someone was in heat and they don’t want to leave the room forever.

Woah, since when I was thinking about heat?

I shook my head before I was looking outside again. I don’t think I saw any more movement right now so, I might just look at the darkness for no reason.

“Well, at least I am not outside anymore,” I said before I was drawing the curtains, not knowing there was something that still lurking in the darkness even after I went to bed.

Zack Adamos’ POV

I was looking at her as she was drawing the curtains. My wolf snarled as we cannot get inside the house or on that territory. I don’t think Caleb would appreciate me, an Omega, to penetrate the sacred house of the Ultima.

They were special that way and I was not.

I sighed before I went away from the house. I need to calm my wolf as I was remembering the way that Sam smiled at Xavier this morning and I had to reign my wolf when she did that to the humans as well.

I don’t think she knows it yet that I was her mate.

Would she accept me, despite being an Omega? It was nothing but the ranking for someone that was considered lowly in the pack would be paired with the sister of the current Ultima. I think Sebastian would flip and piss off on me.

I would take that chance if it means that I will be with my mate.

My wolf purred at the thought of Samantha. I cannot think anything but her sweet strawberry scent. It was alluring too much for my wolf that I was almost lost control every time I was near her. I have to control my wolf much tighter.

I looked at the house a little longer before I went running into the woods on all four. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. And besides, I have so many works to do tomorrow.

The perks of being an Omega.

I was a healer of the pack and I oversee the stock to make sure that medicine in the bank was enough. I cannot risk the pack warriors that injured during training to be unattended when I was in charge.

I sighed before I saw the packhouse. I changed and I went to get the black pant in the change room before I ran to the infirmary. I remembered the first moment that I opened my eyes and all I can see and the smell was her.

Samantha Lykos.

I know for sure that we were meant to be together. But she was never around for me to say that she was mine and I was hers. But one of these days, I know Fate will be on my side and I prayed to the Moon Goddess to match her with me.

I know I can handle her.

She’s sassy and bossy. She’s quick wit but I think I liked to have that around my house that I have acquired to be an Omega.

I sighed before I went to the stock room. I guess I would work until I can sleep or forget about Sam for a while. But that would take a while.

Since I would never forget her, EVER.

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