Psycho Werewolf Sisters Michelle's POV

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Two sister's both 21 Year's old a little crazy and stand their ground. They get moved from their home in England all the way to America here their lives get turned up-side down and spun around. Mum acting suspicious, and they are flung into the supernatural world full of mythical creatures only to find out they themselves are not human like they thought. Throw in what they really are, mum whipping there memory's and Mate's you have drama. All rights reserved to myself and @Christal-jen There is another story of this and that story is called Psycho Werewolf Sister's (Jennifer's POV) This story is also on Dreame

Fantasy / Humor
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Character List

Hello Again Everyone I have just put a character list at the start of this book just so everyone can get to know the characters if you prefer to not read it just skip it and go straight to the first chapter

Jennifer Christal

21 Years old

Thinks human but not

Jet black dip dye electric blue hair

Silver eyes but change colour with mood

8 pack abs and 36dd boobs belly button piercing, crying eye tattoo on right wrist, Angel wings tattoo on shoulder blades, Black and red rose on left hip-bone, Chinese family tattoo on the back of neck and trinity knot on the back of the left hand.

5ft 7in. 10st.

Wolf colour - Dark blue at roots going to light blue ends. eyes gold with flakes of electric blue.

Michelle Christal

21 years old.

Thinks human but not

Brown hair with colour changing ends with her moods.

Emerald Eyes

6 pack abs and 36dd boobs belly piercing, black and red rose on right hip-bone, white wolf tattoo on the back left hip-bone, Chinese family tattoo on the back of neck and trinity knot on the back of the left hand.

5ft 7in. 10st.

Wolf colour - White(pure) with mood changing tips on paws and ears. eye glow bright silver.

Martha Christal - Mother

44 years old but looks 21

Black raven shoulder-length hair

ocean blue eyes

4 pack abs and 40f boobs belly piercing Chinese family tattoo on back of neck. Infinity sign on left wrist and trinity knot on back of left hand.

5ft 5in. 10st 7pnds

Witch and Vampire

Damon Knight - Highest ranking werewolf potential Alpha King

23 years old

Medium brown hair

Forest green eyes

8 pack abs tattoos all over

6ft 2in. 11st

Jennifer’s mate

Wolf - Silver colour

Wolf eyes - Gold

Niklaus Lightwood - Second highest werewolf potential Kings Beta

23 years old

Light brown with blonde streaks hair

Sky blue eyes

8 pack abs one tattoo of a wolf on his right bicep

6ft 10st 8lbs

Michelle’s Mate

Wolf - red with slight blue colour

Wolf eye colour - gold with sky blue speckles

Nate Collins - Gamma werewolf

23 years old

Military cut blonde

Royal blue eyes

6 pack abs

Tribal tattoo on calf

6ft 10st 8lbs

Wolf colour - natural black and white with a hint of grey.

Ethan Hunter - Delta werewolf/Luna’s protector

23 years old

Short back and sides black hair

Honey brown eyes

6 pack abs

Wolf tattoo on the left shoulder

6ft 10st 8lbs

wolf colour - natural black and white with grey.

Jennifer’s eye colour chart

Bright glowing red - Livid

Black - Angry

Blue - Emotional

Honey Brown - Happy

Royal Blue - Romantic

Green - Active

Turquoise - Mixed Emotions

Light Purple - Sad

Pink - Passionate

Silver - Normal Colour

Michelle’s Hair Colour Chart

Black - Evil/Angry/Pissed off

White - Innocent

Blue - Calm

Purple - Mystery/Embarrassed

Red - Lust/Love

Green - Envy/Jealousy

Pink - Kind

Orange - Enthusiastic

Brown - Normal

Yellow - Energetic


Barbie Broomhead - Werewolf pack slut of the school

22 years old kept back a year

Platinum dyed blonde hair

Blue eyes

Toned - small arse 32b push up bra with socks wears slutty outfits wants Damon for herself.

Tried it on with Damon Knight, Niklaus Lightwood, Nate Collins and Ethen Hunter.

Wolf colour - Dirty Blonde

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