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A Hunter's Keep - #1 of "The Hunter's Series"

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Chapter 2

Lizzy's POV

“Where did you get that?!” the blond man asked, who I also suspected to be the alpha. I stubbornly narrowed my eyes at him and refused to answer. Dumb move!

“Answer me!” he growled this time and his eyes flickered a dangerously black.

“Fuck you,” I muttered, trying to hide the panic that was starting to creep through my system.

“Give us the baby!” another man commanded. Now, this is the point where normal people would give in to reason and hand over the werewolf child to the huge ass werewolf men, that were surrounding her. But not me!

“Over my dead body,” I barked back, holding her farther away from them. The baby crying really not helping the situation.

“That can be arranged,” the man growled again and took a step forward. I flinched back, pressing myself further into the tree.

“Easy, Lucas,” the alpha said, holding out his arms and effectively stopping the man called Lucas. “You could hurt the baby.”

Lucas grunted and threw another angry glance at me, before shifting it to the baby.

“She stays with me!” I stated once again, narrowing my eyes at them.

“She needs to go back to her family,” the alpha stated. I scoffed. Was this guy an idiot or what?

“I’m her family now,” I said, trying to shield her from them. Almost afraid that if they got a good look at her, she’d disappear right out of my arms.

“Where did you come from?”

I looked back to the alpha, who asked the question. He’d lowered himself so he now was crunching down right in front of me. My eyes easily meeting his.

“None of your god damn business,” I hissed at him, ignoring the power and fury that was radiating off him. “And stop looking at me like I’ve stolen her! She’s my sister!”

He shook his head; almost as if he was disappointed.

“Well, you see, that’s where we have a problem,” he said calmly – or as calmly as he could, when you’re trying to hide a storm. “I know your lying. And if you don’t tell me the truth right now…”

“You’ll what? Hit me?” I cut him off, not afraid of threats and doom. I’d gotten them my entire life and never once were they false. I could take a hit if I had to, but in this case, I didn’t need to. I knew werewolves. At least enough to know, that his threat was an empty one.

“You wouldn’t risk it, hurting one of your own.”

Now it was their turn to be surprised.

“You know what we are?”

“I know what you are,” I repeated back to him. “And I know what she is! That still doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t leave my side!” I paused to take a breath, before looking the alpha straight in his cold, blue eyes. “I made her mother a promise and I intend to keep it until my dying breath.”

Silence fell after my rant. The men carefully looking at each other, before looking to me again.

“I see,” The alpha said, once again his eyes turned to me. One look and I knew. My life would once again change; forever.

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