Blood of Wolves

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Rose wouldn't know how to describe herself, she is young and she is unsure where her life will lead her, with almost no family to guide her, she learns for herself, doing what she can to live her life in a way she hopes will make her recently deceased father proud. But on a full moon, her fate is changed and she becomes infected with something she never thought was possible and a new world opens, one drenched in blood and paranormalcy. It is here that she finds Zero, one who lives in this new world, one who will guide her through blood nights, ensuring that her blood will not be shed; but it will not be an easy task, as Rose blossoms into something rare and far greater than the werewolves of Mercy Lake.

Fantasy / Drama
Lekisha Hebb
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The wolf lets out a final howl as Tyler plunges his stake into its heart, killing it with one strong push. Tyler pushes the monster aside as the wolf shrinks back to its human form.

“Well done!” Tyler’s father congratulates slapping him on the shoulder, they have been hunting werewolves since Tyler’s mother died.

Tyler’s father found a secret organization that agreed to train them in the art of hunting and killing monsters, mainly werewolves.

“When are we going to give up hunting?” Tyler asks as he wipes his bloody stake on a rag before deactivating it and then putting it back into its sheath on his hip, his father sighs and shakes his head.

“Son, we hunt to make the world safer,” he says as he lights the body on fire, but Tyler knows that he is lying, Tyler’s father loves hunting, he does it for revenge, “We go town to town cleaning up the monster mess.”

Tyler grumbles under his breath and watches the body burn.

“Come on son,” his father says as he starts walking out of the ally, “The missus and El will be waiting.”

His father remarried a year after Tyler’s mother died and the marriage came with a step-sister, Elisa but she preferred El. Tyler sighs and follows his father and they walk back to their apartment were his step mum had made dinner and greeted the two with a warm smile, Tyler ignores her and goes down the hall and into his room. Tyler was sick of this life, running around and killing werewolves every night, he wished that he could get out of it, but he wanted to please his father. Tyler didn’t like werewolves but he didn’t hate them.

There is a knock on the door and his step-sister enters the room.

“How did you go tonight?” she asks, she wanted to hunt werewolves more than anything but both her mother and Tyler’s father disagreed.

“We got a few,” he says hanging up his stake on one of the hooks in the closet

“That’s good,” she nods then clicks to something, “Oh Renee came over and said that she wants to talk to you, at the park on Monday.”

Renee was just a fling that Tyler was in the middle of and though he had slept with her a few times he knew that he had to end it soon because they would be leaving town. Tyler pulls off his black, leather hunting jacket and then pulls his shirt over his head.

“Hey there is a girl in the room,” El laughs and Tyler rolls his eyes. His step-sister liked having a big brother, even if they were only several months apart, Tyler, however, did not like having a step-sister.

“Then get out,” he says and she groans and leaves shutting the door behind her, Tyler flops down on the bed and falls asleep on top of the covers.

Tyler is woken by violent shaking, his eyes snap open and he sees his father standing over him.

“We have to go boy,” he says and Tyler rubs his eyes and gets up, this wasn’t unusual, most of the time Tyler would be woken with a shake and they would pack up and leave the town.

Tyler puts on the shirt and jacket he wore last night, he grabs his stake in its sheath and ties it to his jeans, he then grabs his already packed duffel bag, Tyler rarely unpacked knowing far too well that they never stayed in the same place for long, he took his duffel out to the car and threw it in. Then he went back inside and helped take the rest of the stuff to the car. After everything is packed up they get in the car and they leave the town.

“So where are we going dad?” Tyler asks yawning.

“Mercy Lake,” he says looking in the rear-view mirror.

“Where mum died,” Tyler breathes and his dad nods his head.

El and Tyler’s Father talks the whole way there, about werewolves and ways to kill them without getting your hands bloody, Tyler already knew this information so he falls asleep again. He wakes up just as they enter the Town of Mercy Lake, they dive past the friendly welcome sign with a picture of the lake that the Town was named after.

He stares out of the window and watches the buildings zoom by on his way he sees a girl, human, she looked miserable as she kicked a rock off the pavement, the two locke eyes and she smiles and waved, Tyler ignores the girl as his dad sped up as they neared streets.

They drive down to a street, the street Tyler used to live on, they pull up into the driveway to the house that they used to live in until his mother was killed, his father never put it up for sale, and it still looked okay so his father must have had someone looking after it.

Tyler walks to the front door and opens it with his stake at the ready; he then proceeds to check the whole house for any signs of a werewolves while his father and his stepmother and sister unpack the car.

Tyler saves his old room for last, slowly he grasps the handle and pushes it open, it opens and Tyler checks the room, the room looked exactly as he left it wooden post bed, wooden chest of draws, a window, and a wardrobe.

He looks at the walls that are filled with his childhood drawings of his mother father and little sister who was also killed by wolves, Tyler deactivates his stake and walks around his room before heading back outside to grab his duffel, he take it into his room and unpacks for the first time in a decade. He checks his phone and sees that there are ten unread messages from Renee asking where he was and why he didn’t call back. He sends a quick message.

Sorry had to leave town, it never would have worked out between us, never going to see you again move on.

Tyler throws his phone on the bed and walks out of his room and into the backyard.

“New town,” he whispers taking in a deep breath before jumping the fence, “New wolves to kill.”

Behind the house are the protected woods of Mercy Lake, Tyler begins to walk around, checking his surroundings; his eyes alert and stake at the ready. A lonely owl hoots above and other animals scurry around on the woodland floor.

He wishes there was some way out of hunting; he didn’t want to hunt werewolves. He should hate them for what they did to his family but he doesn’t. They are, after all part, human too, aren’t they? Tyler thought about it and he realised that he has murdered more than ten wolves. Something snaps up ahead and Tyler automatically looks up, lonely buck freezes in place and looks at Tyler.

Tyler lunges forward to scare the buck and it runs off, Tyler notices a house in the distance, two stories above the ground with a barn next to it.

There is a bloodcurdling howl behind Tyler and he turns to see a gigantic wolf step into the clearing, one with black and grey markings adorning his pelt. Tyler holds his breath, the wolf had not spotted him yet, because its eyes were on the buck that Tyler spooked off.

Werewolves don’t look like normal wolves this one was dark grey with light grey streaks and a black marking on its head, this one was only four foot five in height not the biggest one Tyler has ever.

The wolf moved in a blur and pounced on the deer biting into its neck, killing it before it could even cry out in alarm. Tyler was going to attack but he heard his name called and he trekked back home, he needed to come up with a plan, befriend a wolf, he only had a couple of months till his curse took hold.

“Dad enrolled us at Mercy State,” El says as Tyler jumps the fence, “We start tomorrow.”

“Great,” he groans rolling his eyes.

Tyler has been to many mundane schools and all of them had been a challenge, he can't focus, it's not easy for him to sit still and concentrate on what others are saying.

Don’t get attached don’t make friends and most of all look out for werewolves. They were the rules drilled into Tyler's head from the moment he understood words.

“It is the start of the New School Year today and that means we won’t have missed much,” El says and Tyler ignores her as he goes back into the house.

El grows attached to any hunter, sucking up as much knowledge as she could. Both she and Tyler were sent to a special school not long after Tyler’s mother passed on.

It was a school that taught young minds how to hunt werewolves. El only got to learn the theory side of hunting as well as how to wield a stake in an emergency, while Tyler knew both theory and practical sides. Always the top of his class. Tyler sighs as he opens his door to his room and begins to rearrange it to his liking.

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