A New Era

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Evie Falmouth - A girl with lost of questions and no answers. She thinks she is jsut your normal teen Vampire at your average finishing school with your typical sidekick and mean girl but little does she know her life is about to change in the most dramatic way and she will find out who she truly is and why she just isn't like all the others Benjamin - soon to be Alpha and just hanging around waiting for his mate to realise who she is and her true potential

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Evie

I stare out my window as the sun starts to set and I sigh. Another day done here at St Adelines Academy for Vampires. I was behind yet again in all my studies and nowhere near as strong as the others. My best friend Patty has tried her best all evening to get me up to speed with all the work. In particular this super hard piece of Vampiric literature. I didn’t let anyone else know but I couldn’t read this piece of literature. It just did not translate in my head unlike everyone else.

Patty had translated it all for me the other day so that I wouldn’t totally flunk the exam but neither of us could understand why I couldn’t read it. I was going to see my parents this evening as it was our weekly family dinner. And in all honesty I think I need to ask them why I was so different to all the other Vampires in my class. They had always said that I would come into my own eventually but now I was in my final year it just made no sense that I still couldn’t do certain things. I couldn’t read ancient vampire literature, I couldn’t drink human blood only animal, I couldn’t fully master the mind control technique which I should have nailed by this point but I just did not have the skill.

I grabbed my phone from the dressing table to text mum quickly to let her know that I would be on my way soon and to get me a nice cup of mulled wine ready. PhoneI in handbag, check. I grab my leather jacket from the back of my chair and pull my boots on. Bracing myself for the cold that is the hallways of my dormitory I quickly grab a big fluffy scarf. That’s another thing, I always need to be warm, which anyone who knows anything about Vampires and ‘my kind’ is really rather strange. I turn around to face my room and make sure I have everything when I spot my space heater. Damn I almost forgot to hide my post prized possession from the Matron. Matron would have loved that find, maybe it would have even made her year if she got to confiscate that from me. Her least favorite student. Brace for the cold I tell myself as I exit my sanctuary.

‘Eugh watch where you’re going useless’ I hear as I collide into the ice queen herself. Bethan. Top of the class, has the most friends and tipped to be the next Supreme Vampire to come out of this Academy and rule our clan. I hated her. She was so perfect and she had such perfect blonde hair and such perfect long legs. I stare straight at her face but before she can say anything more I run past her because today is not the day I want to get into a fight with her.

Running down the steep stairs I feel the familiar feeling of my animal land on my shoulder. ‘Hi Toby, did you see that cow? Where were you when I needed you to bite her hey?’ I chuckle as he nuzzles into my ear as an apology. Coming out the stone archway I head straight for the gates with my ID card and signed permission slip from my parents and the Matron. I never normally have an issue when old Harvey is on the gate but lately its been Cam and he has that soft spot for the Queen Vamp Bethan so he hates me like that’s his only job. Thankfully today is my lucky day and I run to give the old man a hug.

Harvey and I have formed a swift friendship of the last few years I’ve been here. I always like to go out and have a nice cup of tea with him because he is just like me, he feels the cold. I feel a connection to him that I haven't with any of the other vampires within the grounds of this school.

Smiling I greeted Harvey. ‘Hi Harvey!’ ‘Hello my child’ he said back with the warmth that I had missed the last couple weeks. ‘I’ve not seen you for a couple weeks is everything okay?’ His eyes misted over as I posed the question to him. ‘Of course dear, never mind about me! Where are you off to tonight then?’ He changed the subject off himself quicker than you could say his name. He reaches into his pocket and brings out a box of treats for Toby the bat and throws one to him. Tonight I’m escaping to my parents, got some things I need to speak to them about and I can’t miss out on my mothers game lasagne! I’ll bring you some back if there is some!’ Harvey chuckles ‘that is more than kind of you Evie, now you go on and have a lovely evening, you stick to the path won’t you?’ I smile at his concern for me as I walk out the opening gate.

It’s only a short walk into the village to my parents. The Academy was at the top of the hill overlooking the whole town below, it was also the home to the Clan Council so the building was very large and mighty for such a small town. The village of Goldbrook was mixed with the supernatural and the human, we had reached an agreement with the human council that we were able to reside here and use their human blood bank if we did not hunt within a 100 mile radius of the town and more importantly they would also keep our natures a secret. We had a witch put a memory spell on the town so if they tried to say anything they couldn’t anyway but the townspeople didn’t know that.

I wasn’t far from the town now but I still had a short section of the forest to navigate so I picked up the pace. But as I picked up the pace I got this strange feeling like I was being watched. I glance around in the trees and I swear I can see a pair of eyes on me, but it’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me as per usual. I shake my head and carry on as I reach the outskirts and take the turning down to my parents. As I near their house I can smell my mum’s lasagne already and i’m sure she will have a little something for Toby too. I bound through the door shouting that i’m home but my mum runs out the kitchen hair mad telling me to shush as she points at the living room.

I peer through the door that’s slightly ajar and see my father having a now raised voice conversation with another man I had never seen before i and I got that weird feeling again like it was somehow connected to what I thought I had seen in the forest on my way here. But as soon as I start peering my mum pulls my arm into the kitchen but Toby flies off into the living room. It is almost like he wants to see what is going on just as much as I. ‘Mum what’s that all about? Who is Dad talking to?’ My mum flaps her hand as she goes to take the lasagne out the oven, ‘oh no one darling don't worry i'm sure your father will speak to you later anyway. Mulled wine?’ Puzzled by mum's behavior I know better than to question her right now so I just smile and nod as she hands me a steaming mug of my favorite winter drink.

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