Torn between Dreams & Reality

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After a tragic past, Claire Elric is left alone in this world to fight against her mind and screaming thoughts, especially after her best friend, Leo, decides not to remember her and start a new life in which she is just a girl who studies in the same high-school as him. Now, Claire is seeing things . . . Things she saw in her dreams. At first, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her but as time went by, she started realizing the danger of her dreams, and finds out that it’s all for and because of one person…… Leo. With determination, she is set to find answers to her questions, and stop her dreams from interfering reality with the help of Conrad, a random guy who decided to help her. But will she be able to stop all of this before she, herself, can’t differentiate if she is in her dreams or the reality?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I walked along the streets in the afternoon, tired. I was all alone. My high school had started getting on my nerves but I had no option. I needed to study to get out of this hellhole. My life was ruined ever since my dad left my mom. I was only seven at that time. I still remember how much I waited for him, believed he’d come back to get us…… but he never did.

My mom, on the other hand, turned abusive. She took out the anger she had for dad on me, only because I had his night-blue eyes. But I loved her.

Then……. One day, when I was close to turning eleven, my mom died. When people used to ask me how she died, I would say that she died of a broken heart. She loved dad, she just felt betrayed… used. Having no family left meant that I had to live in this treacherous world alone and—

A sudden laughter broke me out of the screaming thoughts and memories in my head. My footsteps jerked to a sudden halt as I looked at the three, out of which the one on the left side and in the centre, hated me. But my eyes were set on the boy on the right, Leo.

“Oh, man. He’s going to flip out when he sees his locker,” he gasped through his laughs.

Then his eyes met mine and his smile fell.

“Oooh, look. Its Miss Clingy,” one of the boys (the one in the centre) said, his chocolate-brown hair drooping down his forehead.

But I didn’t care about what he was saying as I kept my eyes on Leo. The burn in them, the blurry vision, the stone in my throat were all too familiar because it happened every time I saw him.

“Stop it guys, let the girl go,” he whispered when he saw my eyes turning red and watery. He’d been seeing for the past two years, always thinking that it was his friends making me feel, making me cry, not knowing that he was wrong at so many levels.

I looked at my feet, biting my lower lip as he and his friends walked past me. I swallowed the stone in the throat.

He seriously forgot me… I sighed. The tears and whimpers that I was holding back broke through as my mind replayed everything.


“Is he okay? Will he be fine? Please tell me something!” my fourteen-year-old-self screamed at the doctor.

“We aren’t quite certain as yet,” he replied to which Leo’s mother snapped, “What do you mean ‘not quite certain’? My son fell from the terrace and is in there, fighting for his life and you don’t know! Who was that idiot who even qualified you as a doctor!?”

His father rushed to his wife, pulling her close to himself as she drowned in tears. I waited patiently, not ready to let hopelessness seep in me.

When I was given permission to see him, my heart went crazy, as if it was on a roller-coaster ride. I wanted to know, I was craving to know how my best friend was.

I entered the room when his parents came out crying God-knows-why. His eyes followed the floor to mine as he whispered, “Please leave.”

“Leo! I’m not leaving. I’ve been waiting to meet you for so long and you expect me to leave!? I mean you fell—and I was there and—and I panicked and… all of this… then—”

“I know,” he interrupted, “but I don’t know you… or anyone I’ve met till now.”

My breathing stopped and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t breathe.

“You… don’t… remember me?” The words barely coming out of my mouth.

“No,” he blurted out.

“I’m Claire, your best friend since we were eleven. You used to call me Eclair’s and had sleepovers and eating competitions with me. We’d pull a lot of pranks together and ……….. don’t you remember anything?” I croaked out, seeing confusion written all over his face.


END OF Flashback

The doctors said that he had lost his memory. They could try to bring his memory back but he didn’t want them back. He wanted to make new ones.

And I couldn’t be a part of them.

The new Leo was the same as before—caring, funny, independent, kind—but the only difference that I wasn’t his best friend anymore, not even a friend.

Just a stranger who appeared to see him at the hospital.

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