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"What's your sin?" After hundreds of thousands of years, the Devil finally escaped hell and descended on Earth. He decided to hide among the Humans; special ones, known as 'God's Sons.' However, Heaven's rule number 1 was to keep the Devil inside of Hell; therefore, all the Angels went on a hunt led by the most powerful Angel, Namjoon. "Why did you do that?" - Namjoon. "Because I was lonely." - Taehyung. I hope you don't forget to leave a heart and a review 😊

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1- The Devil

3rd Person POV

Somewhere in hell, a Demon’s voice could be heard, boisterous shouts of torment-

Or not.

“Did you truly believe I’ll cry in agony and ask you to stop? Give me your best shot,” said the Demon, smirking at the noob torturer, who was attempting his best to get important information out of him but was miserably failing.

Upon hearing those words, the torturer glared, outrage obscuring his mind. He took one of the tools; it looked like a metallic necklace with sharp pins from the inside.

The torturer opened it and placed it around the Demon’s neck, who was chained from all his limps too hard, making it look like he might be torn apart at some point.

“Oh! You are going to give me a little squeeze on the neck! By the way, you used that earlier. Try something new,” The Demon proceeded with his mockery, not giving the torturer what he requested.

The torturer blew hot air from his mouth out of resentment then clicked on the button which was on the metallic necklace, enabling the pins to start moving slowly and too harshly, penetrating inside Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook held in the pain by grinding his teeth together for a split of a second before the pain turned into pleasure as he hollered, “I like it. Give me more. You are just turning me on. How bad is it to be turned on by an Angel?” This drove his eyes to transform from its light brown colored shading to pitch black.

The Angel nearly lost his temper and clicked on another button which made the pins move faster into the Demon’s skin, making Jungkook shout loudly, however, winded up chuckling as loud as possible.

“Give me more Namjoon, more, I’m almost there,” Jungkook shouted, trying to enrage the Angel more.

However, Namjoon endeavoured to be as patient as he could be and just answered him in a cool voice, “I promised to do whatever it takes to sustain peace in heaven even if it made me start being a torturer. You ought to be honoured to have somebody as mighty as me, torment somebody as low as you Demon.”

Jungkook feigned exacerbation in inconvenience before saying, “Don’t worry I’m really honoured, but you are a bad torturer. I can teach you if you want.”

“Where is the Devil?” Namjoon commanded.

“Do you even know his name?”

“Yeah, his name is the Devil.”

Namjoon’s reply made Jungkook grunt loudly, “Waah! You don’t even know the name of the person you are looking for! Listen there mister Angel come get me when you know both of our names.”

The Angel raised an eyebrow at him, thinking that he finally found a way to get to the loose Devil, lurking somewhere in the universe or maybe destroying something that shouldn’t be destroyed.

“You’ll tell me where he is after telling you his name, isn’t that too easy?” he said not believing the Demon in front of him.

And he was right Jungkook was no way near telling anything to him. Jungkook spat on Namjoon’s face, receiving a disgusted look from the Angel and said with a smirk, “Angels are too easy to fool. How pathetic!”

Namjoon picked up another tool and continued his torture session.

The Devil landed somewhere on Earth. He inhaled the air then looked around, eyeing the unfamiliar place. “I need to find a safe place,” were the first words leaving his mouth.

He started to walk yet halted as he felt the weight of something on his back and caught sight of the enormous thing that made his footsteps feel like an earthquake.

Humans will freak out when they see my wings, He contemplated internally as he made sure to make them disappear.

The Devil walked aimlessly in the streets bare feet and topless which caught people’s attention and made them take a gander at him in perplexity. An old lady approached him with a frown, saying, “You need to put on some clothes and what’s with the hair! When was the last time you had a haircut!?”

The Devil tilted his head subsequent to hearing her words and peered towards the confounded people which made him rub his head, attempting to think of a reasonable answer. “I forgot my clothes at home,” he gave out a snide giggle.

However, the woman gave him a sickened look in return and strolled past him, muttering, “Drunk people these days are unbearable.”

He sighed and ignored her as he continued walking until he reached an empty street. Dogs started barking loudly and cats ran away from him. His eyes caught some kids playing with a ball which hit his leg lightly, so he looked down to where the ball was then leaned down and gripped it.

“Sir! Can you give me the ball back?” one of the children came hurrying to the Devil requesting the ball, however, the little child simply got a wily grin.

Then the Devil ended the ball’s life span in a matter of seconds which made the kids cry and run away back to their homes.

He looked at the dead ball and back at the kids fleeing. “That’s interesting,” he said.

Subsequent to stating that an unexpected human figure appeared with a scowl on his face, saying “What’s exactly interesting in annoying children?”

The Devil promptly turned to the source of the voice, smirking. “Oh a nosy Human!” he said in a sarcastic tone, making the human roll his eyes.

“And what are you? An alien! Listen their weirdo leave my neighbourhood before-” said the Human.

Nonetheless, the Devil in a blink of an eye showed up before the Human with no space between them; he bent down a little and sniffed him for a second, saying, “You have a strong aura. Are you one of God’s sons?”

The human boy stood in his place staggered, not moving a muscle; he was scared and terrified. He felt a malicious aura coming out of the person in front of him, but he couldn’t understand that feeling.

His eyes were fixed on the Devil while stiffly saying, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“What’s your name?” the Devil asked first.

“Min Yoongi.”

“Where do you live?”

“Nearby,” Yoongi swallowed not understanding where these inquiries may lead to.

“Good take me with you,” The Devil said, and finally took few steps back allowing Yoongi to breathe properly but panic at the same time.

“What? Wait! With me? No, my folks won’t-” Again the Devil cut the human’s word off by closing the gap between them and look into his eyes, maybe the human will get scared and do as he asks.

The Devil changed his eyes color in the process which made Yoongi gasp in shock while he asked, “Are you an Angel or a Devil?”

The Devil tilted his head, saying, “I’m a d-angel.” He scoured the back of his hair before continuing his lie, “Hehehe yeah an Angel.”

“Waaah deabak an Angel! Do you have wings? Oh, what’s your name?” Yoongi played with his earlobe while looking at the so-called Angel from head to toe. “Gosh! You are lying, aren’t you? I can’t believe you.”

“My name is Taehyung, and if you saw my wings, will you believe me then?”

Yoongi’s eyes widened then nodded his head quickly anticipating an extraordinary scene. Taehyung looked back and forth making sure there is no one there to see. After making sure, he showed Yoongi his wings.

Yoongi quickly set both his hands on his mouth at the mind-boggling sight he was seeing. “Your wings are black and beautifully huge,” Yoongi said in aw.

Taehyung rapidly made the wings disappear once Yoongi saw them and crossed his arms, uttering, “So are you going to take me with you or not?”

Yoongi nodded, saying, “Yeah I will, yet sadly we’ll need to sneak in; my parents won’t be happy about having visitors.”

“Okay fine. Let’s have it your way.”

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