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10- The Midnight Visit


I looked at my watch and sighed as it read 00:00. It’s been like this since forever always going to school early in the morning then go to my 2 part-time jobs afterwards.

That day when I first met the Devil, I was really sick. My parents forced me to go to work, but when I went to my 1st job, I collapsed there which led to making my boss call them and tell me to take the rest of the day off. Later on, I called my other boss and asked to take the day of which angered my parents.

I know they didn’t like it. I know they never liked me. I don’t know why though. Sometimes they leave me thinking if I’m even their son. This phrase is so real that it’s making me start believing it.

Chills ran through my body after reminiscing that day, making me sigh internally.

I bid my goodbyes to my co-workers at the gas station, put on my jacket and left my workplace.

The streets were really dark, but the weather was calming. Every now and then a nice breeze hits my face, refreshing my mood. I stood for a moment, closed my eyes and inhaled as much as I could.

However, someone clearing his throat snapped me out of what I was doing, so I looked at the guy. He showed me a picture, saying “did you see this guy?”

My eyes went wide, seeing Taehyung’s picture, but I tried my best not to show any effect. “Who are you?” I questioned first.

“My name is Hoseok. This is Jimin,” he introduced the guy who was standing with him, continuing, “and we work with the police. This guy in the photo is a suspect in a murder case,” his words were firm and for a second I was about to believe him, but hell no.

I saw the damn wings. Taehyung has wings. This is a trap, I’m 100% sure. What does this Hoseok guy want from Taehyung?

I shook my head, saying “no, I don’t know.”

The so-called Jimin pulled out another photo, showing it to me, “and this person!”

Fuck that’s Kookie.

“What did this guy do?” let’s see what more lies those two are going to give me.

Jimin looked at Hoseok then back at me, replying “he is his partner in crime.”

Partner in crime my ass. I almost snorted out loud, but I held it in. Why am I even covering up for those two idiots?

After they were somehow convinced that I know nothing about the Devil and his partner in crime, both of them left, making me sprint to my house.

I entered my room seeing both Tae and Kookie on my bed talking. I sighed, maybe in relief. I guess!

I closed my room’s door after making sure both my parents are sleeping. Rubbing my earlobe, I said, “hmm guys- I think I should tell you something.”

Taehyung directed his eyes towards me, showing full focus, “yeah sure what is it?”

“Hmm- 2 people came asking me about you.”

He got off the bed, stumbling while blurting out so many questions at once in my face “what? Who! Did they tell you their names?”

I nodded, replying “Yeah! Hoseok and Jimin.”

Jungkook snorted while mumbling, “really Angels! Why are they always to fast?”

“You don’t have to worry. I didn’t tell them that I knew either of you,” I tried to reassure them.

“What did they exactly ask you?” Tae spoke sternly.

“They showed me 2 pictures one of each of you, then made up a lie saying that they are police officers and you guys are suspects in a crime.”

Taehyung immediately looked at Kookie, saying “we need to prepare ourselves to leave. It’s about time for them to find us.”


I quickly cut him off, saying “wait wait! I didn’t tell them anything about you guys. You can really stay here.”

I seriously don’t want to go back to my boring lonely life. Please stay-

Taehyung spoke angrily, “what is wrong with you Human! Stop being a nuisance to us; the Devil and humans don’t coexist, don’t befriend each other. Just go find friends of your own kind. Don’t piss me off.”

I took a few steps back then marched out of my room. Who does he think he is? What does he know about me?

I walked in the streets like usual hiding my anger and sadness from those who pretend to be around me. From one narrow street to another but narrower with every step, I walk till I reached the end.

I sat on the floor with my back resting on the wall. I looked up at the sky which looked so out of reach when I raised my hand, trying to hold it.

“Should I really ask help from the angels this time?”

Moments after, my head hanged low, seeing a pair of legs, so I quickly raised my head to see- I guess his name was Jimin.

With a soft smile, he started, “you okay?”

“I am. Thanks for asking,” I gave a small reply since I didn’t want to show him that I know he is an Angel.

However, he came closer to me and sat beside me on the floor, saying “I know that you are hiding both the Devil and his friend.”

Oh shit! Oh Shit! I widened my eyes shocked, asking “what! How did you know?”

“Hoseok and I split up, and I decided to follow you,” He paused for a second then continued, “I saw them.”

I looked at my shoes, saying “so are you gonna take them away.”

He hummed, making me look at him. “I can’t do that alone though, so I’ll have to go meet Hoseok and tell him.” He bit his lower lip, before continuing “you lied to Angels you know.”

I nodded as I hugged my knees to my chest and said, trying to defend myself, “I just wanted to have someone over at my place, but looks like the stay is already over.”

Jimin stood up, brushing off his pants and said, “I’ll have to go then have a good life Human.”

No. No. I quickly stood up and held his hand firmly, saying desperately “don’t tell that Hoseok anything please; the Devil lived his whole life imprisoned for something he didn’t plan on doing.”

Fuck! I damn lied to an Angel. I don’t even know what the Devil actually did.

“Huh! What did he do?” Jimin jerked his head while narrowing his eyes-

WHATT! How does an Angel not know? Is he stupid?

“It’s not something I can say; it’s his story to tell. Do you want to come with me to my house and meet them?”

Please say yes. I don’t want them to leave yet.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. They might hurt me,” his words sounded hesitant. I can sympathize with your worries. It’s the Devil we are speaking of.

“Angels can heal, don’t they? Tae healed Kookie when he came back from Hell, aren’t you one too?”

“Tae? Kookie? You even know their names!”

I’m getting lost here. How on Earth, Heaven, and Hell? They don’t know the names of the people they are looking for!

“The Devil is Tae and the Demon is Kookie, and for the record, if they wanted to hurt someone, they could’ve hurt me, but no they’ve been staying with me for the past 2 days now.”

He thought for a second before saying “Hmmm- okay I’ll come with you, then I’ll go to Hoseok because we have rules in Heaven and the most important one is to keep the Devil inside Hell.”


“Okay fine! Do whatever you want, but after meeting them first,” I said, receiving a nod from him then went to my house, as I looked at my watch which read 1:00 am.

My parents will surely hate the noise, but who cares, they can’t touch me. A Demon, the Devil and an Angel, what more can I ask for?

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