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11- The Youngest


The human and I kept walking, going to his house.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

Maybe if I captured the Devil first, Namjoon will be proud of me. I’ll gain more popularity in heaven, and everyone will start respecting me more.

The moment I finished filling myself with a great deal of confidence, we reached the human’s house- Oh come to think about it.

“You didn’t tell me your name,” I asked.


I hummed, as he opened his house’s door then we went in, but I felt- hmm- how to explain it? Maybe a little nervous, but I can do that. I have to get stronger.

“Follow me,” Yoongi said while motioning me inside his house.

I nodded then both of us entered a room, and there I saw them both, the Demon and the Devil.

I swear to God that I felt my body shake for a split of a second when the Devil turned to face me. There is something about his devilish aura that brings shivers to my skin.

A sarcastic laugh escaped the Devil’s mouth, snapping me to reality.

“You seriously brought over an Angel! Are you stupid?”

Oh shit! His voice is deep and scary. I need to recollect my strength.

I cleared my throat in an attempt to grab everyone’s attention as I said, “Hello Tae!”

He raised an eyebrow, replying “how did you know my name?”

Is it supposed to be a secret?

I looked at Yoongi then back at Tae while coolly, replying, “He told me.” I crossed my arms, continuing, “now tell me Mr.Devil what’s your story?”

“My what?” Tae almost yelled I guess out of confusion. He looked at Yoongi, continuing “what is he talking about?”

“I just told him that you are innocent, and he needs to give you a chance before blindly following the orders,” Yoongi said as he shrugged innocently.

Tae sighed and massaged his temples, uttering “seriously Yoongi why did you lie!” He then looked back at me, continuing “listen there, newbie! I don’t care what you think of me. I’m just asking you to leave me be.”

I uncrossed my arms, stating “fine then looks like,” I eyed Yoongi, continuing, “You lied to an angel twice.” I then looked back at the Devil, not forgetting to say, “and you, on the other hand, will be reported back to the heavens; Hoseok will know how to deal with you.”

“You know I can fry you like a chicken and send you back to your so-called Heaven,” Tae paused as he sighed in annoyance and with a fake a smile plastered on his face, he continued “all I’m asking of you is to leave me alone.”

“Then why are you hiding,” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

The Devil huffed and scratched the back of his neck, saying “you coming here is exactly why. Angels coming and butting in my business and trying to drag me back to that cage like I’m some sort of a dangerous criminal.”

Annoyance was easily heard in his voice, but that only made me roll my eyes as I spoke back, “This whole conversation is useless. I need to go back to Hoseok. I have no idea what you told that human, but your lies won’t work on me.”

I might be weak, but I’m certainly not stupid.

“Do you think I can’t turn you into ashes in a split of a second!” He ended his words with a sarcastic laugh.

It annoyed me so bad which made me slightly yell at him “you are pure evil and your place is in hell. If you don’t go willingly, Angels will force you to, so be prepared”

Unexpectedly, an enraged Devil rose. His eyes kept switching between so many colors, some I know the meaning of and some I don’t. My body froze.

“If I am that evil, I would have gladly erased Earth the second I got out, but no I didn’t so use your head. Sure thing Humans are smarter than Angels I have to admit that at least Yoongi didn’t run away from me or prayed for Angels to help him.”

His voice at the beginning was frightening, but eventually, it calmed down. However, his sarcasm was getting onto me.

How dare he insult the Angels?

In anger I yelled loudly at him, saying “You sinned which enraged GOD. You are a disgrace.”

“You are saying I am a disgrace! Yeah, I am so what! do you think I am afraid? Guess what! I can turn this place upside down in a matter of seconds if I want, but I’m not doing any of this. WHY! because it turns out that I’m not as evil as everyone is teaching you.”

In a split of a second, I released my white, light like wings “how dare you-”

I was about to continue, but a terrifying scene appeared in front of me.

The air suddenly became suffocating; I couldn’t breathe.

The human behind me fell to his knees unconscious, even the demon looked in some kind of pain standing beside Tae.

My eyes caught the-




5 times the size of mine.

His wings were filling the entire room. While my eyes were mesmerized and terrified at the same time, I caught a glimpse of my surroundings.

The backyard from across the window which was behind the Devil; the once-blooming flowers now wilted.

I could hear whimpers of some street animals from some distance.

I quickly looked back at the human behind me. He is withering as well.

Damn it! if Tae kept doing that, all the humans in this house will die.

“The Human will die you need to stop.”

However, my worried voice didn’t make him flinch, but his tone showed more anger “do you think I care about humans! do you think I won’t kill him!”

“I believe that if you wanted to kill him then you would’ve done that the day you came,” I paused as I quickly took a glance at the human worry, continuing “stop, please! he’ll die.”

I sat on my knees trying to heal him, but it’s not working. My healing was corrupted by the evil powers of the Devil.

I yelled, squeezing my eyes shut “STOP you are killing him.” I opened my eyes and caught the Demon, who was the closest to, continuing, “and you are hurting your friend as well.”

Tae immediately looked at kookie who looked somehow pale then quickly stopped. He lowered his body to kookie’s level and with a frown mixed with a worried expression, he said “shit! I’m sorry didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“You know it didn’t hurt,” kookie winked at Tae, who in response slapped his shoulders.

“You know that I know you are lying,” Tae said, making kookie giggle.

What is happening? He cares for a Demon! why?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard heavy breathing beside me, so I returned my focus to the Human.

“Hey!” I said, holding his head and placed it on my lap, continuing “You are going to be fine. I’ll heal you.”

I tried to heal him, but-

I’m weak. My powers of healing are limited.

His body and soul are both infected with the Devil’s devilish aura which is toxic for Humans.

I whispered to myself with saddened eyes, “I can’t heal him.”

Suddenly, I found myself being pushed by Tae, “step away! useless Angel.”

I got up then lowered my gaze.

I know.

He sat on the floor, crossed his legs then placed his hand on Yoongi’s forehead healing his body. Then he moved his hand to the human’s heart.

Is he cleansing Yoongi’s body?

“Now he’s good,” Tae said with a proud smile.

The human woke up, hissing as he held his head while slowly sitting up “what happened?”

Kookie rubbed his hair, replying “let’s say you had a little nap.”

Tae stood up and looked at both kookie and I, saying “I’ll go check on his parents and the area.”

Before Tae left the room, my words stopped him. “How are you a healer and a destroyer?” I said with my face glued to the floor.

It’s weird to ask this question. I know, but there are no records of him in heaven, and I-

“I’m a fallen Angel,” he said, making me raise my head and look at him in confusion.

An angel who heals, and fallen means that he did something forbidden, making him a destroyer too.

What should I do now?

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