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12- The Hunter


This feeling-

It’s him.

I felt the Devil’s presence for a whole minute then it disappeared. What happened? Did he hurt anyone already?

I quickly pinpointed his location then went there, but all that I saw were the wilted flowers.

I leaned down to hold the dead flowers, saying “it seems that you are hurt.” I smiled at them, continuing, “don’t worry you’ll be back in no time.”

I immediately gave life to the flowers, making them bloom once again as if nothing happened.

“Now now, we have a devil to hunt,” I said, brushing my hands against each other.

The moment I stood up, I saw him. He grinned at me, saying “oh Hoseok! Isn’t it?”

I have to admit I’ve never seen him in reality, and to be honest he looks normal, not scary to be more precise.

We the Angels were responsible for keeping him in the cage whereas the strong ones like me gave some of our powers to contain the cage; however, none of us was allowed to go in. I can say we were scared because of the rumours spread around Heaven.

“How did you know?” I asked.

The Devil raised an eyebrow to point to the house, saying “Your Angel friend told me earlier about you. He is inside by the way.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, asking “aren’t you afraid of me?”

He ignored my question and kept looking around while nodding in satisfaction “looks like you already took care of the flowers,” he gave me a cute smil- what! Cute?

“Sorry for the mess. I healed the humans a minute ago. Don’t worry no one is hurt,” he continued while scratching the back of his neck.

Is he fucking around with me?

“I think I clearly asked, aren’t you afraid of me?”

He sighed before saying, “You know who I am, right?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m hunting you.”

“If you know who I am then that means that you know how strong I am”

I smirked at him, saying “who said I came alone?”

He cursed as he saw other 10 angels appear behind me; they were following me since the start, but they hid their presence as I commanded.

“Either you come with us willingly or we take you forcefully,” my voice was as stern as possible, trying to show strength to make him obey, but he just rolled his eyes and looked around for a moment. Is he looking for someone?

“You didn’t bring Namjoon!” He sighed in disbelief.

Huh! Is he underestimating us? Or does he really think he can overpower us? Yes, I’ve heard and read a lot about his powers, but he was captured before, so!

“Namjoon is the only one close to stopping me and put sooo many underlines under the word CLOSE which means you are nothing, not even numbers can stop me,” He faked a smile and was about to say something when Jimin came to me.

“Hoseok! What is happening here?”

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at him and with a judging tone I asked, “why are you with the Devil? And why didn’t you report to me immediately?”

“I wanted to make sure of something first,” Jimin pouted in response, defending himself. Damn it! I hate it when he does that. Now I can’t do anything.


At the same time, I heard the Devil talking to the human, so I turned my focus to them.

“Oh, Yoongi! You okay?” said the devil with worry in his voice.

His eyes kept scanning the human, who rubbed his hair and give out a small smile, replying “Yeah kinda! Don’t do that again you scared me.”

“Ahh! So where did we stop?” the Devil pretended to think, making me roll my eyes “Oh I remember now! You wanted to capture me! Fine, go ahead.”

I frowned due to his mockery, saying “are you mocking me?”

“And it seems that you are trying to anger me. Jimin tried earlier, and things didn’t go well. Wanna try me, Angel?” He ended his words with a smirk which triggered me.

“You are a threat to humanity and to all living creatures that’s why your place is inside a cage in hell-”

The devil yelled in anger, cutting me off “you don’t know my name, you don’t know how I looked like before 5 minutes ago, you don’t even know what my powers are compared to yours. You don’t know what I did so why are you scared?” He paused, giving a sarcastic chuckle then continued, “You are just like a newborn child who’ve just come out into this world and wants to shine but ends up dead. You know nothing.”

“Tell me then what did you do? I admit no one in heaven knows. I bet even Namjoon himself doesn’t know as well, so may you enlighten us, mister Devil.”

“I won’t until you ask me the right question first.”

He gave me the I-don’t-care look then walked back inside the house. The Demon followed him inside as well, leaving the Human outside.

I sighed and rubbed my temples in frustration. Now what? What am I supposed to tell Namjoon now? Sorry, Namjoon I’m incompetent to bring back the Devil to where he belongs.

“I think that’s enough for today let’s think of a proper plan on what to do next,” Jimin said while holding my arm, but I totally ignored him.

Come to think of it, what is the right question?

“Human,” I called out for him, so he directed his attention to me. “Did he harm you?” I asked.

“It’s yoongi and no he didn’t harm me, also if he accidentally did, he immediately heals me, leaving no traces of pain behind.” He chuckled between his words, continuing “it’s funny that someone like him is the Devil.”

Huh! Did the devil brainwash him or something? Why is a Human on the Devil’s side? I watched the human as he walked away.

“We must capture him; it’s the rules,” I said as my eyes kept following the human figure.

“What if-” Jimin gulped, as I felt sudden hesitance in words. I turned to look at him, as he continued, “just what if the rules are really cruel? Shouldn’t we have minds of our own?”

I frowned, showing how displeased I am, “what are you trying to prove?”

As expected Jimin started to panic. I have no idea why he is so sensitive. Me scolding him is a way of teaching him, but he always thinks that I’m going to disregard him.

“Nothing I-I just,” he fiddled with his fingers and lowered his gaze as his voice faded away with each word he said, “wanted to help.”

“Are you seriously considering helping the Devil?” I asked in shock.

He quickly raised his head, moving his hands randomly in the air while saying, “No no I didn’t say that. I m-meant why don’t we g-give him a chance! Like make a deal with him,”

He said the last words excitedly Which made me widen my eyes to his proposal while slightly yelling at him, saying “A deal with the Devil! Are you out of your mind? It seems that we’ll have 2 fallen Angels soon.”

I eyed him with anger then dismissed all the angels present including Jimin. I looked at the Devil, Demon, and Human through the window, but the parents of the Human were talking with the Human.

“Stop playing around with the Devil you brat. Its 3 am, and you have work tomorrow,” said the woman with a stern voice.

Humans need to learn and obey their parents. They know what’s good for their children.

The human lowered his gaze, saying with a low obedient tone, “sorry I’ll go to sleep now.”

The demon glanced at me so I averted my gaze and left the place, going back to Heaven to meet with Namjoon in order to report back to him, but I’m not sure what exactly I was supposed to report back.

“I had news saying that you already found him,” Namjoon started.

“Yes sir I did.”

“But-” he paused before continuing, “I also had news that you didn’t capture him. Why is that?”

“He is stronger than me sir,” I admitted.

“Did he show you his powers?”


Before I could continue my words, he abruptly cut me off “then how come you are saying he is stronger than you!”

I bit my lower lip in shame, saying “he is on Earth hiding in a Human’s house and the Demon is with-”

But yet again he didn’t allow me to say what I was about to say and just shortened my words, saying after a heavy sigh, “I already know all that. I need a reason behind you not capturing him.”

I lowered my gaze. I seriously can’t look him in the eye after failing. “I’ll catch him next time; I already know where he is,” I replied.

“And how are you planning on catching him when you are ‘weaker’ than him.”

“I have a plan, so can I just ask for more time?”

I need to first know what the right question is then I need to know what he did wrong because we are forbidden to ask in Heaven about any related topics to the Devil’s past wrongdoings.

I’ll be my own judge.

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