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13- The Accident


Angels genuinely need to stop coming after me. I’m worried about the possibility that one day I’ll snap and eliminate them all in the process.

Jungkook and I decided to pursue Yoongi again to his school today, but this time he knew about our presence. Giggle. It’s much more entertaining than I thought.

Yoongi’s desk is at the back of the class which made it easier for us to distract him and make fun of those around him.

He sometimes breaks into laughter whenever Jungkook or I crack a joke, making him get scolded by the teacher. I don’t think I need to mention that no one can see either Kookie nor me.

Time passed until it was lunch time, so Yoongi took us to the rooftop. We sat, and as Yoongi was opening up his lunch book, he said while snickering “you guys are humorous. What was that before? You asked Tae to play dead so the angels might pity him and bury his body.”

I laughed as well, saying “yeah that didn’t make any sense at all. We thought of numerous ways for me to get away, but this was the funniest.”

“Stop both of you. How would I’ve known? I didn’t have even an inkling on how to support him, and I was still under the influence of my human mentality-” Jungkook whined but was cut off by Yoongi.

“Oh! Come to think about it. What made you go to hell? I mean what was your sins when you were still human?” Yoongi asked.

Jungkook scoured his hair in shame and answered, “I don’t remember.”

When a corrupted spirit goes to hell, it transforms into a soul and forgets everything related to its human life. After the soul undergoes a long term of torment, it mutates into a demon, and that’s what Jungkook is.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes, saying “huh! This doesn’t add up. Does this mean I won’t remember my sins when I die?” he feigned exacerbation, proceeding “That if I had any.”

How ironic! I grinned at him and stated, trying to frighten him a little “hiding us is enough of a sin Yoongi.”

Yoongi hollered out in confusion, “What? Am I destined to damnation?”

Jungkook playfully smacked Yoongi’s arm, making Yoongi hiss “welcome to the pack.”

Yoongi promptly dismissed Jungkook’s arm nauseate while yelling in reply, “fuck off, do I look glad to you?”

Both Jungkook and I giggled, watching the grimacing Yoongi. Humans are cute.

[After school]

Once again, Jungkook and I accompanied Yoongi to his workplace but with his notice.

“You sure you want us to leave!” I said.

He pushed us with so much force out of the restaurant, saying “leave, you’ll just be a source of distraction to me.”

I playfully smiled at him while replying, “You sure? I can make things go faster.”

Yoongi snarled as he hit my shoulder while gnawing his lip, saying “don’t tempt me,” he pointed at the door, proceeding “leave” then paused to glance at Jungkook, “Both of you.”

Jungkook brought his hand up tragically, answering “OK fine.”

An abrupt heave was heard from behind Yoongi, making the three of us take a gander at the source, as an old lady chuckled upon looking at both Jungkook and me, “You got over some friends. Come on in.”

Yoongi peered at both Jungkook and I then looked back at the old lady, saying “Actually they-”

I realize he is about to brush us off right now, but guess what! I’m in search of entertainment, so I leaned forward to reach Yoongi’s ears and murmured, “It appears that I’ll be staying here for longer.”

He cursed and whispered back, saying “you are so evil. I’m sure you did this intentionally.”

Yes, I certainly did remove the invisible line and without mentioning it Jungkook did the same. I giggled while strolling towards the woman, starting off “How is Yoongi getting along? Is he doing his job?”

She chuckled, responding “he is a decent kid don’t worry young man. Are you his friend?”

“No doubt! I’ll be sticking around him for some time.”

“You are so fortunate, having both a nice family and good friends,” she said while patted Yoongi’s shoulder.

Nice family?

“When you finish with your friends, come to the kitchen,” she smiled before leaving.

Yoongi rubbed his temples in disappointment, saying “both of you sit there.” He pointed to the furthest table but the nearest to the kitchen, continuing “and wait for me. That if you wanted to stay and kindly don’t make any problems.”

“Don’t worry, just go,” I said reassuring him.

After Yoongi left us, we went to sit where he guided us to, yet at the same time, one thing continued meandering in my mind. Nice family! How can she say that? Does Yoongi pretend like he has the ideal family outside his house? What’s the lie for? I don’t unde-

“What are you doing?”

Jungkook’s words snapped me out of my thoughts, making me look around and bit my lip as I thought of something to say, “you’ll know.”

Why don’t I feel comfortable telling him? I’ve never kept anything from him-hmm- yeah I admit there is one thing, but other than that I don’t keep things from him.

He sighed in disappointment, saying “I seriously am struggling to comprehend you, Tae.”

“Listen jungkook! What we do now, is to simply have a great time, and that is actually what we will do, so wait until we find our 1st victim,” I stated, endeavouring to persuade him that there is nothing that I’m keeping from him. For now at least.

“Oh, okay! That’s good,” He replied, but regardless I still felt the disappointment in his voice. Usually, when I say that, he gets excessively energized, but now I know he feels that there’s something wrong.

Sorry Kook, I would prefer not to trouble you by my narrow-minded contemplations.

We continued watching as some waiters come and go so I stopped one, asking “where is Yoongi? I didn’t see him leave the kitchen.”

“Hmm, Yoongi- oh! No, he doesn’t serve the orders. He is the delivery guy. There is a back door to the kitchen; he uses it to do his deliveries.”

“Ahhh okay- but when does he come back?” I asked again.

I watched the waiter as he looked at his watch while tilting his head in wonder, then looked back at me, replying “This is strange! he is late, he should’ve been here 10 minutes ago for the next delivery.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “I think it’s just the traffic or something like that.”

Somebody called for him so he pardoned himself and left.

“Do you wanna try human food?”

Jungkook stated, making me raise an eyebrow at him, replying “are you serious! No way it’s disgusting.” I paused eyeing him then asked in a dramatic tone, “did you try it?”


“How was it?”


Both of us laughed out loud, gaining some weird looks from people in the restaurant, so we tried to hold in the laugh.

10 minutes passed but suddenly we saw the old woman surging out to our table, I looked at Jungkook asking in worry, “what’s with her?” Receiving a shrug from him.

“It’s-its- Yoongi- he-” she was panting as if she ran a marathon to reach us.

“What’s with Yoongi?” I quickly stood up.

“He had an accident and went straight to the hospital.”

I asked about the location, and it took only a second for Jungkook and me to be there. Yoongi was laying on a bed with some things connected to his body. There was one specific tube that captured my attention which was attached to his arm. Is that blood in that sack?

“Sir? Sir? Only family members are allowed. Excuse-” The doctor’s voice snapped me out of my zoning.

“Yes?” I tried my best to be as calm as possible.

“Are you his family?” he inquired.

“Yeah! What happened to him?”

Jungkook, I can feel your fucking glare piercing through my back from behind me. I realize I lied about being his family, yet do I seem as though I have some other choice here?

“He got into an accident while he was driving the motorcycle. I guess he wasn’t feeling good, so he fainted causing an accident.” The doctor turned around and pointed at some other kid, continuing, “this young man there is a victim of the accident if he dies, your relative will diffidently go to jail for murder.”

Crap! what? Murder? He can’t even execute his own folks how on Earth is he going to kill another kid like him?

“Huh! What? So you are saying if that guy over there lived Yoongi won’t go to jail?”

The doctor nodded in reply, saying “yeah because this is an accident of carelessness. The kid was speeding up on a normal road, and I think the police.” He then raised his chin for me to look behind me to 3 men with uniforms, chatting together while proceeding, “over there they will help explain more.”

I looked at Jungkook then hurried outside the hospital, as Jungkook tailed behind me, saying “Yoongi will differently go to prison and looks like our fun time ends here. Do you even know who those people were back then?” He paused for a second as he ran to catch up with me, hollering in the process, “those were policemen Taehyung. The moment Yoongi gets out of that bed, they’ll arrest him.”

I stopped walking and turned to look at Jungkook angrily, replying “And who said I’ll let the guy die? I won’t let Yoongi’s life get any worse than it already is.”

Nothing makes any fucking sense. Where are you to protect your damn son? Where the hell are you when humans need you the most?

“Don’t try to cause problems with the Reapers Taehyung.”

“Do I look like someone who might get scared because of some Reapers, Jungkook? Don’t make me laugh please,” I snorted.

“Alright fine! Do as you wish,” Jungkook said in defeat, not having any desire to discuss any longer.

We both returned to where Yoongi was and saw something that made my, none existing, blood boil.

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

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