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15- The Deal


I opened my eyes as I saw no one there, even the guy whom I had an accident with left. I softly sighed and pulled the cover above my head in an attempt to hide underneath it.

This silence is something I really miss. If I died, would it always be like this? No parents to bother me. No orders. No going to work. No going to school. No getting scolded-


Come to think about it maybe Taehyung and Jungkook will be there too, so it won’t be lonely.

Suddenly, I felt some tears running down on my cheeks. I smiled as I tried to rub them off with my fingers. They should’ve disappeared by the first stroke, but it seems that they are endless. What’s wrong with me?

I feel the pain. My sick heart aching from all the beatings it took for ages. I don’t want to be all alone. I just want someone to tell me ′it’s all gonna be okay’. I wanna feel like I’m still alive, but I’m actually dead inside. Brain-damaged from all the lies. My heart beat’s racing and I know the reason why, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m powerless.

My silent sobs and sniffling were echoing in my ears, the only things which I could hear. I brought my hands to my face unable to hide all the tears. The hospital sheet underneath me felt wet from all the salt coming out of my eyes. I didn’t know someone can carry all those tears in himself.

“Are you okay?”

I suddenly stopped breathing the moment I heard the soft, yet deep voice which somehow calmed my heaving chest. I hiccupped twice or trice before slowly removing the covers and only showing my now red puffy eyes.

The devil was sitting on the chair beside my bed, looking at me confused. Tae reached out to touch my face, but I quickly pushed it away as I said, trying to reassure him “It’s nothing-” Sniffing “I’m just a little sad.”

“Why! Did someone hurt you when I was away?” His concerned voice made me hide again under the covers, feeling ashamed that I’m bothering the Devil, and for some reason, it scared me.

“No, It’s just- I’m feeling down that’s all- you kinda won’t understand,” I replied, shaking my head from under the cover.

“Huh! Why!?” He asked, sounding lost, but I didn’t answer him and sniffed for multiple times. “Come on speak up. Let me help you,” he continued as he persuaded me to talk.

I gave my face a final stroke with my hand to wipe off the remaining tears then I shuffled from under the covers and sat straight to talk properly to him.

“The thing is-” I bit my lips unsure of what to tell him, “I really- hmm- I mean.”

Taehyung gave out a heavy sigh before saying, “don’t make me wait for more than that Yoongi. Speak up already.”

I pouted and replied “I’m tired and sick of my parents. I want to ask y-”

Tae cut me off before asking for my favour, stating “I can’t kill them.”

You said that earlier, but it’s hard to deal with life. Things are getting worse by the day, and I don’t know how to coop with them anymore. “You can’t or you won’t,” I asked as I bit my bottom lip, trying to hold in the tears which were threatening to leave again.

“Yeah, it’s actually I won’t because this won’t work, and you shouldn’t run away.”


A long film of memories resonated in my head as I reminisced almost all the horrible details my parents did to me, especially my father, who was weirdly loving it.

My throat felt dry and anger built up in me as I said, “I’ve been living with them for 18 years, and you are saying running away.”

Running away! Those two words triggered me so much. If I was running away then why the hell am I suffering? Is my suffering something amusing to others?

I roughly removed the covers and got off the bed, making Tae stop me by holding my hand, saying, “hey? Yoongi! Where are you going?”

“Don’t fucking follow me,” I yelled as I yanked my hand away from his.

“Why would I even follow you stupid?” He yelled back.

I gritted my teeth, feeling pissed at him. Sometimes the devil can be really annoying. I can’t believe I want to befriend him.

I walked outside the hospital after quickly changing back into my casual clothes which were neatly placed on the nightstand beside my bed. It wasn’t a fancy hospital but the nurses were thoroughly doing their job.

I walked through the collider till I reached the hospital’s door determined on running away this time, but-

But I stopped in my track, remembering the last time I tried to run away. It was 4 years ago. I was starting to show signs of depression and one of my few friends whom I had was suffering from depression, but it was a whole different story.

His parents helped him out by making him go see a therapist, so one day he asked me to attend instead of him which I gladly did. He was a dear friend to me, and him asking me for a favour, made me happy.

When I went to the therapist and the session started, she kept talking and eventually, I told her everything about me. I guess she felt sorry for me, so she asked me to find another family member to live with. However, there was none, but I lied telling her that I will.

I didn’t go back to my house and ended up in the street for 2 whole days. I went to school normally in the morning but didn’t go home at night. This lead to my parents to file a missing person report to the police.

The police found me at school in the morning, and they reported to them, but the problem started when I saw my parents at school. They dragged me in front of the whole school after yelling the shout out of me.

At home was another story, the beating was unbearable. I had bruises all over my face and all over my side and back for a month-long. Next day, none of my few friends talked to me or even looked my way. At that moment I understood that I’ll always be a loner.

“A loner, huh! Congratulations to me,” I congratulated myself with an emotionless expression then gave out a miserable sigh.

“Why not let me help you?”

I quickly turned around to face the source of the sound. “You, from yesterday! Are you here to get the Devil again?” I questioned, ignoring his first words. It was the angels again. Is it weird not to feel safe around Angels?

I intentionally didn’t mention Taehyung’s name since he refrained me from saying it in front of anyone, not like I know why he said that.

“No, not really. I came here for you,” The Angel named Hoseok said.

For me? Is this going to turn out into a kidnapping process for the devil to surrender? Wait- what! Why am I thinking as if I’m his lover? That’s absurd.

“Oh! and what do you want from me?” I asked.

“I want you to help me, and in return, I’ll end your suffering.”

“I’m not interested in helping you, but I’ll just listen because I’m curious,” I crossed my arms as I waited for the offer which I’ll definitely refuse without hesitation.

“We’ll imprison him.”

I immediately frowned at his words and uncrossed my arms, replying “No way, I’ll help you do that.”

“We’ll make you his prison,” Another figure suddenly appeared, making me shiver in my place. Who the fuck is that?

“And who might you be? Another Angel!” I raised an eyebrow at the new being in front of me.

“Yeah! My name is Namjoon,” The Angel introduced himself.




Taehyung mentioned him yesterday.

“Does your silence mean you accept?” He questioned, snapping me out of my thoughts so I looked at him quickly.

“Yes! Ha no I mean no-” I rubbed my earlobe in discomfort, continuing with my words but more steady this time, “I actually don’t understand what you said to be honest.”

“Well, it appeared to us that he wants to stay with the humans so we’re giving him what he wants, but we’ll spice it a little by making him stay with you.”

I started to panic, but not because of being scared but out excitement, “does this mean he’ll stay with me all his life- I mean all my life.” I gave a sarcastic laugh in between, proceeding “since I’m human and my life span is shorter!”

“Yes,” Namjoon replied.

I won’t be alone, and I won’t be worried about him leaving me. This temptation is taking over me.

“Okay, I accept,” I answered.

After making the deal, I went back home and as I entered, I got scolded from both of my parents as I expected.

I actually just stood there, ignoring all their ranting and all their harsh words. I was just thinking of why didn’t I ask the angels to take both of my parents away, but then I remembered that the Devil himself didn’t accept so how will the Angels do!

I sighed then walked to my room after they had enough.

“You’re late human,” Jungkook stated.

I rolled my eyes and passed him by, saying “I know- if you don’t want to stick around then fuck off Demon.”

“I don’t like your attitude Yoongi,” Taehyung warned, making me scoff and walk to my bed to sleep because of exhaustion.

“I’m going to bed and don’t wake me up since I’m not going to school tomorrow.”

Tae scrunched his nose in disgust, saying “huh! When did I ever wake you?”

I ignored him and slipped under the covers saying my goodnight to them, and obviously, I wasn’t waiting for a response to it as I drifted to sleep in no time.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up the next morning with a bowl of water splashed on my face. I quickly sat up in shock as I slightly yelled, “What the hell?” I rubbed the water away from my eyes then opened them to see Taehyung grinning. “Didn’t I say don’t wake me up?” I questioned, making sure to show some anger in my voice.

“It was pretty tempting to do that. Actually your mot-”

I growled at him, cutting his words short “I know that my mother asked you to do that plus didn’t I tell you I’m not going-”

My eyes instantly caught a glimpse of my mother’s figure standing by the door with hands crossed and knotted eyebrows, saying “protesting again!”

“Yeah, I am! Got a problem?” I said while getting off the bed.

She furrowed at Taehyung while saying to me, “the Devil is teaching you it seems.”

“I assure you ma’am the Devil didn’t do anything, yet,” He sarcastically replied, making me roll my eyes and just walk past both of them, ignoring their bickering and going to the bathroom.

I looked up at the mirror above the sink then instantly smirked.

“Let the fun part begin.”

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