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16- The Plan

~Continuation of chapter 12~


“What’s your plan Hoseok?”

“How about we let the devil free and watch him?”

The moment Hoseok said those words, I furiously stood up and gradually walked towards Hoseok, saying “what you are saying is unacceptable. Are you working with the Devil now?”

He quickly lowered his head and clenched his fist, stating “I don’t dare.” He paused for a mere second before he lifted his gaze to meet mine, proceeding “but we can’t catch him now, so let’s think of another option. We- with the help of other angels can create a powerful spell which will make the devil get imprisoned on Earth. If Earth disappears, he’ll be tormented for eternity.”

“What you are suggesting Hoseok isn’t a normal spell,” I warned.

“I know- that’s why I’m asking for your help and all the 8 council heads, the Horsemen I mean, their powers are indescribable which will make things a bit easier,” Hoseok said with pleading eyes.

I sat down in my chair in the big hall, giving myself some time to think. Is it the right choice? He gave me the full authority, but this is out of my league.

I rubbed my temples out of exhaustion, saying “leave me for now. I’ll think about it. I’ll call for a meeting when I decide on something.” Consequently. Hoseok bowed then excused himself.

The main reason for the Devil to be imprisoned in Hell is to isolate him from the humans; officially making him unable to harm them by any way possible. However, now he is walking among them. He has the power to harm them, no he has the power to eliminate all those living on Earth without a second thought.

I sighed internally as my brain gears kept moving, trying to solve this hard problem. Should I really consider allowing him to live with them? Should I really trust that he won’t harm them?

If he angered God himself a long time ago, what am I supposed to do? But how about I let him live among them, and at the same time indirectly take his powers to prevent him from harming them?


I immediately called for a meeting. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes for everyone to assemble at the big meeting room. A big rectangular white marble table was placed in the middle, and 10 huge chairs were placed around the table; 4 on its right, 4 on its left and one on each center.

The Horsemen of Genesis were always seated on the right side. The Horsemen of Apocalypse were always seated on the left side, and I was always seated on one of the centred chairs, however, the other one was always empty. It wouldn’t have been vacant if the Devil didn’t have to sin.

I still question why God insisted on leaving that chair there even though there is no way for the Devil to ever occupy it.

We should’ve ruled together, but he chose another road. One which is full of only darkness.

I eyed the Horsemen as they entered one after the other and took their seats. Certainly, there were other Angels present as well like Jimin and Hoseok, however, none of them had a seat as they had to stand the whole meeting around the table but close to the walls, and they weren’t really allowed to interfere with the meeting.

I took my seat adjacent to Love’s as I saw him crossing his legs, saying “what makes you summon us here Namjoon?”

“You know I don’t have time for all these meetings you are making. This is the 3rd meeting this week already,” Pestilence spoke in mere arrogance with his back leaning against the chair.

I cleared my throat and ignored his annoying attitude, as usual, stating, “the Devil is loose on Earth so you all better team up with me to bring him down.”

“Last time I was here you asked me about the Spirit-” Death was about to continue his proclamation, but I interrupted him because I already knew more than he does, and it’s unnecessary for him to keep doing his search.

I looked at Death, directing my words to him in a cool tone, “this isn’t necessary because I already know where the Devil is hiding.”

He nodded but continued anyway after a slight gasp, “Oh! I was about to tell you that the Devil recovered the Spirit inside the body.”

Birth, who was sitting beside Love, gasped loudly, grabbing all of our attention, “what? The Devil can do something like that?”

“Unfortunately yeah he can, and he is not alone, a Demon is with him too,” I replied him followed by a sigh.

Famine snorted while saying with a bratty tone, “Last I checked, he was with a Human too.” He is smart and doesn’t let small details slide. I can say he is more like God when it comes to noticing things. I don’t know how he knows about the Human boy, but yup that’s Famine.

“Yeah, he is also a God’s son which I understand is a little bit out of hand,” I sighed and crossed my legs.

“What! But how!” Fortune was the confused person and with the least knowledge among us, but because he is lucky, he always seems to handle whatever situation he faces.

“I don’t know- something is surely messed up with that Human kid,” I exclaimed as I remembered the first time I ever told a human I was a real Angel. That human almost lost his mind, but thankfully I erased his memories. God got angry because of what I did, but guess what! God has a very big heart, so he forgave me.

I turned my focus towards Hoseok, who was standing at the end of the room so he came forward in order for the real meeting to start.

He cleared his throat and said, “my name is Hoseok as most of you already know. I was assigned to hunt the Devil down so after some time-”

“Cut the crap and go straight to the point.” I didn’t even need to see who said that. It was obvious War was the source. He is always impatient, and the most ruthless among the Angels. I won’t even be surprised if I heard that he helped Thanos in eliminating half of Earth.

Hoseok poked the inside of his cheek in irritation, explaining more now, “the plan is to cage the Devil on Earth. We need to make Earth his prison and not only that, the so-called human ‘God’s son’ will help us do it.”

“It looks like the Human was misjudged which is uncommon for you Namjoon,” Health raised an eyebrow at me as he said those words. His voice is calm, isn’t he the best one to keep his cool?

I sighed, replying him, “we are still in the process of speaking with the Human we didn’t tell him the plan yet, but we are sure he’ll accept-" I paused for a second as I looked at Hoseok then proceeded, “actually, he is sure the Human will accept.”

“The Human is attached to the Devil so much so this deal will make them more attached which means he’ll accept in no time,” Hoseok tried to explain.

The deepest of all our voices, belonging to War echoed in the room, “I don’t think I understood what you said, or better you need to be more explicit with this plan of yours.” His voice can easily make shivers run through everyone’s skin. I’m pretty sure everyone in this room gets the chills.

“Enlighten us,” Love’s soothing voice was now the source.

Hoseok finally recollected his scattered emotions and words as he said, “the plan is to make the Wynedis spell with the help of you all.”

Pestilence suddenly got up, slamming his hand on the table almost causing heaven-quake, “I don’t think I have a badge mentioning me being a witch.” War has aggression, but sure thing Pestilence is the one who lacks patience, and his loud voice is something I can’t even explain.

Hoseok was taken aback for a second, but said anyway “who said we need a witch? We just need to do some chanting we are Angels-”

“Do you think that your powers are enough to do something like the Wynedis? This spell will take 10 strong Angels, and all I can see now is only 9,” Pestilence spoke with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes in annoyance and impatience.

“I’ll take care of getting more Angels to be able to fill in that one spot.”

“Namjoon, do you understand that they won’t be able to survive it!” Death protested to my words.

I nodded in frustration as I looked at the marble table, saying “yeah I understand, that’s why some sacrifices are needed.”

Famine’s voice snapped my head to look at him as he said, “I know you have all the authority, but isn’t that a little bit extreme?”

“He trusts my judgments. Is that enough for you?” And by ‘he’ I mean God.

“Okay fine, so when do we start?” He replied in defeat.

“Now, I will go with Hoseok to the Human and speak with him. While in the meantime, I want each of you to prepare himself to have enough free time which is actually needed to be 4 to 5 days. During that time, we’ll be creating the spell so I have to say that I don’t care about your schedules just figure it out.” I didn’t spare them any time to speak as I looked at Hoseok, ordering, “let’s go, we have a human to meet on Earth.”

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