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17- The Right Question


After our conversation with the Human kid, both Namjoon and I went back to Heaven. We went to his office which was smaller in size compared to the meeting room but was actually relatively big to the other offices in Heaven.

A huge old fashioned glass desk was placed on the far end of the office with a relatively big chair behind it. Its frame was made out of gold with each of the Horsemen’s head carved on it but surely in small figure format.

“I’ll give you full responsibility to bring me 10 Angels who you see fit for this kind of spell.”

He spoke first, making me think before answering, “if I bring the strongest, they’ll die, and if I bring the weak, they’ll die too and to add to that, 10 of them won’t be enough. What should I do?”

Namjoon leant back into his seat probably waiting for me to say something more useful. Therefore, I said, “I can help with it so excluding me, I need to find 9 more. What do you think?”

I eyed him but instead, he sarcastically laughed, making something trigger in me. “That’s really funny Hoseok.” He paused going back to his serious posture, proceeding “go search for 10 Angels and don’t include yourself.”

I frowned as I crossed my arms in annoyance, stating “why? Do you think I’m not capable of doing the spell alongside you?”

Namjoon, on the other hand, rubbed his temples in frustration, saying in almost a yell “wasn’t I clear when I said the spell is hard. It will drain the 8 Horsemen, making them powerless for 4 to 5 days which will cause multiple disasters on Earth. I can’t let you die leaving all this workload to only me.”

Drain them? How powerful is the spell? I only know stories about it


Actually, no one saw it or even tried it. God made that spell for the Angels to use in cases of emergency and why 10 since there are only 9? Even if the 8 horsemen joined forces and accepted doing it while turning on Heaven and Earth, they won’t be able to use it. Only a disaster can make Heaven unite which is the reason behind this spell’s existence.

“I understand now,” I nodded as I excused myself then left to look for the 10 Angels.

Sure thing if I asked Jimin to be one of the 10 angels, he’ll immediately perish when the spell is activated. He is so weak, but what about Namjoon? What about the Devil?

If Namjoon’s strength is equal to a Horseman, does this mean he is not that powerful? How strong is the Devil though?

Ask me the right question first.

What’s that right question which will make me know what I want?

I decided to go to Earth and find the Devil whom I easily found lingering alone around Yoongi’s house. It was still night time on Earth, and Yoongi was probably asleep by now.

“What brings you here Angel?” He said the moment we made eye contact.

“I think you remember my name since I’m sure you have a pretty good memory,” I spoke as I walked towards him.

He smirked saying, “as if I care about remembering your name."

Come to think about it, doesn’t he have a name?

“I just came here to speak with you,” I cursed myself internally. As if that-

“I’m busy,” He shrugged me off, making me roll my eyes at his childish attitude while saying, “fine I’ll come later.”

However, unexpectedly he sighed and stopped me before leaving, saying “what is it?”

Shit, I can’t directly ask him, how powerful are you? That definitely sounds too blunt and suspicious.

“I just wanted to ask what your name is!” I asked instead, trying to be as less spectacular as possible.

“I don’t think you’ll even remember it so why ask about it?” He laughed sarcastically.

I raised my eyebrow in suspicion while asking, “why do you expect me to forget it?”

We both started to randomly walk with no specific destination as he began talking, “When God doomed me to hell he erased my name from all the memories of all Angels even Namjoon.”

He lowered his head when he said Namjoon’s name but then raised his head back up while smiling but looking in front of him and not at me, as he continued, “I know he doesn’t remember my name and you too Hoseok. You won’t remember my name the second I leave your sight.”

My eyes grew wider confusion showering me. But why? Why his name? Did God want all creatures to only remember him as the Devil and not with another name?

“Can I at least know your name when I’m being with you?” I asked glancing at him, but he looked away and with a low voice his uttered, “It’s Taehyung.”

I smiled as I repeated his name. “Tae- Hyung,” I said each syllabus separately.

He looked at me with a genuine smile plastered on his face. “Yeah, Tae. Kookie and Yoongi call me Tae.”

I stopped in my track and asked in confusion, “Oh! Do they not forget your name?”

However, he rubbed his hair while replying, “yeah- it takes power from me to make them remember; I can’t let them forget.”

“Wow! You can do that?” I gasped, making him throw a playful wink at me.

“I’m powerful,” he emphasized.


“Can I ask you how powerful are you?” I asked biting my lip since I wasn’t sure he’ll answer that or not. I know I should’ve thought about the right ques-

My thoughts were cut short by his sudden laugh, saying “since you asked the right question, I’ll answer that-”

But I didn’t let him continue as I broke out in confusion. “I what? When did I even-” I stopped as I realized it.

His name! Did he want someone to ask him what his name is?

Is it that simple?

He nodded, “yeah you did.”

He has pride in his name, and God took that away from him. I need to know more. I need to start doing things differently. I think Jimin was right.

“Good, then can you tell me?” I questioned waiting for him to answer my earlier question.

Tae placed his hand under his chin thinking, “with whom should I compare my powers too?”

“How about the Horsemen! You know who they are, right?” I quickly replied.

He chuckled as he rolled his eyes, saying “yeah sure. To be honest, I’m as strong as the whole 8 of them.”

I snorted at his attitude and shook my head a little in disbelief then started walking while muttering under my breath, “you are so arrogant.”

Why did I even think about asking him?

Tae followed me with wide strides as he tried to prove himself. “will you believe me when I say that God himself told me that?”

He suddenly giggled which made me slow my pace and look at him, waiting for him to proceed.

“I remembered something. When I was still an Angel, Namjoon and I were summoned for something. God created a spell-”

Shit! Is he talking about the Wynedis spell? Oh my God, I didn’t expect him to blurt out everything at once.

“He asked us to come up with a name, but Namjoon, as usual, let me do it since I was the youngest, and he didn’t like giving names so I came up with the name-” He thought for a second, “what was it- hmm- ah ah I remember the Wynedis spell.”

Yes he is definitely gonna blurt out everything, so I faked a reply “Oh wow! You know about that too! We the Angels only heard legends about it. We know it’s hard to do.” I pretended as if we aren’t about to curse him with it. Maybe for a moment, I felt pity towards him, but I abruptly brushed it off.

He chuckled as he said, “yeah! Namjoon and I were supposed to role Heaven together, so God made the spell as strong as both our powers combined. He didn’t want only 1 to give all the decisions.” His smiling face suddenly turned into a sigh then into a poker face, continuing “but looking at our situation now, it seems that this spell will never be used.”

But in confusion, I asked, “only the 2 of you? But how powerful is Namjoon?”

Taehyung thought for a second before saying, “2 or maybe 3 Horsemen. Yeah, he is weaker than me, but he is twice as smart as me-”

I suddenly stopped hearing what the devil was saying when I heard the number



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