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18- The Execution


3 days passed since I made the deal with the Angels. Now I’m standing in front of my bathroom’s mirror, seeing a note written from Hoseok.

Dear Human Yoongi,

This is Hoseok writing. Everything is prepared on Heaven’s end so you better be ready as well to do your part of the deal now. The plan is as follows:

1- There is a new tattoo shop which will open today in the evening at 1 pm, ask for this name “Beautiful Pain.”

2- Take the Devil there.

3- Convince him to have a matching tattoo with you.

The workers there aren’t Angels. We can’t let him suspect anything so I made sure to choose only Humans. They’ll make sure to choose the one we want. So your job is as follows; go to the shop with the Devil and get a tattoo, so simple.

Yours the Hunter,

I abruptly tore the paper into small pieces then flushed it in the toilet to make sure Taehyung won’t see it nor his friend.

Looks like I’ll skip school today.

I smiled at that thought as it’s been long since I last skipped school. However, I heard someone aggressively knocking the bathroom’s door. “Are you going to stay all day in the bathroom?” Mom yelled.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, saying “I’m done.” She eyed me as she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at me. I hope she doesn’t suspect anything.

“You better not be late.”

I nodded then walked past her to my room, changed then walked to school like usual with the company of both Taehyung and Jungkook. It’s been something common for them to tag along.

What’s fun about school though?

I internally rolled my eyes but got snapped back to reality when I saw Mr.Jin standing in front of me with knitted eyebrows as he said, “why are you zoning out in my class Yoongi? Do you wanna fail? I was clear when I mentioned that today’s class is important for the upcoming exam.”

“Yeah yeah sorry about that.” I rubbed the nape of my neck in embarrassment.

“Okay fine focus,” Jin said.

The moment Jin turned his back to continue writing the problem on the board, students started whispering as someone said in annoyed toned too clear for me to notice, “the only one who doesn’t get detention. It’s not fair.”

Jin turned to look at the whining student, saying, “shut up before I give you detention.” Some students laughed as that one shrank in his seat uttering a sorry.

I smiled as I saw the teacher going back to his teaching spot and continued his lesson.

“You’ve been zoning out a lot lately Yoongi. Are you okay?” Tae spoke from behind me with his body leaning a little forward towards mine.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine,” I whispered back.

-Time Skip-

When it was break time, I held Taehyung’s hand and pulled him out of the school. “Hey hey, what are you doing?” He complained.

“Skipping school as you can see,” I said as I kept pulling him and without sparing him a glance.

On the other hand, Jungkook was jumping out of excitement in front of us while happily saying, “finally you decided to skip school. Oh, my demon’s soul! It was so boring.”

I rolled my eyes at him as a small chuckle left my mouth while sarcastically saying, “do Demons even have a Soul?”

“Demons only have Souls,” Jungkook replied. I made an O sound in response as if I understood, but I’ll let it slide since I need to focus on one thing.

Taehyung removed his hand from mine, questioning “Where to?”

I shrugged pretending like I’m an innocent human being who is not doing any deals with Angels. Oh gosh, if only he could read minds, it would’ve been the end of me.

“Don’t know. How about we just walk around?” I replied.

Tae hummed while uttering, “I don’t mind.” Also, Jungkook accepted so we walked for a bit.

We took some creepy pictures with my cellphone then I bought some cotton candy and sat on a bench in a nearby park.

Taehyung took a bite as I watched him, but he the moment the candy touched his tongue, he threw it up, saying while scrunching his nose in disgust “this is disgusting.”

I laughed so hard at him. “Your facial expression is hilarious; it looks like someone spat on your face.”

“It’s so disgusting, how do you eat that?”

I giggled and took a bite before asking, “what do you eat?” I looked over at Jungkook as well who didn’t even care to order the candy. “And you too?”

“I don’t eat.”

“Me too.”

They both replied respectively, making a sigh escape my mouth while mumbling, “you are both hopeless.”

After I finished the cotton candy, the three of us got up and passed the street when my eyes caught it finally, so I started the act. “Oh! Look over there,” I pointed towards the tattoo shop.

I walked towards the shop then stood in front of it to read the big signboard. “It says here that today is their opening day so all today’s customers will have free tattoos.”

I suddenly jumped in excitement while pulling them both towards the shop, continuing “this is awesome come with me it’s even for free.” I pushed both of them inside the shop then looked at the counter lady.

Sure thing my parents will kill me for having a tattoo but who cares when Heaven itself asked me to do it. Can’t say no to that, can I?

I placed my hand on the counter as I talked to the lady, “hey! May I ask, are all tattoos free for today like the banner outside says?”

She nodded in response as I felt Taehyung pinch my side, whispering “what does even tattoo mean?”

“Something permanent that stays on the skin. Want to try with me?” I replied to him.

His face suddenly lit up, saying “Oh! That’s interesting.”

Yeah please say yes.

“I already have one.” Jungkook rubbed his philtrum with his index finger proudly which actually surprised me.

How ironic! A Demon has a tattoo.

Jungkook took off his jacket then showed off his arm. A beautiful but scary tattoo was drawn on his tri up to his bi then up towards his shoulder; not all of it was shown because the shirt was blocking it. I don’t even want to know what the tattoo really looks like. Not planning on having more nightmares today.

However, Taehyung suddenly slammed his hand on the counter table while saying with a knitted eyebrow, “I need a tattoo right now.”

I giggled at his cute attitude then looked at the lady, saying “I want one too.” I internally bit my lip as I looked over at Tae while praying that he’ll accept. “How about we have a matching one?” I directly asked.

How awesome! Now that was blunt as fuck-

“Whatever that is give it to me too,” he said with serious tone and gaze which were directed at the lady.

Wow! That was unexpected.

I turned around the moment I heard Jungkook laughing as he said, “he is really feeling jealous of me.” I chuckled at that. He is like a child. How is he the fucking Devil? Something I’ll seize to understand.

It took 30 minutes for everything to be prepared. Now both Taehyung and I were sitting in a room each on a chair with a man holding a Tattoo gun.

Oh my God! It’s scary. Why did I sign up for this?

“I’ll start working on your tattoo. Can you please take off your shirt and lay on your stomach?” The man who was in charge of doing my Tattoo said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I hesitantly removed my shirt then laid flat on the chair after the man-made sure to switch its position to the sleeping posture. Taehyung was shirtless as well but was sitting on the chair.

I decided to have it around my scapular region which is on the back of my right shoulder. Taehyung, on the other hand, chose to have it on his chest near his right shoulder. We looked like a coin Tae as the head and me as the tail.

This is nerve-wracking, grrr.

The tattoo took 2 hours to be completed. I was actually unable to move due to the pain, but suddenly, when the man who was in charge of Tae’s tattoo finished, he quickly restrained Taehyung on the chair with cuffs.

However, Taehyung calmly eyed the man who was now standing far away from Tae. “What are you doing?” Tae said demandingly.

The man’s body shivered, something I felt when he almost stumbled when he was about to open the door to leave the room.

“I’m sorry. I was ordered. Please spare me.” He ran away with all the people in the shop, and something abnormal started to happen; unfamiliar people came in the shop.

“Horsemen,” Jungkook stated with a frown on his face while standing at a fair distance from Taehyung.

I casually sat up then pulled on my shirt as I walked to stand in front of Hoseok, asking, “is it all set now?′

“Not yet,” he firmly said.

Angels formed a circle around Taehyung, who rolled his eyes while saying when he spotted Namjoon, “are you serious Namjoon? What’s your trick now?”

Namjoon ignored Taehyung then started to chant something. I kept watching as the Angels kept enchanting an unfamiliar language. Jungkook now stood beside me, asking “What did you do?”

“I did something that will make me and Taehyung inseparable,” I replied in a cool tone.

Taehyung’s head suddenly snapped at me with his eyes wide open. His mouth twitched for a second which scared me. “You- You helped them.” He looked back and forth at me and the Angels with disappointment.

I fidgeted with my fingers unable to respond, but he continued, “I’ve helped you countless times. I’ve rescued you when you were abused by your father. I’ve healed you when you were withering. I’ve exchanged your nightmares with beautiful dreams. I’ve saved you from your loneliness yet- yet you took advantage of that and allowed them to curse me.”

I couldn’t talk. I can’t talk. I can’t defend myself. He only helped me. He did so much for me, but- “but it won’t harm you since you already said you want to stay on Earth. This will just make you stay with me-” I wasn’t convinced by my own words, so how can it convince him then?

Taehyung averted his gaze from me and looked at Namjoon, burning holes into his body with his mere gaze. I understand his anger, but I was the cause of it. I was the one who agreed-

Suddenly, Taehyung broke the cuffs and stood up from the chair which snapped me out of my thoughts, making me look up at him. However, I heard a thud sound, so I quickly looked at the Angels as I saw one of them on the floor.

1 Angel fell down.

I gulped loudly feeling a knot in my throat as I looked back and forth from Taehyung to the Angels. Taehyung stepped 1 more step towards me, but that made another Angel fall down.

I yelled loudly while shutting my eyes and clench my fist, “stop Taehyung, let them finish it. Don’t hurt them more than that.” As I finished, I looked up at him, but his eyes were now glowing.

The Devil is angry.

“You betrayed me Yoongi.”

The Devil is pissed.

“I’m sorry I had to,” I yelled again with eyes shut. Tae stepped one more step so another Angel fell down. I guessed as I heard another thud.

The Devil is mad.

“STOP,” I shouted at the top of my lungs and looked up at him, but I wave of asham hit me like a thunderstorm. My breath hitched, words couldn’t come out.

I never understood him. I never realized that even the Devil can feel pain. I saw them-

His tears.

The Devil is sad.

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