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2- The Human


Why the hell did I stutter when he asked me what am I? Why did I even lie in the first place? He is just a mere human, damn it!

“Hey, you human. How much longer ’till we reach your place?” I asked with a bratty attitude.

“First, I have a name which is Yoongi. Second, it’s over there,” the human pointed to a building that looked close.

Where is this strong aura coming from? I hope this isn’t a trap made by either God or Namjoon to put me back there.

“Yah, Yoongi! Are your parents God’s sons?” I asked again.

He rolled his eyes and scoffed before answering, “You asked the same question earlier, and I said I don’t know what you mean by that.”

How rude! He is seriously stupid and annoying. We walked till we reached the human’s house. He looked at me then placed his finger on his lips shushing me-

What the hell is wrong with his attitude?

I sighed internally then followed him, and let me guess this isn’t the door. this is-


Why does someone need to sneak into his house like this?

“This is my room please don’t make a sound until I figure out what to tell my parents, and to be honest you need a haircut.”

A hair what!

I’ve never cut my hair. No way.

“It’s more than 1 meter long. Do all Angels keep their hair this long? And this red color, it’s not human-like at all. People will freak out, but to tell the truth, I like that color so keep it but not the long hair,” he continued, trying to explain to me how important a haircut is, but I didn’t buy that.

“No way I’ll let you touch my hair,” I protested.

He let out a snort, saying, “Who told you I’ll give you a haircut? You do it yourself.”

OKAY! I’ve had enough of that disrespectful attitude of his.

“Listen there Human! If you think that by any circumstances I’ll cut my hair, then you are wrong. Why would I even do that for?”

However, my threatening words didn’t change his facial expressions but made him point to the window, the same one we came through earlier, and say, “Then leave. I won’t allow you to stay here looking like a Devil.”

My eyes widened upon hearing that. Did he notice that I lied? Was it my wings? but-

“I know it’s an insult to call an Angel, a Devil, so you better follow what I say; I know the humans more than you. I’ll go find a scissor to cut your hair wait here,” he smirked

I sighed internally in relief, but at the same time, I got really triggered by his unbearable attitude.

Damn that Human! I want to squeeze his neck so bad. Then detach his head from his body and play football with it along with Kookie. Oh! Why didn’t he come with me though? Really, this Demon is unpredictable.

My thoughts were cut off by Yoongi’s voice, “Take.” He threw something at me that apparently looked like scissors to me. “Use this. You can have it this long if you want,” he continued as he pointed to his shoulders level.

I rolled my eyes at him while sarcastically saying, “How generous of you!”

He walked towards me and placed something on the floor where I was standing. “Here,” and that’s a mirror, I guess.

“Use this and don’t make a mess; my mother will scold me if she finds female hair in my room,” he continued pissing me off.

Agrhh! How dare he?

I was too close to send him straight to Hell, but I had no option other than to grit my teeth to release my frustration. “You know I have the power to transform you into an insect right now then squeeze you till you die, so you better watch your words boy,” I faked a smile at him.

He made a disgusted sound and scrunched up his nose showing it. “That’s disgusting, and for the record, I know that Angels don’t kill Humans,” his words were coated by sticking his damn tongue out at me.

I ignored him and decided to sit in front of the mirror crossing my legs then I placed all my hair to one side and when I was about to cut it the sound of a gasp stopped me.

“Oh my God, your ears!”

I looked up at him, seeing his reflection in the mirror in front me, “Yeah! What about it?”

“It’s pointy!? Not human-like at all you know.”

I raised an eyebrow at him still not getting the point, “Yeah so? You want me to cut them too.”

“Make sure to hide it with your hair.”

That fucker is giving me way too many orders.

I held the scissors tightly trying to suppress my anger which led me to only force a smile on my face, “Yeah sure don’t worry.”

I want to throw the scissors right through his eyes, but that won’t be enough to satisfy me though.

“Good. Make sure not to bother me; I need to sleep it’s 2 am.”

I smirked at him while internally laughing. Enjoy your nightmares. I’ll make sure to give you painful ones.

I watched him through the mirror as he laid his body on the bed and pulled the covers over him. Soon after, I returned my focus on trimming my hair. At first, I cut it all in one go as it now reached my chest, then from there, I started to cut little by little till it reached my shoulders level. I looked at the mirror to make sure it’s all at the same level.

However, something caught my attention; I could see motion under the covers, and I heard heavy breathing which made me place the scissors on the floor, stand up and walk towards the bed, but when I removed the covers, I saw Yoongi sweating, and it felt like he was in pain.

“Wow! I swear that isn’t me. I didn’t even think of what kind of a nightmare to give you.” I backed away for a second but came back towards him, curious to look inside the boy, so I placed my hand on his head to have a look at his fears.

-Inside Yoongi’s head-

Interesting this looks like his house, and this- hmm- Who is this man?

“Dad please stop,” A child who looked like a younger version of Yoongi, said.

“You useless piece of shit. boys your age work their asses off to help their parents, but you are just here whining like a child,” The unfamiliar man, who was called ‘dad’ by the little child, started spitting hurtful words and his fist collided with the little figure.

What the hell is this scene? What am I even witnessing?

I eyed the corner of the room as I saw another figure, a woman, is she his mother? Her hands were crossed on her chest, watching her son being beaten up not interfering just watching.

“You will start going to work with me from tomorrow,” The man said while throwing kicks at the young boy every now and then, “useless thing.”

After the man had enough, he walked out of the room along with his wife and closed the door. I took another look at the place, and I recognized that it’s this room, the one we are already in.

I heard sniffing, it was the little Yoongi crying. He rubbed his eyes then hissed in pain when he accidentally moved his hand on a bruise. He stood up then walked towards a mirror and stared at it for a second, making me wonder.

“I wish to meet the Devil and give away my parents to him,” He said with eyes full of hate which caught me off guard.

My eyes widened then I removed my hand from his head, releasing myself from his nightmare.

“What in my name happened? Did he just wish to meet me and not meet an Angel to save him?”

Is he insane?

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