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20- The New Student


“My name is Taehyung. I’ll join this school starting today.”

“My name is Jungkook, and I’ll also be joining this school starting today,” he lazily said unlike me with a wide smile on my face, but it quickly turned into a grin when I caught a glimpse of Yoongi facepalming. I shrugged at him, making the what-did-I-do-wrong? Face. I didn’t mention that I was the Devil, and I also didn’t mention that I’m cursed, so!

“Both of you can go choose a seat,” Jin gestured us. Surely I know his name by now since I’ve been sticking around Yoongi’s school a lot lately.

Anyway, I walked past the already seated students with Jungkook trailing behind me till I was standing in front of the guy sitting beside Yoongi.

“Hey, you kid! Get up. I want to sit here.” For a split of a second, I made eye contact with Yoongi, who glared at me so I glared back at him.

What does this glare even suppose to mean?

I heard a faint snort escape the kid’s mouth, making me look back at him as he said in annoyance, “but there are other empty seats.” He pointed with his finger to 2 separate chairs on the far side of the classroom.

I looked back at him and while raising an eyebrow, I said, “I want to sit beside Yoongi got a problem?”

Suddenly, something in me ticked when I saw the disgusted look that kid threw at Yoongi before saying, “is the redhead your boyfriend?”

He chuckled, but it was shortened when I held his collar in a span of a second while grinning widely at him, showing a smirk “Yeah, so still not gonna piss off?” I arched a questioning eyebrow at him.

Yoongi abruptly stood up and slammed my back without warning, making me retract my grip from the kid. “No! Taehyung isn’t my boyfriend.” Those words were directed at the kid then he looked at me warningly saying, “don’t start spreading rumours.”

Oh! Looks like I’ll have fun teasing him. Now I can get back at him-

Out of nowhere, I heard a loud yell from behind me which belonged to Jin. “Kim Taehyung, be seated before you get detention.”

I rolled my eyes still my back facing him and eyed the kid who huffed in annoyance and took his things along with the person siding beside him, occupying the other 2 seats.

When everyone was finally seated, Jin sighed as he started, “Last class I taught you how to get the slope of a straight line now we’ll work on more complicated lines. Like curves and-”

Oh, curves! I don’t remember that topic in last time’s class. However, I grinned at the thought then I gave a glance at Jungkook who licked his lips while his eyes were fixed on Jin, who hollered the moment his eyes caught Jungkook. “Jeon Jungkook get up.”

Both Jungkook and I looked confused at each other, and so he stood up, feeling tense because of Jin’s loud voice.

“What!” Kookie said in confusion.

Jin turned to the board and pointed with the board pen on a part, saying, “tell me how to get the slope of a curve?”

I glanced at Jungkook with my head resting on my hand. He licked his lips again but looking hungrily at Jin this time, making me take another glance at Jin. He sure is a hot man. I internally giggled thinking something dirty, starring both Jin and Jungkook.

“I don’t know how to get a slope, but” Jungkook paused as his eyes ran all over Jin’s body, continuing “I know how to get those curves though. Wanna bet?”

Jin widened his eyes then walked slowly not removing his intense gaze from Jungkook’s when he suddenly slapped Jungkook across the face, leaving Jungkook's cheek to turn red.

Kookie made direct eye contact with me due to the harsh slap as I saw his widened eyes. For a moment there, I got triggered by that sudden action Jin made so I bit my lower lip to hold myself back from lashing out.

However, Jungkook's shocked expression was instantly turned into a small sarcastic laugh, letting everyone in the class to snap their head at him.

“This little pain is good, but do you know what’s gonna feel better?” He said.

Jungkook you shouldn’t be doing that here in class.

He leaned towards Jin’s ears, whispering, but enough for me to only hear, “the feeling of me-”

I almost chuckled loudly after hearing Jungkook’s perverted remark. Sure thing Jin didn’t give him the satisfaction to continue his statement as he quickly left the classroom with a flushed face.

I stood up, placing my hand on the already standing Jungkook’s shoulder. “What a perfect low profile my friend! Didn’t I say you can’t do that here?”

Kookie shrugged, replying “he’s hot though. Can’t help it sorry.”

I sighed then hit his head lightly, saying “go apologize before something bad happens.”


“For your stupidity dumbass.” I give him a quick slap on the butt. He made an O shape with his mouth then was about to go after the teacher, but I held his arm, making him look at me. “Not gonna let you go like that, wait,” I said and placed my palm on his cheek to remove the red marks, and Jungkook left the classroom after.

As I was about to sit back in my seat, I heard someone whisper to himself, “perverts.”

Therefore, I looked at the kid, asking in a threatening tone “what did you say?”

The male student stood up, and while placing his hand in his pocket, he repeated, “I said P.E.R.V.E.R.T.S.” He smirked as he took a glimpse of my fist. “Wanna try to beat me up now?” He asked in a carefree manner.

“I’ll gladly do that,” I stated with a delightful smile. However, I felt Yoongi stand up and pass by me so I held his wrist roughly to stop him, inquiring “where are you going?”

Yoongi calmly looked at his wrist then back at me, saying “let go.”

“What if I don’t?” I kept my grip, and that’s when the bickering began.

“I’ll be far away from you.”

“You know I can just teleport in front of your beautiful orbs,” I guiltily licked my lips.

“I’ll make sure there is a mountain between both of us so you won’t reach me.”

I teasingly answered, “Oh baby! You know I can blow it away with one finger flick.”

“How about I kill myself?” He raised a serious eyebrow at me.

I took a bold step towards him, proceeding with the bickering, “I’ll resurrect you and have you all to myself.”

A loud clap echoed in the place in an attempt to snatch our attention. “Okay enough, we know you are couples and everything but please get a room."

A female student popped out of nowhere and while whining, she said, “hey let us watch. It’s entertaining watching boy x boy romance.”

I caressed Yoongi’s cheeks to annoy him while not forgetting to say, “shall we entertain her, my love!”

He pushed me, scrunching his nose in utter disgust while saying, “shall you fuck off!”

I laughed at his annoyed expressions. It’s kinda amusing, to be honest. Why not have fun while I can?

Yoongi left the class leaving my cells to burn a little due to the big difference between us. I hissed feeling the pain growing.

“Sorry next time, he isn’t in the mood. I’ll make sure to send you a video or two,” I said as I winked at the female student then ran outside the classroom as I heard the giggles echoing through the hallway.

Yoongi was out of sight, and my body was still feeling pain all over especially from around the tattoo area. “The fucking rooftop,” I guessed.

I remembered Yoongi’s love for the rooftop so I teleported there instead of using the stairs. Why use them when I can just use my powers?

“Hey!” I said as I laid my body besides his, resting my head on my arm behind me while looking at the sky like Yoongi, but I quickly closed my eyes almost cursing, “the sun is burning my eyes, damn it!”

He snorted and said, “How bad!” He paused as I felt the sarcasm in his voice then continued with the same tone, “aren’t those supposed to be your cells burning due to being away from me? Don't blame it on the sun.”

“As cute as always,” I faked a smile with my eyes shut.

“And you are as annoying as always.”

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