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21- The Symptoms


I increased my pace as I saw Jin almost disappearing from my sight so I yelled, “Hey, Jin! Come back here.”

He halted all of a sudden, sighed then turned slowly to face me. I could clearly see the anger in his eyes, but at the same time, I couldn’t keep my eyes from his beautiful uncommon light pink hair. I wanted to run my fingers through it so bad; it seemed so fluffy.

He crossed his arms, saying “what are you?”

I suddenly stiffened. Does he know? How did he suspect that? Jungkook act like a Human, yes smile and say, “what do you mean by what am I?”

Jin sighed then uncrossed his arms, explaining “you are a student, and I am a teacher. There is a huge age difference between us, and there are rules in this school. You can’t go around flirting with your teachers and above all that you can’t verbally harass him or her.”

“Hmm,” I thought for a moment while rubbing my chin with my fingers, proceeding with my inquiries “so I can’t imagine you in bed with me.”

He bit his lower plump lip, making me stare at it for a second or two. “You 100% can’t. act more like a student,” he ordered me then walked away, I guess to go to his office.

I walked back to class, but I couldn’t find either Taehyung or Yoongi, so I went to check the rooftop, and as I suspected, they were there. Both of them were laying their backs on the floor with their head resting on their palms.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked.

“Nothing! just laying down,” Tae replied and patted the space beside him for me, saying “come lay with us.”

I walked towards Taehyung and imitated their postures.

“Did you talk to Mr.Jin?” Yoongi asked but not looking at me, so I replied, “yeah I did, but he seemed like he didn’t like me.”

I earned a snort from him. “Nobody likes you anyway,” he said sarcastically.

However, Tae hit Yoongi’s arm while blurting out, “Yah! I like him who said nobody likes him.”

I internally smiled and felt happy at the same time, knowing that he thinks of me dearly. Yeah, I doubt it from time to time, but he always reminds me how close we are. After all, we’ve been together in Hell for God knows how long.

Yoongi stood up and rubbed the dust off his pants, rumbling “good, which means you need to stop whatever you are doing before things spread throughout the school.”

He remarked to Taehyung, who grinned, stating “what will happen if it did?”

“I’ll be in trouble,” Yoongi answered in an obvious tone and left the rooftop which made Taehyung give out a drunken laugh.

He is probably thinking of something evil, and I love evil deeds. It took seconds before Yoongi left the rooftop for only Taehyung and me. “What were you thinking about?” I asked.

“Remember when I told you to find our prey for our amusement session?”

I nodded in response, saying “yeah sure what is it! did you find someone?” I curiously waited for his answer.

“Yeah! and it’s not anyone other than the great Min Yoongi. Let’s make his high school year unforgettable.”

You mean unbearable. I like the idea. Why! because it’s pure evil, and I love evil.


We both decided to get up and go back to the classroom as we heard the bell ringing indicating the end of Jin’s class which he ditched because of me. I guess!

We walked through the hallway, hearing some gossips here and there about Yoongi and Taehyung.

“Seems like the plan has already started students are already talking,” I stated.

Tae eyed the students in an abnormal manner, uttering “yeah I can see that.”

I don’t feel glad seeing this behaviour of his. I know what this look means. He is pissed.

He opened the classroom door, seeing 3 male students surrounding Yoongi’s desk, spitting words at him.

“Now we know why you get beaten up at home,” One student said.

“I actually pitted you, but you don’t deserve the pity anymore. Parents are never wrong to judge their children,” another one said.

Taehyung sighed then increased his pace, reaching Yoongi before me and turned the second student to face him, warningly saying “who gave you the permission to talk to yoongi like that?” his gaze turned to Yoongi, continuing “and why aren’t you firing back at him!”

“What do you want me to say! it’s your fault anyway,” Yoongi replied with no concern, but my point of view suddenly changed when I saw the look Yoongi held towards Taehyung.

He wasn’t happy and his eyes didn’t look accepting at all. He wanted Tae to feel guilty, but I know Tae, he’ll never feel this type of emotion.

Why am I overthinking all of a sudden?

The third kid snorted at Tae which I have to admit is really brave of him to do. “Both of you are disgusting, a disgrace to men.”

“Oh, and do you consider yourself as one!” Tae roasted him, making a chuckle escape my mouth.

That student knitted his eyebrow in anger, saying “how dare you, insult me like that!” With that the kid suddenly threw a punch at Taehyung’s face, making a trace of red liquid visible on the corner of his lips. Tae raised his hand to touch the blood then looked at it confused.

That kid will be dead in a second I can feel that-

“You okay?” Yoongi stood up and placed his hand on Taehyung’s face worriedly, but suddenly Taehyung’s eyes turned crimson red.

I widened my eyes in shock.

Why here of all places? His eyes turn to that color only when he feels lustful but-

“TAEHYUNG,” I yelled out his name in an attempt to look at me, but Yoongi was the one who faced me, shocked at the sudden outburst.

I glanced at Taehyung then I realized that his eyes went back to normal brown the second Yoongi took some steps away from him.

What the hell just happened! If any of the students saw that, our disguise will be busted, not to mention the disaster which will follow.

I walked towards Taehyung then pulled his hand outside the classroom. “What was that back then!” I whispered while slightly yelling.

Tae rubbed his head and looked at the floor, avoiding my eye contact which I understand. “I don’t know. I suddenly felt like I wanna jump on Yoongi and explore every inch of him.”

“What! That’s not good. Keep your distance from him until we figure out what happened. Maybe it was just this time and nothing special,” I tried to reassure him, but both of us know, everything happens for a reason.

He bit his lip, replying “I hope so.”

Huh! What did he feel and what triggered it!

A few minutes later the next teacher came to class, and she started to lecture us on some things that I don’t quite understand.

I kept looking at Taehyung every now and then just to make sure that he is in his own mind. I’m not planning on involving myself in solving any kinds of disasters even if it included Taehyung.

Everything went smoothly until we reached Yoongi’s house; Hoseok and Jimin were standing there talking to Yoongi’s father.

“Oh hello there Devil,” Hoseok faked a smile at Tae, who gave him the same fake smile in return, saying back ” hello there, Angel.”

“How was your first day at school?” The Angel smirked.

However, Yoongi was the one who answered after giving out a sigh, saying “a disaster.”

“Nice! looks like the Devil went through the symptoms already,” Hoseok said feeling a little proud as I sensed it in his tone.

“What symptoms?” I curiously inquired.

“The curse! maybe?” He shrugged.

Taehyung took some steps towards hoseok, looking at him angrily.“What did Namjoon add to the curse Hoseok?” He asked.

“The tattoo shop told me that both you and Yoongi placed the tattoo on opposite sides of your hearts. Since this curse is for Taehyung, he’ll feel lust towards Yoongi. However,” He paused as he looked at Yoongi, proceeding “I just asked your father about your sexuality which he clearly confirmed as straight-”

Tae cut him off while yelling, “What the hell does that mean?”

“Tae! it means that you’ll have sexual desires towards Yoongi if you didn’t keep your distance from him, and you’ll also feel pain if you kept your distance from him,” Jimin elaborated.

After Jimin explained it, I realized that this is really messed up. How will Tae cope with that stupid curse?


Dear Aliens,

To those underage readers, I’m warning you. I think I’m giving you enough time to warn you that this story is mature. yeah, no smut but the references are equal to smut.

And yeah there are some Taegi moments ahead

But Yoongi is straight-

Yours Authornim ;)

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