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22- The Hint



how does he remember my name?

I looked at Jimin in disbelief, asking “my name! how do you know my name?”

However, he sighed, answering “I told you before. Yoongi told me.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Taehyung did you by any chance-” I didn’t give Jungkook time to state his assumptions, saying “no I didn’t.”

I didn’t use my powers on him. Why the hell would I even do that for?

I grabbed his hand and walked towards Yoongi’s room, but I started to feel the stinging pain so I gave out a groan while yelling, “Yoongi, come join us.” As I whispered to myself, "the bloody Wynedis."

Yoongi quickly came into the room with both Jimin and me as I started, “now talk.” I crossed my arms above my chest, waiting for a good explanation. “How do you remember my name?”

“I have a good memory,” Was his answer which is 0% convincing. I have a good memory, what’s special about that!

“That doesn’t make sense. God made sure to erase my name from Heaven and from all living creatures including Angels, Demons, Humans, animals, and anything that breathes. What are you a statue?” I sarcastically said.

He huffed, saying again “I said I have a good memory.”

Okay, so he is the dumb Angel in Heaven. I get it now, but why does a dumb Angel remember my name! That doesn’t make any sense.

I rubbed my temples in frustration, as I slowly spoke, figuring out that acting smart with him won’t work “what’s your role in Heaven stupid Angel? I don’t remember seeing you when I wasn’t locked.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and said, “yeah sure thing you didn’t cause I didn’t even exist. I’m the youngest Angel. I was created so many years after you were locked.”

“Good that explains the stupidity. Now tell me what your role is.”

He sighed in annoyance, elaborating “I store all kinds of information, so it won’t be forgotten.”

“I didn’t know Heaven had computers,” Yoongi said scornfully.

“No no not computers. hmm,” Jimin corrected Yoongi then paused for a moment to conceive proper words to say, explaining after “the thing is, my brain is more like a computer chip. I can store so much information in there; it really doesn’t take time for me to memorize things.”

“An Angel computer that’s new,” Yoongi gasped in mere admiration which ticked me, making me look at him, frowning “can you shut up and let me do the talking!” with that he rolled his eyes and went to sit on his bed with crossed arms.

I looked back at Jimin, feeling at a lose “so you were saying you can’t forget my name!”

“Yeah! my brain takes information but never gets rid of it. I know things since the first Human creation.”

No Jimin you weren’t there when the first Human was created. I think you mean when the second Human was created.

“What’s the name of the first Human created?” I asked in an attempt to test him.

“Adam! Is that even a question?” he answered in an obvious tone, but what he doesn’t know is that the name he said, belongs to the second human not the first.

I hummed in response and refused to enlighten him about the truth. If God wanted at least Jimin to know, he would’ve told him himself which isn’t the case here.

“You are the only being who will forever remember my name. Good for you,” I stated, but as I was about to leave the room when suddenly Jimin’s words stopped me “what did you do?”

I turned to face him since I was close to leaving the room. “What exactly are you talking about?” I asked.

“What was your sin?”

“Why are you curious?”

“I hunger for information, and this one is the only one which I couldn’t find in Heaven not even Namjoon knows,” Jimin softly said as he shrugged his shoulders.

He is cute- I cleared my throat to keep speaking sternly to him, “it was erased for a reason, so you better extinguish your curiosity.”

“Are you ashamed of your sin?” He crossed his arms.

Ashamed! is he provoking me!

I looked at him in outrage, then took some steps closer to him with my eyes changing eye color from brown to light blue, “you are in no position to question me or even talk to me like that-”

However, surprisingly he interrupted my words, saying “I’m not afraid of you. God will protect me from you, so you better suppress your anger.”

“oh really!” I slowly and evilly leaned a little meeting his height then made my mouth reach his ears for only him to hear, whispering, “but he couldn’t protect his first Human creation, how will he protect you!”

I stood back leaving his ears as I saw the shocked expression his face wore. It was amusing seeing him scared, but what’s the point in scaring the youngest; the weakest!

I opened the room’s door, and when I walked outside, I felt Yoongi moving as well; he was following me, following every step I took.

I’m sure he is confused and doesn’t understand the severity of the spell, but I appreciate his effort of trying to redeem his unacceptable act.

Kookie suddenly showed up; however, I didn’t flinch since it was used to it, as I heard his voice, “You’ve talked to him?”

“He is a special Angel,” I hummed.

“Taehyung,” Kookie called out.

“Yeah?” I ignored him with my back facing him not wanting to go through questioning

“We need to talk.”


“What I heard!”

I turned to face him shocked as I raised my eyebrows, asking “did you listen to the conversation?”

He nodded in response but earned a frown from me as I warned, “know your place and don’t insert your nose in someone else’s ass.”

“That sounds good, to be honest,” he smirked, but I gave a fake smile, continuing with my sarcasm “believe me, it won’t be if that ass farts a lot.”

“What a mood killer!” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

Yoongi cleared his throat to grab my attention so I looked at him waiting for him to talk, “what did you whisper to Jimin? I’m sure you took my hearing away for a second.”

“Oh, good thing you felt that,” I smiled widely showing my teeth, proceeding, “which means that you understood the message behind me taking away your hearing.”

Yoongi crossed his arms while sassily saying, “yeah I understood, but that made me more curious.”

“I won’t say no matter what you do,” was my unwavering reply.

Yoongi suddenly moved towards me. One step, another step and another till I started to feel my inner demon screaming to touch him.

My eyes were burning red as I could see it in the reflection of Yoongi’s eyes, who was standing close to me, saying “and now!” He stood on his toes to reach my ears, whispering “still not gonna tell me what you whispered in Jimin’s ears!”

I quickly held him by his arms trying to restrain myself. “What a bald move Yoongi,” Kookie spoke in the background, making me earn a smirk from Yoongi.

“Seems that me being close to you really has its effects.” He paused for a while, looking deeply into my eyes which was killing me already, followed by the words, “not wanna say! Or do you want to stay in this torture forever!”

I smirked then leaned to whisper in his ears, “you’ll regret this.”

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