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23- The Crimson Red


Oh shit! what did I put myself into?

“Taehyung, I think it’ll be a good idea if you got off me,” I gulped as I sank more into the bed and tried to avoid eye contact.

“Do I look like I want to?” His intoxicating voice filled my ears.

A second ago Taehyung swiftly teleported both of us on my bed with me stranded underneath him. It wasn’t a good feeling to be honest, as his eyes were sparkling crimson red. It looked beautiful to be real. I have to admit that I couldn’t prevent myself from looking at it. I felt like I can get sucked inside that red void forever.

I was snapped back to reality when I felt his thumb running on my lower lip, so I promptly pushed his hand and tried to move away from him, but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

“You know you need to stop, right?” I calmly spoke, striving not to show the panic in my whole system.

He suddenly placed his head on my shoulder, sensing his lips near my ear as he murmured with his husky deep sad voice, “when you die, it’ll be 100 times more painful.”

I stayed silent for a second or more, then placed my hand on his head which was leaning on my shoulder, apologizing “I’m sorry.” I paused before resuming, “I’ll make sure to keep my distance from you.”

I know it’s not enough, but I don’t know how to help you.

Out of nowhere, a sigh was heard loud and clear in the room with the person saying after, “you two are no fun. I was excited for some intense things to happen, but it ended by a drama.”

Tae rolled his eyes the same as me when we both recognized the source of the voice. “Yeah, sure the Demon is watching,” were Taehyung’s words.

I quickly slipped from underneath him, making his eyes go back to its original brown color.

Oh man, I was so close to getting raped. I need to seriously keep my distance from him.

“I have work to go to. I don’t want to miss my second part-time job; I already skipped one.” I tiptoed around both of them to leave.

“Is it the delivery thing now?” Tae asked.

I turned to face him and nodded. Surething, Tae went with me to my part-time job, but unexpectedly Jungkook didn’t join us he said he has something else to do. What does that even mean! he has no friends here.


I kept taking some glances at Taehyung through the bike's mirror as he was holding my waist the whole ride. I can see that he is struggling with suppressing his temptations. Is it that hard?

“This job is such a pain in the ass,” he mumbled which left me giggling, as I said in between “yeah it sure is, but it feeds my family and me.”

“Don’t talk, just keep driving your voice is arousing me.” He pressed a little on my waist, making a chuckle escape my mouth.

“Okay sorry,” I apologized with a smile.

He growled at me to stop talking so I stopped, but still, I kept taking glances at his beautiful crimson red eyes. It’s devilish, but it was so mesmerizing at the same time, how can someone look that beautiful with red eyes?

I didn’t realize that I made a long stare until I was about to crash in someone so I quickly took a harsh turn but thankfully nothing happened other than the guy cursing at me.

“Stop day-dreaming while looking into my eyes.”

I widened my eyes and tightened my grasp on the accelerator. “Wh- me- hahaha-” I stuttered and cursed myself internally for being obvious.

“Don’t try to hide it cause I saw you looking at my eyes earlier.”

“They’re just beautiful you know,” I shrugged, pointing out how normal the word beautiful is when in reality his eyes are no way near the word normal.

He hummed in response accompanied by a shy, “Thank you.”

“You seriously felt embarrassed,” I laughed at him. This probably isn’t good, but it’s fun teasing him. How ironic that he is the Devil himself!

“No, I’m not plus it’s just the curse’s effect. If it was for me, I would have eaten you.”

I stuck out my tongue at him playfully and with a grin, I said, “no difference.”

Tae let go of me and fanned himself while huffing, what’s with him?

“Shit that was hot. Stop the motorcycle,” were his words when he suddenly started to move behind me, trying to get down while the motorcycle is still moving, so I stopped it immediately before he falls off and drag me along with him.

“Yaaah! what are you doing?” I yelled out.

He jumped off the bike and weirdly moved away from me. “Making some distance,” he responded, confusing me as I tilted my head with a ‘Huh!’ escaping my mouth.

“Wait a minute. I’ll calm down,” he said with his gaze not at me, in fact, it was roaming around the area we were in.

What is he doing? Calm down from what!

That's when my eyes accidentally ran all over his body, making me gulp harshly when I saw something specific.

Did I cause him a Bonner!

Shit! I didn’t even want to think anymore. I aggressively shook my head and squinted my eyes then I took fast steps back to the motorcycle, maybe I was a little embarrassed.

I quickly rode my motorcycle, a little flustered if I might say while mumbling, “I can’t delay the delivery more than that. I’m leaving.”

The motorcycle roared, leaving Taehyung behind to deal with his own problems not giving a shit about him. I rubbed my hair and murmured in utter disbelief, “this is more than fucked up.”

It took me 1 minute to reach my delivery destination so I gave the woman the order, took the money and went to ride my motorcycle, but Taehyung was already riding it, I guess waiting for me!

I crossed my arms and raised a questioning eyebrow at him, saying, “what brings you here?”

“It just started to get painful so I came back.” He rubbed his chest, showing his discomfort and looked around for a moment then back at me.

I gave him an of course look accompanied by an eye roll while I warned after a moment of silence, “keep your distance from me.”

He nodded, and I drove us off to another location. 2 hours later, we went back to the restaurant, and I left the motorcycle to go back home.

Taehyung was seriously too silent that it scared me, not to mention that Jungkook was out of sight which was creepier.

My parents didn’t seem to be home; I guess they went out. “Has Jungkook decided to move out?” I broke the silence.

“He can’t leave me so don’t worry you won’t get rid of him any time soon,” Tae answered.

I looked around and went directly to my room with Taehyung following me, and as I sat on my bed, I suddenly asked curiously, “do you still want to keep your sin a secret?”

“Don’t start this topic again,” he sounded displeased with the subject.

“Did God threaten you?” I guessed. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to tell anyone about his Sin.

“Me not saying doesn’t have to do anything with God.”

“Tell me then? What made you get locked for eternity like that!” I persuaded him to tell me.

However, his voice suddenly got louder and angrier as he responded, “I killed someone I shouldn’t. Is that enough answer?”

I vigorously shook my head, responding “no it’s not, because you are the Devil so that doesn-”

However, He cut my words short with his howling voice, “I was an Angel. I wasn’t created as the Devil. I had my own brain, my own ways, but no one understood me, no one even tried to. I suggest that you stop talking before I make you regret it, and believe me when I say, you won’t be able to stop me.”

He walked away anger clouding his vision. I could see the pained expression he tried so hard to hide. But, what really happened? and who did he kill!

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