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24- The Teacher


I don’t know why, but I felt like I wanted to go meet Jin, so I found myself inside his room. I ruffled my hair confused about what might the next step be. “Good what now?” I blurted out while scanning the unfamiliar room I teleported in.

“How on earth did you come into my room?” A loud yell echoed in the room so without hesitation, I turned to look at the source. Obviously, it was Jin, who looked like he just got out of the shower.

He stood there waiting for my answer. “I just wanted to see you” Didn’t that sound weird? I answered.

“Yeah, wante-” a scoff of disbelief escaped his mouth followed by his rising voice, “YOU WHAT! You are creeping me out. How did you come here again!”

“You said there are rules in school which said that I can’t flirt with you there, so here is considered outside the school and away from the rules, so!”

“Technically yeah but the problem is,” he sighed, before continuing while hollering, making me shrink and place both my hands on my ears, “HOW DID YOU COME INSIDE MY ROOM?”

I can’t tell him I teleported here, he’ll certainly freakout. “I came through the window; it was open.” I pointed out at the window as if it was normally the second door.

He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration which caught my attention. Some droplets of water fell down on his eyes from his hair down to his cheeks then it caressed his lips till it went to his neck, but the journey stopped, the second Jin caught them by the towel he was holding in his hand.

“I’m not going to repeat my words. leave. now.” I walked towards him ignoring his high tone. “Hey, stay in where you are,” he warned again.

I went to Earth multiple times, but no one ever caught my interest; this is the first time ever for my mind to be clouded by a human and not only that but a male one. How ironic!

With every step I take towards him, he took two backwards away from me.

“If you don’t stop whatever the hell you are thinking you are going to do, I’ll call the police-”

His words were cut short by his back hitting the wall. I went closer to him reaching his neck then ran my nose on it. “Hmm-” I closed my eyes to inhale his scent, saying “you smell good.”

However, He suddenly pushed me making me lose my balance and fall on the floor.

“You are a pervert, and I am going to call the police,” he said and quickly left the room, but while he was about to hold up the phone, I stood in front of him which startled him, making the cellphone fall from his hand. My eyes caught the loose towel hanging on his waist which was about to fall.

“You know if you give me a chance, not only the phone will fall but also-” I paused as I eyed his towel for him to notice, so he quickly held it protectively, running towards I guess his room to put on some clothes, so I waited for him and invited myself to take a tour in his house.

I walked around until I saw some pictures. one caught my attention, it had 2 women, Jin and a dog. “Cute,” I muttered with a smile.

Suddenly, the frame got snatched from my hand and was placed upside down to hide it’s content. “What are you still doing here?” he asked with a clear frown.

“Who are the 2 ladies?”

“I won’t say.”

I hummed feeling disappointed for some reason, but I playfully said, “do you want me to do something for you, so you can tell me.” I smirked at him, but he gave a disgusted look then took a step back as expected.

“One is my mother and the other is my girlfriend,” he elaborated with his back facing me as he walked away and I surely followed him to his destination.

“How unfortunate! it would have been fun if you didn’t have one.” Mockery was intended in my voice, but the disappointment was there too.

However, he looked away as I heard a faint, “she is dead.”

I raised my eyebrow questioning, “how did she die?”

He looked at a different frame, held it, and looked at it sadly then showed it to me, saying “she died giving birth.”

I took the frame from him and looked at it as I saw the same woman from the previous frame, but now she was standing holding her big belly with Jin sitting on his knees kissing it.

I have to admit the picture looked beautiful but looking back at the person in front of me now, he looked sad.

“And where is your baby?”

He shook his head and with a sad smile, he said “he died too. The doctors couldn’t save either of them; the umbilical cord strangled him before they could take him out.”

“How long has it been?”

“5 years.”

“Oh! And what about now! Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I bit my lip begging myself internally to hear a no as an answer, and as if Taehyung heard my prayer.

“No, and not planning on having one,” was his reply.

He turned, going elsewhere so I followed him, saying “if you don’t want to have a girlfriend, how about a boyfriend!”

He scoffed at me then quickly turned to meet my face with an utterly disgusted look, “boyfriend? Do I look gay to you! Listen boy, go home.”

“Why not try! if you don’t like it then stop. how about we make a deal-”

He harshly closed the fridge’s door, cutting me off “I’m not making any deals with anyone. Leave before I stab you with one of these.” His eyes landed on a pack of knives on the counter in the kitchen, making me look at it too while biting my lower lips, as I said, “that’ll be more than satisfying.”

Ah ‘huh!’ made it’s way out of his mouth, making me curse under my breath for saying that out loud. I gave a sarcastic laugh and ruffled my hair while quickly saying, “nothing! have a good day. see you tomorrow.” I walked away after giving him a wink, saying “teacher,” in a mocking manner.

I immediately left his house and went back to Yoongi’s, but before I went inside Yoongi’s room I heard their conversation.

“I killed someone I shouldn’t. Is that enough answer?”

Yoongi vigorously shook his head in disapproval “no it’s not, because you are the Devil so that doesn-”

However, Tae cut his words short with his howling voice, “I was an Angel. I wasn’t created as the Devil. I had my own brain, my own ways, but no one understood me, no one even tried to. I suggest that you stop talking before I make you regret it, and believe me when I say, you won’t be able to stop me.”

Tae walked away anger clouding his vision. I think I know what’s your sin Taehyung.

I waited for yoongi to sleep and when he did, I went inside.

“He slept!” I asked, receiving a hum and a questioning look for him “what took you long?”

“I was with Jin.”

Tae shook his head and arched his eyebrow along with a heavy exhale, he said, “what took you long to come in! I sensed your presence since an hour ago.”

“I waited for him to sleep, so I can ask you.” I think it’s about time to start asking the real questions. Tae you’ve been hiding a lot of things from me which is triggering me for some reason. I sometimes lack to understand the attachment I feel towards you, but for now, things need to be clear.

He stood properly in front of me with his face facing me “What is it?”

“Did you kill the first human Taehyung?”

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