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25- The Back Story


“Did you kill the first Human Taehyung?”

I quickly took Yoongi’s hearing away by creating a barrier around Jungkook and I. Even though I know he is sleeping; I still felt worried that he might overhear this conversation, something he shouldn’t hear.

I started off by a sigh and cleared my throat as I sternly stated, “yeah I did.”

“Was that the only thing you did?” A brave eyebrow of his was raised upright.


He clicked his tongue and scoffed, saying “you didn’t only kill God’s first creation, but you also did another thing! What was it Taehyung?”

“You won’t like it,” I looked away.

However, my calm attitude for some reason made him get angry and cheer at me, “I don’t care anymore. You have to tell me. I need to know. NOW.”

“This has nothing to do with you, Jungkook.”

“No, it clearly does.” He paused as he calmed down his raising voice, exhaling slowly then looked back at me after cooling down “are you afraid I might hate you for what you did?”

“No,” I bit my lower lip, looking down and cursing myself for stuttering, “it’s-s j-just.”

Jungkook crossed his arms while tapping his feet on the floor continuously, “did you just stutter! Speak up like right now.”

“You won’t gain anything knowing it.”

“Taehyung, I won’t go anywhere. I’m your friend that’s why I’ll never leave your side whatever you do or say to me. Not even your past can make me change my mind.”

“That’s not the reason,” I looked away, not wanting to spill everything to him afraid of his reaction.

He titled his head to the side in confusion, asking “What are you talking about?”

“You being my friend doesn’t have to do anything with you always being by my side.”

He sarcastically laughed as he whined after, “what then! Am I your long lost son? Come on Taehyung, speak up.”

I playfully hit his head in response to his child-like attitude “yah, yah stop whining. I’ll tell you.”

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hand then decided to look at him again, but he greeted me with flickering his eyelashes in my face. “Fine. Wanna hear a story?” I finally said.

He excitedly sat on the floor and crossed his legs while looking at me with a smile, saying “yes, please.”

I giggled at him. He seriously looks cute when he wants something eagerly. Therefore, I sat in front of him, cleared my throat and started threading the story, “it was always only Namjoon and I. Namjoon was usually busy with stuff that I didn’t understand and wasn’t really interested in. I spent my time trying to train my body; God was watching, always watching me.”


I was overly sensitive to my surroundings. I could feel everything in motion or anything staying still from over a mile away if I wanted to. My senses were outstanding, something I thank God for giving it to me.

One day when I was in one of the many Heaven’s gardens, I was closing my eyes, trying to train my body to expand my senses.

" You know you have more powers than you think you have right?” God spoke from beside me as I felt him sitting there for some time now, but he decided to speak just now.

At the realization of his words, I opened my eyes to look at him and uttered, “oh really! I can control things. I can break things with a finger flick. I can heal my own wounds. I can teleport to places by just thinking about it. What more can I do?” I threaded all the things I was aware of doing, waiting for him to tell me more.

“There are powers which you won’t know you have by being alone. You’ll need someone to be able to notice them.” He flashed me his usual smile which always heals my lonely heart.

“But Namjoon is always busy, not sparing me anytime,” I pouted.

“Try to convince him to make some time for you.”

I ignored his words and playfully tugged on his arm while grinning cutely and showing my puppy eyes, “how about you create me an Angel friend!”

He raised an eyebrow at me probably knowing what kind of method I was using to make him help me out which he for sure didn’t buy.

“Don’t be a brat. I didn’t create you to be one. Also, creating isn’t easy. Not to mention that you already have Namjoon. It’s not my problem that you are incapable of turning him into your friend,” he said, giving my forehead a hand flick which made me pout in the process.

I sighed in defeat, saying, “okay I’ll try talking to him.”

I went to Namjoon, who was sitting in Heaven’s library reading as I expected, so I went closer to him. I stood behind him and looked from above his shoulders to see what he was reading, and without looking at me, probably feeling my presence, he said, “Leave, I’m busy.”

“Can you spend some time with me?” I sounded desperate.

It was already getting on my nerves that he never takes some time to even talk to me for a minute or 2.

As I expected his gaze never met mine even when he replied, “I think I made myself clear when I said, I’m busy.”

That ticked me off, making me shout in anger and clear protest, “You’ve been immersed in reading books since the day I was created. I’ve never talked to you properly, and I’ve never even had a solid memory with you. Why do you hate me that much!”

Namjoon got up, slamming his book shut angrily, ” Instead of wasting your time on yelling and whining go do something useful.”

“Interacting is useful,” My eyebrows were drawn into a frown, but my voice was stern and cool.

“Interacting with you is useless,” He harshly replied back.

“Useless?” I took a moment to grasp the meaning of the word which left his mouth, crashing something inside me.

“When God created the spell, why didn’t you name it with me?” I questioned, rubbing off the previous slightly painful word.

“Because naming it is childish.”

I scoffed at his thoughtless word while rolling my eyes and looking around the room, trying to hold myself from exploding in anger. However, I looked up at him, challengingly, “Do you know why God created it?”

“Are you lecturing me?” He arched a questioning eyebrow at me.

Before allowing him to humiliate me any longer, I spoke up “He created it for you to speak with me. Yet you still didn’t.”

His expression didn’t change at all. My words were like a breeze which will come and go, so that made me yell at him, “do you even know what name did I give it?”

“Sure thing I know the name, but do you, on the other hand, know what does it do?” he shrugged, feeling the pride of how much knowledge he has compared to me.

It’s either his confident posture or his tone which made me hesitate with my words, "kinda- God- said it needs both our powers because both of us will have to role Heaven.”

“You don’t understand what you are saying, do you,” he flashed me a smirk.

“Then tell me. Speak to me. Let me know.”

He leaned his back on the chair behind him, crossed his arms and said, “God is working on creating more beings. Angels and Humans that’s why I’m always in the library learning and trying to be a perfect ruler.”

I clenched my fist and looked down, murmuring “there is nothing called perfect.”

He is always like that, thinking that the word ‘perfect’ does exist when in reality it doesn’t.

I left the library and walked through Heaven. God’s voice stopped me so I turned to face him. “Your conversation with Namjoon didn’t go well, I presume.”

I looked down while nodding with a black cloud hovering above my head, “yes sadly it didn’t."

However, suddenly I felt him get up and move away in front of me, so I looked up at him, waiting for his words “get up and follow me Taehyung.”

I increased my pace as I followed him somewhere. A place that I’ve never seen. “Where are we?” I asked curiously as my eyes kept roaming around the area we were in.


I snapped my head towards him, narrowing my eyes and said, “and what’s that supposed to mean?”

He softly smiled at me and leaned down to grab a flower from the big field full of colourful flowers, explaining “a home for my new creations.” His eyes were still on the flower in hand, admiring his own work.

On the other hand, I was left confused “Humans? Namjoon said something about them.”

He nodded in response, confirming Namjoon’s earlier words, “yes Humans. I will let them live on earth. Heaven will be the home of Angels, and the monitor that will take care of the Humans.”

“I don’t understand. Why do Humans need to be taken care of?”

“They are weak beings. Angels will help them with their powers to make it easier for Humans but will only do that to those who deserve help.”

“How will we know who deserves the help?”

He smiled at me and ruffled my hair, answering “that’s what Namjoon’s doing.”

“How will I role if I know nothing?” I didn’t stop my stream of questions.

He lowered his hand from my hair to my shoulder and looked into my eyes while softly saying, “you’re stronger than Namjoon. You’ll figure it out on your own.”

Why does he keep insisting on saying the same thing over and over again? He made sure to tell me multiple times that I’m stronger than Namjoon.

“When will you create the Humans?” I ignored his earlier statement and went back to the main topic.

“Not yet. I need to create the Horsemen first.”

I shrank in my place as I heard the unfamiliar name. “What are those? and does Namjoon know about them too!” yeah I was a little jealous. Namjoon surely knows al-

“No, I didn’t record them yet. You’ll be the first to know.”

Suddenly, I felt the rush of blood flowing inside me and excitement took all over my body, making me jump in my place “oh really! can you tell me more?”

“I’ll gladly do.”

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