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26- The Lonely

[A/N: this is the continuation of the flashback.]


I followed God to a room where he records his new creation’s details. We both sat opposite to each other as he started explaining, “there are 2 types of Horsemen one is responsible for the beauty whereas the other is responsible for the ugliness. Everything on Earth will have 2 faces; a good face and a bad one.”

“What about Namjoon and I?”

“Both of you are pure good; you don’t have a bad side.” A reassuring smile was drawn on his Godly face.

“Oh! Does this mean Angels are good?”

“Angels are pure, Demons are sinful but Devils are evil; they feed off of evilness,” He elaborated, making me tilt my head in confusion due to the unfamiliar word.

“Evil?” I questioned.

“Yes evil.” He nodded, continuing “I’m not going to create either, but I’ll put some evilness in the Humans.”

The word confusion was an understatement. I didn’t understand the use of it. Why would God do something like that? Why would he unleash something bad into the world?

“Why?” I listened to him attentively, waiting for a convincing reason.

He turned his body to look at me with his majestic gaze, eyes locked with mine. I felt light-headed every time he looks into my eyes, I don’t know why. Maybe that’s his secret power.

“That’s the test Taehyung. If they surrender to their evilness, Angels can never help them, but if they don’t surrender, Angels should help them. That’s the simplest explanation I can give you.”

“Oh!” I was taken aback a little by his explanation but proceeded to ask and diverted to another question, “I understand now. What about the Horsemen! How strong are they? And are they stronger than Namjoon and me~” I asked excitedly.

His laugh echoed in the room and turned to look back at the documents while giving me quick glances every now and then between his words, “you are so curious. I’ll answer one question at a time. As I mentioned before there are 2 types of Horsemen some for the Genesis, and the others are for the Apocalypse; Birth, Love, Fortune, Health, Famine, War, Death and Pestilence. These are their names, and no, they aren’t stronger than you.”

My mouth opened ajar, hearing the information. “Wow, there will be 8 of them. that’s so many.” I shyly looked at my feet while saying, “Seems like I’ll have lots of friends.”

However, suddenly I jumped up in excitement as I asked, “how strong am I compared to them?”

“You have all their powers combined.”

I gasped with a little disappointment filling my voice, “why are you creating weaklings?” I paused as I mumbled to my self, continuing “I have no one to challenge.”

“I can’t create a stronger being than you.”

His words came to me as a surprise which made me stand up in shock, “but how! you are so strong, so wise so powerful and-”

Nonetheless, he cut me short, explaining “if I created someone stronger than you, this will end up as being me.”

“WHAT! How strong is Namjoon then?”

“The strength of 3 Horsemen,” was his answer, leaving me again in utter disbelief as I whined, “only 3 horsemen!”

He playfully hit my head, saying “but he is 10 times wiser than you.”

I quickly rubbed my head where he hit me while sighing and that when reality hit me while I pouted, “I have to admit I’m stupid, thanks for reminding me.”

“You aren’t stupid. You just lack knowledge,” he gestured with his hands on the papers in front of him.

I abruptly got up and dusted the imaginary dust from my pants then shook my head in disapproval “no I’m not going to stay with Namjoon in the library no matter how many times you say I’m stupid. I already am strong; I just need to train my body.”

A sarcastic chuckle left his mouth, “yes you need to learn how to use your powers. I’ll call you out later to see the horsemen when I finish creating them. okay!” I nodded in approval then ran off to the gardens.

Some days passed, and God finally called for both Namjoon and me to meet the Horsemen. As he said, there were 8 of them; 4 of them looked like they can destroy anything they touch whereas the others looked like they can carry the universe on their wings.

The 8 of them knelt before God then stood straight again as he looked at the Horsemen, introducing us to them, “I’d like you to meet Namjoon and Taehyung.”

After the introduction, some time passed, and I found myself alone again.

Why am I always alone? There are 9 Angels yet none of them is free to be with me.

I walked to the library searching for them, and there they were all surrounding Namjoon, I guess making plans for something. I decided to go join them, but Namjoon asked me to leave cause things are quite complicated for me.

I went to take a stroll on Earth without God's acknowledgement. I knew I should’ve taken permission first, but I didn’t think of that and just went there.

Everything there was beautiful yet I didn’t understand why he wanted to corrupt this beauty by adding some evil to it.

I walked on the green astonishing grass and layed under a tree which looked so big and thick. The wind blew making the leaves swing in the air and land on my leg, one after another till the wind stopped.

My eyes landed on a lonely leaf falling in front of my nose, so before it fell on my thigh with the others, I held on it “will you accompany me for a while!”

I giggled at my stupidity but enjoyed it anyway. It was strange, but I somehow felt it’s heartbeat yet it doesn’t have one.

End of Flashbacks

I halted my flashbacks, feeling like I forgot to explain something important to him.

“God created all creatures with different types or you can say shapes of hearts. Humans have it as an organ in their body. A Demon’s heart is it’s Soul. An angel is it’s Grace, and finally me the one and the only Devil-”

I sighed as I hesitated a little to tell Kookie more, but I don’t care anymore. It’s not like anyone is capable of killing me.

“Mine is all three of them; I was an Angel, so I have Grace. I have emotions like Humans which means I have an organ called ‘Heart’. I still don’t know why God gave me a Human heart for, and finally, there is evil in me which is demonic so I have a soul.”

Jungkook gasp made me sigh since I already expected the surprised look on his face, as he asked, “you have all 3 of them! does this mean if someone wanted to kill you, he needs to take your Soul, human heart and Grace, right?”

I quickly shook my head in disapproval, correcting him “no, because I still won’t die.”

A confused ‘huh!’ escaped his mouth, making me elaborate more “if my Grace disappeared along with my Soul, my human heart will never do.”

“How is that even possible! I don’t understand.”

I sighed at his stupidity, responding “If I took out my heart, a new one will replace it.”

“Won’t your heart rote at some point?” I immediately hit his head, replying, “stupid! I just said a new one will replace it.”

He rubbed his head “yeah right. It was too much information at a time.”

I looked around the room still sensing the intruder as I bit my lower lip, directing my words to Jungkook, “do you want me to continue! or is that enough for today?”

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