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27- The Reason

[A/N: not the continuation of the last chapter. A little bit earlier.]


The Devil looked really sad after the spell was cast. I've never expected him to shed tears.

I don’t quite understand. Aren’t what he is showing called human emotions? Or is it because of the Wynedis?

I was snapped back to my surrounding when I saw the now 7 Angels collapse in front of me. The 8 Horsemen looked weak as I could feel their grace weakened.

However, Namjoon looked perfectly fine which really shocked Death. “how are you still in full shape?” He suspiciously asked.

Namjoon frowned as he eyed Death, saying “are you comparing me to some weaklings like you?”

Out of nowhere, Fortune arched a questioning eyebrow at Namjoon while crossing his arm in anger, “did you just sacrifice us?”

“I didn’t sacrifice any of the Horsemen. It will only take you guys some days to recover; you won’t die, so don’t make a big deal out of it,” Namjoon replied with confidence filling his voice.

There is something suspicious about you Namjoon. I’m the only one who knows about the fact that you are 3 times stronger than one Horseman, and sure-thing I can’t confront you. I don’t want to be judged by you no matter what.

War moved towards Namjoon angrily then held his collar, knitting his eyebrows, uttering “3 Angels were eliminated today because of you.”

For a moment his eyes landed on the collapsed Angels and proceeded, “Heaven is missing 10 Angels and another 8 because of your weak judgment. Why didn’t you fill in Namjoon since you look perfectly fine? You better give me a more than good explanation.”

War was furious; he represented us all, but the difference between me and him is that I can’t be this straight forward.

Namjoon held War’s arm and removed it away from himself then wiped his clothes off the imaginary dust, responding “it would have been worse if I was the one weakened. A sacrifice should be made from time to time.”

“Worse! What are you talking about Namjoon?” Birth asked.

“Did you all forget your place! I won’t answer more questions. Everyone better focus on recovering, and that’s an order,” he yelled out as he walked away, leaving us all shocked by his attitude.

A snort came out of Pestilence, grabbing my attention to his mumbling, “I seriously can’t believe this cold attitude he is giving us.”

Love rolled his eyes, responding in disbelief “he’s been always like this, and I guess he’ll never change no matter what. Namjoon is cold-hearted and that’s a fact.”

“Love is talking, how obvious!” Famine stated in sarcasm, consequently Love playfully hit Famine while uttering, “yah! stop it.”

Famine gasped at the sudden contact while growling back at Love, “hey, don’t touch me or else you’ll be cursed with famine.”

“We have no powers now. Plus if you touched me-” Love paused as he suspiciously licked his lips “you would’ve fallen for me in an instant.”

Famine gave him a disgusted look, saying “that’s cringy! stay away from me.”

I smiled at their playful nature and relaxed back in the seat as I watched them bicker more.

“Hey, guys stop bickering and focus on getting better. Since I’m me, I’ll be the first to recover then I’ll help you guys.” Now was Health’s time to talk. He is kinda the calmest one, to be honest.

Everyone nodded; I got up and helped the other Angels to get rest somewhere. Soon after, I decided to go to Namjoon, who's as always in the library.

He doesn’t look like he just did a spell. Zero exhaustion signs-

I sighed then walked towards him and sat on the chair beside his and before I could even talk or show my presence, he spoke without looking at me, “what! Did you come to question me as well?”

“No. I know that you have your reason, but I actually would like to know the reason.”

He harshly closed the book he was reading and looked at me after giving an annoyed sigh, “doesn’t that count as a question?”

“Think about it however you want, but just tell me the reason behind your attitude,” I calmly said.

He looked at me for a few seconds before saying in a low voice in an attempt to convince me, “I role Heaven which means that there is no way I can allow myself to be vulnerable. The Horsemen can be replaced for some time, and those 10 Angels can be easily replaced. On the other hand, I can’t be.” He paused then proceeded, “did you get it now?”


That’s what I got.

I nodded while faking a smile, “yeah I do now.” I paused as I looked around. “It seems that you are busy. I’ll take my leave.”

I felt really furious. Is that it! that’s your reason Namjoon, selfishness?

I left the library debating on whether to go to Earth or not, but I went anyway. The Human was sleeping; however, the Demon and the Devil were talking, but I couldn’t hear anything, so I infiltrated the Devil’s barrier without none of them noticing.

“-wanna hear a story?” said the Devil as the Demon sat on the floor, crossing his legs “yes, please.”

What story?

The Devil sat down in front of the Demon and started threading a story. I widened my eyes at every detail the Devil said, but the second he started explaining he has 3 hearts I panicked. My inner defences started to get to the surface, and my presence was finally noticed by both of them.

The Demon stood up quickly and looked at me with a frown but the Devil didn’t; he just smirked and looked at me.

“I thought you’ll never show yourself, A.N.G.E.L,” he said.

“What do you mean!” I titled my head at his words.

He sighed. saying “don’t play dumb. I felt your presence since you came to Earth. Why are you underestimating my powers?” he ended his words by raising a questioning eyebrow at me.

I rubbed my hair in embarrassment. This is certainly awkward and weird, but for some reason, I don’t feel threatened by him. “Oh really! Seems like I should get going now,” I tried to excuse myself.

However, the Devil laughed mockingly, uttering “Why!” then suddenly I saw a sincere smile which scared the shit out of me as he continued, “wanna join the talk? I don’t mind telling you, The more the merrier.”

I frowned in confusion and tilted my head, stating “huh! but I helped Namjoon cast the curse on you. Why are you being nice to me?”

The Devil corrected me, “it’s not a curse; It’s a spell. To be honest, I don’t care anymore. Kookie wants to know, so while I’m at it, why not join us-” He paused as I sensed the change of his aura “because I won’t be saying this story again.”

The Devil’s eyes suddenly started to flicker amidst colors from brown to gold to blue to crimson red. Not to mention the aura around him changed too. If not for the barrier, this whole room would’ve been ashes by now.

“Taehyung! I know that you feel devastated, but can you please cool down a little!” The Demon warned.

Tae faked a smile while saying in one go, “yeah sure why not be friendly with the same Angel who cast the so normal spell named Wynedis, ON ME.” He yelled the ‘on me’, clearly remarking that I’m the cause.

“Calm down! Breath in breath out, see so easy,” the Demon said as he placed his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder in an attempt to cool him down.

Tae pushed the Demon lightly, shunning him “do I look like I’m giving birth here!”

“That’s really funny,” I laughed but immediately placed my hand on my mouth the second I realized I said that out loud as both of them directed their gaze at me.

Taehyng pointed at me in disbelief, uttering “did he just call us funny!”



Dear Aliens,

I know this chapter isn’t satisfying enough but it had a purpose to it.

I’m really trying to keep “The” thing on every chapter name.

Hehehe I don’t know how many noticed that.

Yours Authornim ;)

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