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28- The First Human


“I think I should go,” Hoseok said in a little panic, but I quickly held the hem of his clothes stopping him from leaving.

He needs to hear the story because if I don’t tell him my full story, things will stay unchanged forever. I know why God created Jimin, and I know what the reason behind my successful escape is. “I’m sure that you want to know more about me.”

I let go of him as he looked away while replying, “yeah I do, but I guess I-”

Unexpectedly, Jungkook hit Hoseok on his head which left a small smile on my lips, but I quickly got rid of it, hearing what Kookie had to say to Hoseok, “just sit down and accept the fact that Taehyung invited you to listen.”

Hoseok rubbed his head but sneaked a smile then nodded, and we went back to sitting down, and me continuing my ranting.

“Where were we-” I paused, trying to recall the last thing I said “ah yeah. My relationship with the Horsemen wasn’t like mine with Namjoon. To put that into words, it was like fear. I could see that they feared me. I thought that they knew about my powers, so they kept their distance which still felt lonely for me.”

“I can’t take your words seriously,” Hoseok suddenly cut me as I saw him roll his eyes.

I forced a sly smile, saying “thank you! And I’ll continue anyway.” I cleared my throat, continuing “Time passed in Heaven, and I became more aware of my powers when one day God summoned me to see his latest creation.”


“Hey, Taehyung! Wanna be the first to see the Human?” God called out to me so I immediately nodded in excitement.

He escorted me to the same place where the Horsemen were created, a place in one of Heaven’s many gardens. I saw a figure sitting on a bench, his back was facing us.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to see him more clearly, but the second he turned, I felt a strange sensation.

He had nothing, zero presence, zero powers, zero grace, zero strength, but a little of something new which I don’t know about.

I looked at God, who seemed proud of his creation, but all that I could feel at that moment was confusion, so I played along.

“Introduce yourself,” God gestured the Human to speak.

Therefore, he stood up, facing me then bowed slightly, saying in cool tone “Greetings Taehyung! My name is Dowen. God taught me a lot about you.” He paused as he extended his hand for me to shake, “will you be my friend?”

I widened my eyes confusion rushing into me. Did God tell him about me! Was he created for me! But God already did have plans for creating humans before my whining.

Suddenly, I felt God’s hand on my shoulder. “Are you going to keep him hanging?” he asked, lifting a questioning eyebrow at me.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as I extended my hand quickly and shook the Human’s hand.

Dowen smiled at me, starting off “will you show me around! God told me it’s not his job to do that.”

I nodded and showed him parts of Heaven and introduced him to Namjoon and the Horsemen. Days went by and both of us started getting closer. Until one day he asked me to play a game with him.

“Wanna play a game?”

“Yeah! What do you have in mind?” I excitedly said as usual.

He took me to one of Heaven’s gardens and sat on the grass, surrounding ourselves with beautiful flower beds.

“Let’s overtake Heaven.”

I quickly turned my head to look at him shocked.

Is he serious?

“What!” was the first that left my mouth.

“Why not! With your strength and my humble knowledge, we can role Heaven. However, we need to get rid of Namjoon 1st because he’ll be a nuisance.” He shrugged not feeling any kind of remorse.

Therefore, I stood up, giving him my back and sternly said, “when you want to play a better game, you know where to find me.”

I walked away, but I felt him follow me “hey Taehyungie! Wait. Listen to me-”

He tried to stop me, but I paused in my place then faced him, cutting him off. “If by any chance I find out you tried hurting Namjoon or the Horsemen, I’ll make sure to eliminate you,” I glared at him, warningly.

“Wow wow! Cooldown a little it was just an idea,” he sighed, but I didn’t feel reassured yet since his voice wasn’t that genuine.

We both walked along sides but in silence. I had a weird feeling, this Human is becoming a threat.

A few days later, Dowen called me again, but this time to play a real game. “I came up with a new game for us to play. Wanna try?”

I got rid of the thing itching in the back of my mind as I smiled excitedly, thinking that he changed back to the bubbly Dowen I know. “Yeah let’s go.”

We sat on a random table placed in one of Heaven’s rooms. He gave me a flower with so many petals. I looked at it, wondering what he has in mind.

He rested his hand under his chin as he started explaining the game, “hold the first petal and say yes then take the other and say no. Do that until there are no more petals left on the flower, and the last word you say will be the answer to the question I’ll ask.”

“Oh! Can’t you tell me the question first?”

“No! I want to build up some suspense,” He whined.

I have a bad feeling about this. Dowen is acting strange.

The petals started to become fewer and fewer over time till the last word I said was, “yes.” Therefore, I looked at him wondering about the question, but his expressions changed suddenly the moment I finished.

“What is it? What’s the question?”

Weird tension was building up, and I couldn’t understand his expressions. This Human is hard to read.

In a matter of seconds, his facial expressions changed from all bubbly to cold and sharp. “You know Taehyung,” he weirdly paused, making me tilt my head unable to process what is happening. “You are stupid,” he continued, making me gulp in confusion.

“All those powers you have, are just wasted on you. I’ve known you for a long time, but every time I look at you, I become more and more certain that you’re dumb. I played this game earlier with Namjoon, and things didn’t end up like this. I told him the same rules, but he just snorted at me and told me ‘this flower has an odd number of petals, and no I won’t risk answering a yes to a question that I know nothing about’. I, later on, knew that he knows every single detail about Heaven and Earth. The number of petals for the flower I gave both of you are odd, and he knew about that. Now I know why he was never interested in you.”

Another unexpected pause left us both silent, as he came closer to my rooted body, whispering in my ears “simply because you are worthless.”

My eyes grew wide, and I felt speechless. He pulled back, giving me a disgusted look, saying his final words before leaving, “Your powers are not a threat, but Namjoon is.”

I froze in my place unable to talk back as I felt a harsh stab somewhere, a stinging pain. Before I could notice, Dowen was out of my sight. I remembered his words from back then-

Let’s overtake Heaven.

I quickly went to Namjoon, but for the first time, I felt the blood rushing in my veins as I saw Dowen sneaking up on Namjoon from behind him with a deadly angelic weapon.

I once told myself that now I can control my powers, but for a moment I felt that I was not the one in control. Dowen's body fell on the floor. Namjoon quickly stood up the second he heard a thud coming from behind him.

Red substance was leaving the Human’s body, from his ears, mouth, eyes and the tips of his fingers. I eyed his body, but the once loud human beating heart is no longer beating now.

In a matter of second, I snapped myself beside him as I placed my hand on his heart, but I was unable to heal him. Namjoon tried too, but it was inevitable.

I can say that I killed the first Human.

A/N: I know that there are so many questions going in your head, but believe me, all your questions will be answered later on in the upcoming chapters.

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