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29- The Sin

Tae’s POV

Flashbacks cont-

Us the 10 Angels were standing beside each other with a dead body placed in front of us, and God standing opposite to us. He frowned and raised his eyes looking at us after eyeing the human’s dead body, saying “Namjoon, what happened while I was away?”

“Taehyung killed Dowen,” Namjoon blurted out without hesitation.

My tongue was caught in my throat unable to speak or defend myself. Only Dowen’s words echoed in my head ′when it came to you, he was never interested. Now I know why- simply because you are worthless’

I kept my head low, but God’s figure in front of me made me raise my head up and look at him. “Why did you kill Dowen?” He asked. I know he knows the answer. I know he never stops watching us, but what do you want to hear?

“I- He- I mean he- it’s,” I stuttered then paused while lowering my gaze, trying to think of the correct words to defend myself, but “I don’t know,” was the only thing which left my mouth.

End of Flashbacks

“God told me before that I have more powers than I could imagine, but at that moment I couldn’t understand the feeling I had. Now I know; it was guilt, killing my friend was something I couldn’t accept, and not only that, but I felt like I betrayed God’s trust. He trusted me with Dowen, but I was the one who killed him. Therefore, I decided to create someone to take Dowen’s place.”

Hoseok raised a questioning eyebrow at me, saying in a cold tone “you killed the first human, and you didn’t stop at that but created one!? Do you even have the power to do that?”

I shook my head in disapproval, explaining “unfortunately what I created was not a human.” I bit my lower lip as I looked at Jungkook, who was silently hearing every word I said.

Hoseok followed my gaze and looked at Jungkook as well. “Taehyung! Was your first creation a Demon?” he asked.

Jungkook eyes widened as placed his hand on his mouth, “is that it?” His tone suddenly changed to a serious one, “you created a Demon? You created me?”

I looked away, avoiding eye contact with Kookie as I said, “I didn’t directly create you, but I created the first Demon.”

“Who is he?”

I shook my head, “I killed him.”

“You killed your first creation! Are you serious?” Hoseok slightly yelled in shock.

“He dared to challenge me once, and God noticed his presence, so I had no other option other than eliminating him,” I defended.

“I don’t understand,” Jungkook blankly said.

“God showed up in my room after I created the demon by a couple of days, and he tried to end him, but he couldn’t,” I explained.

“This is something I can never believe. How can’t God get rid of something you created?” Hoseok wondered.

“Remember when I said that Dowen was holding a deadly angelic weapon?” Both Hoseok and Kookie nodded, so I continued “An Angelic weapon is actually something that belongs to God. I created demons so I’ll be the only one who can end them. God created angels and humans so he can eliminate them. To kill our own creation we need to use something of our own to do that.”

Hoseok gulped while hesitantly asking, “Does this make you the Demon’s God?”

I nodded then looked at Jungkook as he said, “but God can kill you Taehyung, can’t he?”

“No, he can’t, not anymore.”

Hoseok snorted in disbelief, making me roll my eyes “that’s none sense! God created you which means that he can kill you. Your explanation doesn’t add up.”

“I have grace which he can take. I have a human heart which he can take, but I have a soul which he can’t take,” I slowly elaborated.

Kookie massaged his temples while murmuring, “this is fucked up.”

“God originally created me with only a human heart and Grace but throughout my time in Hell, a soul grew in me.”

“You know I can’t fully understand what you said, but I’ll make sure to tell Jimin this story,” Hoseok said as he stood up ready to leave but stopped with his back facing me, uttering “Taehyung!”

I looked at him humming as he proceeded, “you know! I want to keep remembering your name, right?”

Happiness maybe was an explanation of my inner feeling now, so I nodded with a smile, saying “Sure why not.”

“I’ll make sure to let everyone keep remembering your name,” he said those words and disappeared leaving me with Jungkook. I looked at the window avoiding him.

“The sun is rising, Yoongi is about to wake up,” I ignored him.

“Taehyung, you don’t have to feel pressured. I don’t care if my feelings for you are just because you are my creator, but there is something you didn’t tell me. If God forgave you for killing the 1st human, why were you imprisoned?”

I bit my lips and sighed because of his frustrating questions, “because I created evil which means I was contaminated.”

“You just said that God put evil in every human, how does this make you the creator of evil? Taehyung, what are you hiding?”


I can’t say more than that.

Suddenly, Jungkook yelled, “speak taehyung enough with your bullshit and go straight to the point.”

I closed my eyes while yelling back, “I was locked because if I stayed in heaven while breaking one of its rules, it will influence the rest of the Angels to do the same and same thing goes to the humans.”

“Did he make an example out of you, even though he forgave you?” I approved his words by nodded as he continued, “what was the rule you broke?”

“Creating,” I gave an immediate answer.

“Is anyone capable of doing that?”

“The only horseman who can do that alongside God and me is Birth.”

Before Jungkook could ask more, Yoongi yawned, making both of us turn to look at him. I internally thanked hell for making Yoongi walk up, but honestly, it was me who did that. I didn’t want Jungkook to ask me more questions than that so I implanted a very short nightmare in Yoongi’s head which thankfully woke him up.

I put down the barrier making Yoongi see and hear us as he said, “Taehyung, you look like shit!” He then looked at Jungkook while giving a suddenly serious face, “why are you frowning?” He paused as he sensed the weird atmosphere and now looked at me while saying, “did I miss something?”

You missed 5 whole chapters Yoongi.

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