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3- The Demon


“Aren’t you tired already? You’ve tried everything. Believe me pal, nothing will make me scream in pain,” I sighed before proceeding in one go, “First you broke my limbs, then attach them, but then again you break them; not only that but you also tried removing my head which actually worked, but you attached it back again. Listen! There’s nothing you do will kill me, and you’re already aware of that.”

Namjoon rubbed his temples in helplessness which was obvious to me. “You are so talkative considering your situation. Why don’t you want to tell me where the Devil is?” he raised his voice a little at the end, maybe attempting to scare me or something.

“Why do you want to find him in the first place?” I frowned, wanting to know the exact answer to my question; however, his answer was the same for the past hour or so.

“Simply, because rule number 1 is to keep the Devil inside hell, but as you can clearly see, he is missing, and it’s my responsibility to find him.” He paused, taking some steps towards me, adding, “You are the only being, who knows his place so speak up before I lose my temper.”

I rolled my eyes at the expected answer, trying to provoke him, “So go on find him, and please lose.Your.Temper.” I made sure to show him a smirk after pronouncing the last 3 words separately, trying to highlight their importance.

Angels and their stupid rules: keep the Devil inside hell, never befriend the Devil, torment the Souls in Hell, look after the Humans and so many more. Waah! Really too many rules.

“This is useless,” Namjoon whispered to himself, but it was high enough for me to hear of course, who are you kidding it’s me.

“HOSEOK,” he yelled another Angel’s name which made me roll my eyes, knowing that this stupid search will never end unless they find Tae.

In a blink of an eye, the so-called Angel Hoseok appeared in front of Namjoon, kneeling. “Yes,” he said, waiting for orders to be threaded.

“It’s time for you to hunt the Devil.”

Here came the hunter, but guess what! Your prey is unreachable. Have fun trying Angel.


“Yes, sir! I’ll do everything to bring him back to Hell.”


I directed my words to the hunter while planning on pissing him off, “What a loyal Angel! Hard luck finding him. You have the entire universe to search for him.”


They’ll never ever think about going to Earth-

“Start by going to Earth, he might be there hiding,” Namjoon’s words almost made me choke.

Shit! That was faster than I expected.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one confused as Hoseok asked perplexed, “Earth? But he hates Humans. Why would he find shelter there?”

“Humans are the only creatures who are able to hide his evil aura, and right now I can’t feel it which means that he is already on Earth hiding. Go find him and don’t come before having a clue,” Namjoon explained, making Hoseok nod and vanish into thin air.

Namjoon approached me then started to remove the chains one after the other. I looked at him confused for the nth time.

What is he doing?

“Why the sudden change of heart?” I asked.

“It’s useless getting any information from you, so I’m letting you go. I don’t want to waste more time on you,” he paused but looked back at me, telling me to leave.

Huh! Just like that.

“You are so unexpected. One second you say you’ll lose your temper and the other you become so calm,” I said while grabbing some clothes to put on.

“I’m an Angel. I can control myself,” Namjoon said those words, glancing at me then disappeared as well.


Now I’m alone. I need to find Taehyung. Looks like I’ll go on a trip. I raised my right hand to look at it then I sighed again, as I twisted my fingers in order for it to go back to its original position.

I looked at my fingers a little pissed, murmuring, “Really that Angel forgot to put you back in place.”

I moved my fingers, and when I made sure that they were all in place, I decided to go to Earth and look for Taehyung. It took me less than a second to land on Earth.

Oh! It’s night time here. Where are you Taetae? I thought to myself, as I licked my lips and felt my eyes glowing.

High building, loud cars’ horns, humans shouting, crying, gunshots. Wow Wow. Hold on! So much to hear. I need to stop this.

I tried to control my hearing ability, which only took a couple of seconds to suppress-

“Oh! You look hurt. You need medical attention,” a human female spoke whom I didn’t know where she came from.

I looked at her confused for a second, and before I could process anything, I felt her hand on my face rubbing a deep cut which didn’t heal yet.

I don’t have healing abilities; Taehyung usually does this part. He used to be an Angel so he can heal, but then he was cursed to be a Devil. Why! I really don’t know.

I took a step back brushing off the girl’s hand then disappeared going to another location on Earth. I don’t know if I should call that teleportation, but suddenly I felt a strong sensation.

“Bingo! Taehyung you were just here,” I said, as I leaned down to hold the dead ball and sniff it.

My eyes glowed as I felt the evil aura surrounding it, then I quickly tried to erase it because I don’t want the Angels to find him no matter what.

He’s been locked in hell for so long, it’s time for him to be free, and I’ll make sure to help and protect him. He is the only one who is capable of killing me, not even the Angels can; only the Devil can kill a Demon.

Yes, that’s what I am a Demon. A sinful human Spirit that because of torture turned into a Demon. Now I feel no pain, I just enjoy it.

I think I became numb from all the torture I received or maybe for another reason that I really don’t know about, yet.

I kept walking in a straight line, hoping that Tae might have taken the same route. Luckily, little by little I started to feel a strong sensation but not a pleasant one. However, I didn’t care much and just kept walking towards it. What am I doing?


Eventually, I stood in front of a random house.


Let’s freak some humans out, I thought to myself while grinning, feeling excitement rush all over my body.

I knocked on the door, and a few seconds later the door opened, a woman did. “Yes! How can I help you?” she asked while holding the doorknob, peeking her head out.

“Have you seen the Devil?”

“What?” she looked at me in disgust and confusion at the same time.

Maybe that wasn’t freaky enough. Hmm maybe if i-

She placed her hand on her mouth and was about to scream but with my powers I made her scream go silent.

I placed a finger in my ear then blow some air on it after taking it out, waiting for her to calm down from just seeing my eyes change colors.

Humans are so fragile and easy to scare.

A moment later, I gave her voice back when she stopped screaming, but she was still panicking though, “What are you, and what do you want from me?”

I didn’t answer her question, but instead, I repeated my earlier question, “Did you see the Devil? He is the same height as me and has long, actually veeerry long red hair. Ah right, and he is really handsome.”

“H-he w-was with the student Y-Yoongi from next door’s house,” She stuttered.

I smiled at her then swiftly broke her neck, pushed her back inside the house then closed the door pretending like nothing ever happened.

I proudly rubbed my hands together after finishing the job, “Good! Now let’s find that Human Yoongi.”

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