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30- The Creeps


English, literature, Science and now math, I wonder what’s the point of going to school!

I sighed and looked at Taehyung who was sitting right beside me and guess what! He is staring at me. I gave him a cold gaze in return, asking “What are you doing?”

He happily smiled at me, making me shiver as I waited for the most cringy thing from him to say “loving you,” He said with his hand resting on the desk under his chin.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him, mumbling “Whatever.”

I looked back at the equations written on the board trying to decode it, but unfortunately, I didn’t understand a thing. Exams are coming, and I need to catch up. Seems like I’ll have to give Jin-hyung a visit. He’ll scold me if I failed his subject. I sighed as I thought the mess my visit will bring.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the bell rang and teacher Jin called for my name. “Yoongi! You’ve been spaced out during almost all the class. Did something happen to you?” he paused for a second before whispering, “Are they your parents again?”

I shook my head as a no, saying “it’s just- something was in my mind-“. I bit my lower lip and played with my earlobe, continuing “hmm can I ask to visit you later because I think I’ll fail in both Math and English.”

Jin laughed at me, making me feel a little embarrassed for asking, but guess what! I have no other choice, “Okay fine. I don’t mind. Tomorrow is off anyway so come at 10 am. You already have the address.”

“Yeah! I’ll be there at 10,” I replied, as he waved at me then left for his next class. I looked behind me, seeing Taehyung crossing his arms while glaring at me.

I innocently shrugged, seeing that Tae was acting possessive, "What! why do I feel like I’ve been caught cheating.”

He uncrossed his arms, as he whined more “you just said you’ll go visit him which is technically cheating.”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, knowing that it’s just the side effect of the Wynedis nothing more “I’m not going to even explain that I’m going there to study.”

“You just did,” he grinned, showing an uncommonly cute boxy smile.

I ignored him then left to get lunch; however, this time we sat in the school’s cafeteria. Sure thing, both jungkook and taehyung didn’t have plates since they don’t eat. I was only one sitting with food in front of me.

“Are you really going to Jin’s house?” Taehyung asked with his palm under his chin and his eyes looking at me, disparately asking not to go.

I looked back at my food, only focusing on eating while lazily replying him, “Yeah! my midterms are in 4 days.”

“Oh! We’re going to his house?” Jungkook asked with a spark in his eyes that certainly caught my attention, as I glanced at him before going back to focus on eating.

“Yeah! can you two stop with the questions? I want to eat in peace.”

Suddenly, I caught sight of a female student who came and sat beside Jungkook. “Hi kookie!” She softened her voice as she could.

I rolled my eyes as I could see what will come next. I hope it’s not a sex scene because she’ll get hella scared the moment she knows jungkook is actually a demon. I smirked and ate in silence, watching the play which is about to start.

“Hi!” Jungkook spoke back uncomfortably then ignored her and looked back at Taehyung.

AND here we go, she said it “Are you single?”

Jungkook narrowed his eyes at her as he turned to face her, saying “Yeah I am. how will that information help you?”

“Maybe we can be a thing. You are good looking, and I need someone to take care of me.”

Kookie poked the inside of his cheek with his tongue, thinking for a second before pointing at Taehyung, saying “if you tell me his name, I’ll be your boyfriend.”

The girl jumped excitedly “Oh my god! really!” she ran to Taehyung, who was sitting opposite to Jungkook “What’s your name?”

I giggled internally. As if he is going to tell y-

“It’s Taehyung. Good luck!” I snapped my head at him, seeing a smirk on his face. Did he just say his name to a random person?

Jungkook on the other side of the table slammed his hand on the table annoyingly, yelling at Taehyung “Yah! Why did you tell her your name? Are you stupid?”

“I actually thought it’ll be fun that’s all.”

The girl ran to jungkook clinging onto his arm while smiling widely and cheerfully said, “Now there is no way to turn me down.”

Jungkook lost his temper as he harshly removed his arm from her unpleasant grip, threatening her “Leave before I spank you to death, and I’m not interested in dumb girls.”

She almost teared up and finally left us alone. Jungkook looked at me huffing hot air obviously annoyed, “Why are girls annoying?”

Tae, on the other hand, patted my head, proudly saying, “no one is good as my Yoongi”.

I quickly slapped his hand away from above my head, looking at him in disgust. “Yah! stop that! You are creeping me out.”

“You have no idea how much I’m holding myself back from devouring you.”

Since I became pissed by his attitude, I stood up, deciding on leaving “Okay fine that’s it. I’m leaving.”

“Why are you so harsh on me darling!” Tae whined, but-

I literally almost dropped dead after hearing the nickname. Did he just fucking call me darling! No no. That’s a big no no for me.

I angrily held him from his ear and dragged him out of the cafeteria to somewhere where there is no one to listen to our upcoming conversation.

Taehyung kept quaking and holding my hand trying to remove it from his ear the whole way. I finally stopped somewhere and let go of his ear.

I angrily throw words at him, “Listen there, Devil! I am not your darling, your baby, your kitten or your whatever the heck comes to your mind cause I am a man who is 100 per cent straight and won’t accept any foul words coming out of my school mates’ mouth because of your irresponsible behaviour.”

Taehyung’s facial expressions suddenly started to change from feeling sorry to evil. He kept taking brave steps towards me whereas, on the other hand, I was moving backwards, maybe a little afraid.

My body started to feel weak. I don’t know why though. I quickly extended my hand in front of me, trying to make him a distance between us “What are you doing? Taehyung!”

He didn’t stop until I was the one, who was forced to stop by the presence of a wall behind me. I took a quick glance at the wall then looked back in front of me and cursed under my breath.

“You! you put a curse on me. Then you claim that I will be good to you!” He stopped walking where my hand was, as he looked down at my hand then back at me, continuing “Everyone pays for his mistakes.”

Before my eyes could render my surroundings, Tae pushed both my arms beside my sides and with his crimson red eyes he looked at me, whispering “There is no way out of this, so you better surrender already.”

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