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31- The Unpleasant Feeling


No way out of this?

I want to push him away, but my eyes were caught in his crimson red eyes. My body feels paralyzed, not only that but also my breathing is getting heavier by the second. I need to stop him, but will he really stop?

My mouth felt dry, and my tongue was tied; I want to talk, but I’m unable to.

“Can you feel how much power my aura holds?” His voice was unnaturally deep more like a deep echoic growl.

I couldn’t even nod my head. His spell was too strong for me. He is really the Devil, but evil! I doubt that.

He hummed as I felt his hot breath and for a second I thought it was gonna burn my skin so I closed my eyes in fear.

“Oh! You seem to be unable to talk too.” He paused, making me open my eyes to see him smirk “such a shame!”

His voice was still low but more mocking as I could feel that. Those red orbs now turned to brown again, but his distance from me stayed unchanged.

My eyes moved quickly to see his raising hand which moved slowly towards my cheeks to cares them, “are you afraid of me Yoongi?”

His hand gesture surely felt unpleasant to me. He needs to stop or else I’ll lose my mind in no time. His eyes changed back! Does this mean he is just playing around now?

I gulped loudly before saying, “what if I said no?”

“Not afraid!” He titled his head in confusion.

I kept my eyes locked with his beautiful ones as I said confidently, “you are the Devil, but you aren’t evil.”

“Are you seriously listening to yourself?” Tae giggled.

“People who are always told they aren’t good, will grow up believing it and live accordingly,” I stated with a serious tone.

However, He started laughing historically at my words, letting me go and only focusing on laughing which left me confused.

“You are hilarious Yoongi. Oh, my name! I can’t stop laughing.”

Out of nowhere, he suddenly slammed me against the wall and gazed at me with his unnaturally beautiful crimson red orbs.

Tae whispered in my ears, catching me off-guard “Kookie was right. Humans are naïve.” He smashed his lips against mine. As I felt every second passing like a year or so, I stood stunned.

What’s that? I pushed his chest quickly with all the force I could possibly have.

“What in the world are you trying to prove to me? Huh! Do you want me to hate you! Fine then. I fucking hate you, so stay the hell away from me,” I yelled.

I was so furious and angry at how he’s acting around me. I left him there and went to my next class which already started minutes ago. The teacher gave me some looks but didn’t say anything to me.

I went to sit in my place then looked beside me and Jungkook was not in sight. Those 2 will probably fail every single subject, and I’ll pray for it with all my heart.

Later this day after school time, I went to my part-time jobs and miraculously I finished earlier than usual. I went back to my house and was met with the smell of alcohol and some other shitty scents.

My father was sitting on the couch with tones of already burned cigarettes and some bottles of Soju on a small table in front of him. My mother, on the other hand, wasn’t present at the moment.

With a glass in his hand, he said “yah brat! Why are you early today?”

I didn’t reply to him and just placed the money on the table in front of him then walked away, but he grabbed my arm harshly stopping me. I winced and tried to hide my other shaky hand.

“How did you get this amount of money when you returned this early!?” He suddenly smirked and leaned back on the couch with one leg on the other, continuing “did you finally find a sugar daddy!”

“The restaurant I work at became popular so I got a raise,” I replied in a calm tone. Him belittling me and accusing me is not something new, it’s like I’ve become numb from his words.

Ever since Jungkook and Taehyung started coming to the restaurant, it became hectic there and only a few asked for delivery.

Thankfully he didn’t ask more and just let me go. I went to my room, did my homework then went to bed waiting for my alarm to wake me at 9 am for my visit to hyung.

I sighed loudly and said with my eyes closed “I know you are here Taehyung,” He didn’t reply me or talk back, so I opened my eyes but didn’t get up from bed still laying down. “I can feel your breathing too, you know!” I continued.

Taehyung suddenly showed up with his face inches away from mine as I expected. “Since when did you feel my presence?” Were the first things he said.

I turned the other side so my back faced him while I said, “I’ve actually never lost it in the first place.” I received a hum followed by an Okay which confused me so I turned back to look at him, asking “didn’t you come to apologize?”

He grinned, gaining a confused look from me “no! Actually, I was waiting for you to sleep so I can inject your brain with tones of nightmares of me making love to you.”


I got up and started hitting his head hysterically while yelling at him. “JUST FUCKING APOLOGIZE. STOP TRYING TO PROVE YOU ARE EVIL.” I roared in anger at him then pushed him away from my bed with my leg, continuing “Stay away from me until I tell you otherwise.”

Suddenly, he disappeared from in front of my eyes and appeared on the bed behind me with his head resting on his hand and smiling widely.

I rolled my eyes at him, mumbling with my voice one pitch high, “you are the most annoying creature I’ve ever met.”

“Believe me, kookie is more annoying than I’ll ever be.”

“Oh! Where is he anyway?”

He grinned, “with Jin.”

“Are they a thing already?” I gasped.

“He is trying.”

I sighed and slid under the covers, uttering “leave I want to sleep.”

However, he clung onto me, saying “okay let’s sleep.”

I pushed his arm from around my waist as I massaged my temples in frustration, “you don’t sleep Taehyung.”

“Fine then sleep and I’ll watch you.” He threw his arm again around my waist, but this time I let as I warned, “don’t try anything funny when I’m sleeping.”

“Shuuush, just sleep,” He whispered.

I was too tired to bicker with him, so I let him do whatever the hell he wants.

Next morning I woke up, hearing my alarm ringing so I got up and thankfully Taehyung was up already. I did my daily routine then told my mother that I’m going to Jin-Hyung’s place.

A few minutes later I reached his house, so I pressed the bell button and Guess what!

Jungkook opened the door for me-

If this isn’t the surprise then how about

Jungkook opened the door for me-


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