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32- The Normano


Yoongi looked stunned there for a second when he saw Jungkook. Where is the devil! it’s weird to see Yoongi without being with him-

“Hi! I’m here if you are wondering where am I!” The Devil suddenly raised his hand while giving me an eerie smile.

“Do you read minds too?” I asked in confusion, receiving a giggle from him “no it was just written all over your face.”

He invited himself inside the house while holding Yoongi’s hand. I raised an eyebrow with my eyes following them and especially their intertwined fingers then looked at Jungkook, giving him the-wtf-look.

“Ignore them” Jungkook grinned as he closed the door and dragged me from the back of my shirt. “Yah yah yaah! let go of me,” I whined.

He gave me a cunning smile, saying “come continue your work. I feel like there are 3 more dislocated bones.”

I forcefully released myself from his grip and dusted myself, “fine, fine. I’m not gonna run away.” He giggled, making me roll my eyes.

Both of us went back inside the living room as we saw Yoongi crossing his arms with knitted eyebrows while firmly spitting at Jungkook, “you better explain why the hell you are shirtless, and-” He paused for a sec as he turned to look at me, giving a fake smile, “you! what are you doing here?”

“Which one of us do you want to answer first?” Jungkook teased Yoongi, receiving a sigh from him, “you speak up.”

“I didn’t want to intrude on you and Taehyung,” he smirked.

Taehyung, that’s the Devil’s name right!

Yoongi directed his focus toward Taehyung, who was sitting on the couch opposite him, “did he just say that or did I hallucinate for a second!”

“Yeah he did,” Tae nodded proudly. I feel lost, but guess what! I just came here to help Jungkook- sigh- Angels shouldn’t lie. I actually came here to keep an eye on the devil. I want to know more.

“I’ll just expect that you came here to fuck around Jin-hyung,” Yoongi’s voice snapped me back to reality as I saw his victorious smile. However, the sound of a chock, turned all our heads towards it which belonged to the human teacher.

“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that plus why would I FUCK around with a DEMON!” Jin ended his words with a fake smile which made Yoongi’s eyes widen in shock as he figured out that Jin knows about the demon and the Devil, actually and me.

“Did they tell you?” Yoongi’s angry tone made Taehyung roll his eyes.

Jin nodded then raised his chin a little to point at me, saying “yeah hoseok told me.” His gaze changed from looking at me to looking at Tae, continuing “he also told me something interesting about your name Mr.Devil which is Taehyung since Jungkook mentioned it already. Does this mean I’ll forget it when you leave?”

“Yeah” Was Tae’s answer.

“Good! now I have an explanation for not remembering your name, so I’ll call you redhead"

Tae laughed sarcastically, replying “okay whatever pleases you, is fine with me.”

“Why aren’t you panicking?” Yoongi questioned Jin, hearing a snort from Jungkook in response who uttered, “he already did hours ago. You won’t believe what happened when Mr.Angel here told him about us-”

“Whatever not interested,” Yoongi interrupted Kookie while rolling his eyes as he turned to direct his words to Jin, “I came here to study, how will this work then?”

Jin took him and obviously, Taehyung followed them, leaving both Jungkook and me behind to continue my never-ending work. The two of us sat on the couch for me to continue putting back the dislocated bones, Namjoon originally was the cause of. Jungkook’s back was facing me; I placed my palm on his back, closed my eyes and tried to do what I was asked to do.

Jungkook kept humming and shifting in his seat, but he suddenly gasped, making me sigh in annoyance with my eyes still closed, “I remembered its name finally. How did I forget something like that!”

I hit his bareback, replying “stop talking and moving let me concentrate.”

“look over there!”

I sighed then opened my eyes looking at a bunch of similar flowers placed neatly in a transparent vase. “Did you seriously stop me just to look at those flowers?”

“Aren’t the Normano flowers beautiful enough to watch!” he shrugged innocently.

I took a glance at one more time, sighing loudly “Dumbass, these are called Anemone flowers. The Normano flowers don’t have these meany whiskey stamens, and it also has petals smaller in size.”

[Anemone Flowers]

“Ohhhh! You’re right.”

“Stupid Demon.”

I closed my eyes again, and when I was about to continue my work, my body stopped functioning for a second.


How does he know about this species!

“Jungkook,” I firmly called his name, ready to question him.

“Did you finish?” he answered.

“Did you go to heaven before?”

“Do you think a demon like me can step a foot in Heaven?” He snorted before continuing, “and to tell the truth I’m not interested in your Heaven. Why did you ask?”

“Simply because there are no Normano flowers on Earth or hell Jungkook. How did you know that name?” I raised a questioning eyebrow.

He paused to think but suddenly shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe Taehyung spoke of it once before. Does it exist in heaven only?”

“Yeah! That’s really weird.”

“Yah, yah! stop overthinking and finish up quickly. I can’t wait to go see how things are going with Taehyung and Yoongi.”

I closed my eyes again and went back to cure him while saying, “Why are you here at Jin’s place?”

He smirked, and his eyes glowed as I could see them in the reflection of the vase which was at a fair distance. He evilly licked his lips, uttering “to have my share of fun.”

I gave him a disgusted look before saying, “don’t defile the pure Human with your demonic aura”

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle with him.”

“You are seriously disgusting.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” he giggled, gaining a hit from on his back lightly telling him that I finished, so he stood up and took his shirt which was thrown on one of the living room chairs.

“Thanks! And I hope this doesn’t happen again.”

“I hope you become an Angel,” I faked a smile mixed with a smirk.

“Okay fine. Now I know it’ll happen again,” he rolled his eyes and disappeared from my sight maybe went to the others. I didn’t follow him though but looked at the vase wondering. I took some steps towards it, leaned down and smelled it.

“Yeah, that’s not a Normano.”

A/N: ‘Normano’ is a made-up name apparently I enjoy naming xD

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