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33- The Rumors

Jin’s POV

After tutoring Yoongi a chapter, I gave him some questions to solve so I can speak with Taehyung. “Hey, Taehyung! can I ask you to come with me outside for a second?”

Taehyung rubbed his hair, half protesting “No I can’t leave Yoongi’s side.”


I rolled my eyes, reassuring “Don’t worry! I won’t sell you to God just come with me” I pulled his arm, but Yoongi fake coughed, grabbing my attention. “It’s okay. You can put the barrier Tae or whatever you call that thing to prevent me from hearing.”

However, Taehyung crossed his arms and said, “Nope! I have nothing to hide from MY Yoongi”

He made sure to stress on the word ‘My’ to provoke Yoongi, who threw his book at him, replying “I’m not YOUR Yoongi. Stop assuming things.”

Looks like the rumours are right

“You are. Don’t try to deny it,” Taehyung growled while rubbing his arm.

“How about you tell me why you went to hell?” My sudden words made Taehyung’s eyes widened in shock and snap his fingers in front of him.

He faked a smile before saying, “and that’s something I don’t want him to hear.”

I heard Yoongi sighing in the background as he picked back his book from the floor then went back to his seat, whispering “looks like there is something he is hiding from me.”

Taehyugn rubbed his temples and while huffing he said, “listen! there are 2 things you don’t need to know. 1st the reason why I was cast away, and 2nd which is why I can’t stay away from Yoongi.”

“Why can’t you stay away from Yoongi!”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” He roared in frustration.

I sassily said, crossing my arms “do I look like I’m that kind of person who will listen to the Devil?”

“And do you think the devil can be talked back to!”

I heavily sighed, “okay fine we need to stop bickering. Anyway, don’t hurt Yoongi. That’s all that I wanted to say.”

“I’m not like his father.”

I suddenly widened my eyes in shook, “do you know?”

“I actually killed him once before,” He smirked.


He ruffed his hair while saying with zero care in the world, “but Yoongi begged me to bring him back to life so I did.”

I exhaled in thankfulness while placing my hand on my chest, “you scared the shit out of me.”

“You need to be.” His eyes suddenly darkened, but all that he received from me, was me rolling my eyes and a “Whatever” left my mouth.

I walked towards Yoongi and placed my hand on his head which made him look at me and give me a small cute smile which I gave in return. I glanced at Taehyung, who clearly looked pissed.

Are they really in a relationship?

I sat down back to where I was before and initiated a conversation, calling Yoongi’s name “Yoongi!”

“Yeah! did you both finish already?” he answered while looking at me confused.

“Yeah! I want to ask you something since Taehyung won’t give me an answer.”

“If I know the answer, I will. What is it?” He shrugged.

“Are you two together?”

My question made him raise an eyebrow at me, and his nose scrunched as he said, “hyung are you serious?”

“There are rumours at school Yoongi” I confessed.

“Rumors? what kind of rumours!”

I crossed my arms, starting the questioning session “a student said that he saw you two kissing in school. Is that true?”

Yoongi widened his eyes and immediately looked at Taehyung. Yoongi exhaled with a frown then looked back at me, giving me a forced smile making him look like he’s holding in an outburst. “What’s the name of the person who saw us?”


“I’ll tell Taehyung to erase his memory-”

Yoongi couldn’t continue his words as Taehyung sudden chuckle filled the room, interrupting “who said I’ll do that for free?”

He smirked, making me roll my eyes at his statement which clearly was meant to be something I shouldn’t know about. So I ignored him and continued my talk with Yoongi, “His name doesn’t matter now because the entire school knows. How are you going to deal with that?”

“He’ll deal with it,” Yoongi insisted to keep throwing the problem at Taehyung, who innocently shrugged and replied, “still not doing that for free.”

Yoongi slammed his books close and placed them in his backpack along with his pen. He angrily stood up, putting the bag on his back and walked towards the door ready to leave, but Taehyung held his hand which Yoongi yanked away, clearly showing his dislike.

“Don’t touch me. How many times did I say that already!” Yoongi pushed Taehyung’s chest angrily, forcing him to take some steps back which really surprised me, so I quickly stood up and made sure to block Tae’s face from Yoongi’s

“Hey! calm down. We can figure things out.”

I tried to calm Yoongi down as I could, but he suddenly yelled in utter frustration, “calm down! the whole fucking school thinks I’m gay because of that fucking Devil.”

I ignored the outburst and looked at Taehyung, who didn’t look guilty. “Do you know how to solve this?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Good!” I looked back at Yoongi, trying to baby him out of this problem which happens to anger him, “see he’ll fix it.”

However, Taehyung was of zero help and his words always found a way to increase Yoongi’s rage, “I clearly said I won’t do anything for free.”

“You know I can make you pay for this right!”

“You can’t threaten me, Human,” Taehyung replied back to Yoongi.

Yoongi stormed in front of Taehyung, yelling “Yes I can, and I know that you can’t hurt me cause that will hurt you too. You better be grateful that I’m still hanging on and didn’t decide to kill myself yet just for your fucking sake. My life is not the perfect life, you know.”

“Yelling at me won’t do you any good human,” Taehyung looked down at Yoongi.

Yoongi moved away from Taehyung and went to take his things from the table we were studying on then stood in front of me, saying “Hold him down as long as you can. I’m leaving.”

I tilted my head not understanding but immediately held Taehyung’s arm when he was about to follow Yoongi out, saying “where do you think you are going?”

He looked at my hand then back at me, giving me a disgusted look “Are you serious!”

“Yeah I am! He told me to hold you back. I sure thing don’t know why but I’m at least do as the kid asks.”

“He’s getting further. I don’t like that,” Taehyung said in a warning tone.

Can he sense his presence! Is he kind of a distance sensor or what?

He removed his arm from my grip then walked towards the door, but I was faster to close it, and I said while wiggling my eyebrows at him, “not too fast Devil.”

“It’s starting to sting, and I don’t like the feeling. Move away,” Taehyung said and pushed my hand away, making a ‘huh’ sound escape my mouth while quickly grabbing his arm again to make him turn his attention to me, but he furrowed instead while threatening me with his words “My dumb heart is aching, so piss off.” With that, he pushed me with more force to get away from my grip and I let him.

I stood there shocked, trying to process what he said when Jungkook suddenly showed up in front of me, ruffling his hair in annoyance, and I swear I heard him cursing, “Can you not interfere between Ta- the Devil and Yoongi?”

“But why can you?” I raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

“Because I’m his friend, duh!”

“You sound proud being the Devil’s friend,” I stated, a little bit perplexed.

Jungkook titled his head at me, saying as if it was the most obvious thing ever “Demons should be proud of being friends with the Devil.” He paused for a second, looking a little lost but his bright smile suddenly appeared, continuing “I’ll visit you again, Jin, since I couldn’t do what I originally came for” He ended his words with a wink.

Originally came for?

“Yaaaaah! you brat come back here,” I yelled at him, but he turned around, giving me a finger heart instead then disappeared in thin air. I stood there rooted then collapsed on my butt.

“What did I get myself into!!”

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