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34- The Long Time No See


I left Jin’s house, following Yoongi and when I saw him, I pulled his arm and turned him harshly to face me. “What is wrong with you?” I asked.

He twisted his mouth in disbelief and stood there silently which made me confused. “Yoongi!” I called his name again.

“Yes,” he replied emotionlessly.

I looked at my hand which was holding his and let it go slowly then I looked back into his eyes. Ah! How I wish if I could read your mind.

“I’m seriously not in the mood right now, so if you want to stay with me, be silent.” His words along with his facial expressions made me a little hesitant which didn’t feel pleasant at all. I looked at the floor but raised it again when I heard him whisper my name.


On the other hand, he was far away and the pain in my chest increased so I took some strides forward, but then again I heard my name being called in a faint whisper.

I turned around searching for the source, but I couldn’t find it so I ignored it and took some steps towards Yoongi, who was now almost out of my sight.

Suddenly I stood in my place the moment I heard my name, being clearly called coming from behind me, so I quickly turned around seeing God in front of me. My eyes widened in shock and worry.

I averted my eyes to look around me, feeling worried about the number of humans present at the moment. “Humans will see you,” For some reason my worried tone made him chuckle.

“Do you think you are the only one who can be invisible to humans?”

I smiled as well and hid my presence too, waiting for him to say what he came for but instead, he said, “How are you doing Taehyung~ah?”

“I can clearly see your gaze on the mark which is burning my chest right now.”

“You allowed them to do that with your free will, you know,” He stated, receiving an approving hum from me, “yeah I know.”

“Do you want me to get rid of the curse for you?” he raised his hand ready to release me from the curse.

“You didn’t say what it will cost me!” I brushed away his hand. He sighed and moved in the same direction as Yoongi, answering “the human.”

The conversation was going smoothly until this part, I tilted my head and the gears in my brain moved a little faster than normal, trying to understand his words. “Yoongi?” his name came out as more of a question.


“But if he dies, I’ll be in pain. Are you here to mock me?” I rolled my eyes. Why did I think he is here to help?

“The curse is on your human heart Tae which means if you took out your human heart, the curse ends with it,” He explained.

I take in what he said and narrow my eyes, asking “but how will that affect Yoongi!”

“His heart will stop beating the second yours stop,” He casually said as if killing a human now is something acceptable.

“Okay, wait wait, what! Does this mean he is immortal now since I won’t ever die?” I perplexedly asked.

He instead laughed, leaving me in a daze of thoughts “no he is still a human with a life span.”

I sighed in relief with my palm on my heart. “Good! I’ll wait then,” I said as I turned around after giving him a wink and quick goodbye, but he held my arm so I looked back at him.

“Why torture yourself when you can free yourself? You know how to release yourself.”

“I’ll answer that when you answer a question for me.”

He let go of my hand and crossed his arms looking at me “okay then go on, and remember I’m going to answer your question because I want to, not because I want to know your answer.”

I sniggered at his words, “I’ll keep that in mind. Anyway, can you tell me why didn’t you punish Death?”

“Death!” he held a bewilderment expression.

Okay. So now he is trying to act dumb. To kill a God’s creation, something from God needs to be used and the only weapon in heaven which can create Angels is Death’s weapon.

“Dowen took his weapon to kill Namjoon don’t act as if you didn’t know about it,” I rolled my eyes because now I’m the one who is explaining things to God. Shouldn’t he be aware of that already?

He sighed and started explaining, “Fine I’ll tell you. Dowen paid for that by going to hell. You were locked and soon after, heaven was in chaos. I was already making the humans, and there was no more time to do another Death.”

I rubbed my hair, looking at the floor and ahead of me, making sure Yoongi was sight proximity. A long pause was filling the air for me to think.

God made Dowen pay for his sin by going to hell. The same thing happened with me for breaking 2 rules. 1: killing and 2: creating. However come to think about it, Death did a mistake too. He was irresponsible towards God’s Scythe, but guess what! Being irresponsible wasn’t or isn’t one of the rules.

“Dowen is out of hell, you know!” I stated while still walking the 2 of us side to side, invisible to the world.

“Everything happens in Heaven, Hell or Earth is after my consent, don’t think I’m letting things go unrolled little Devil,” he said with a proud smile on his face.

However, I rolled my eyes at that last word he said as I whined saying, “not you too, and seriously was it necessary to make no one remember my name, isn’t that a little harsh!”

I received a harsh hit on my head, making me release a pained groan “you broke 2 roles, and you are complaining about the punishment! Plus you need to be grateful since I let you tell Hoseok your story. Not to mention the fact that Jimin remembers your name. So come again. Am I still bad?”

I huffed which made my bangs rise up in the process. “Okay fine. It doesn’t matter now anyway. I’ll ask one last question before answering yours.” He nodded, so I asked, “Why did you decide on letting me off the hook?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he ignored my question. Guess, that question is for another time.

“So what was your question again!?” I brushed off my earlier question.

“Why torture yourself when you can free it instead?” He repeated himself.

“I know whatever I say won’t convince you, but I’m not saving myself to help Yoongi. A human you’ve been neglecting.”

“You know everyone here on Earth is there to be tested. But, I still don’t understand until when you’ll be torturing yourself?”

“That’s 2 questions, we didn’t agree on that” I grinned and winked at him while running off, but I heard his loud voice, “you asked me like a million questions child.”

“You didn’t stop me, old man,” I yelled back but saw a glimmer of his smile instead which for some reason lessened the pain I was feeling all this time I was away from Yoongi.

Soon after I reached Yoongi’s house, I saw him sitting on his bed with his books spread around him probably studying. “You’ll fail,” he informed me without looking at me as if stating the inevitable future.

“I won’t,” I protested with full confidence on display.

However, Yoongi faked a smile at me, reassuring “you will.” His smile faded in a split of a second and went to focus on his studying.

I looked around as I couldn’t see Jungkook so I turned to Yoongi, “where is Jungkook?”

“How should I know?” He fidgeted with his pencil turning it on his finger.

“Okay, I’ll look for him.”

“Taehyung, who were you talking to back then?” He suddenly asked while finally looking up at me but a ‘Huh’ left my mouth not understanding to whom he was referring to. “When I walked away, you stood there talking with someone invisible. Who was that?”

“You didn’t see him right!?” I raised a questioning eyebrow.

“No I didn’t see him, so who was that?”

I grinned as I leaned towards him with a smug smile on my face “Why! Do you happen to feel jealous?”

He rose his pencil in front of me, stating “See this pencil!” I hummed to him as he proceeded, “I’ll make sure to make your balls explode the second time you say the word jealous.”

I teasingly bit my lips, “oh! You are already making them explode saying that, you know.”

He rolled his eyes and hit my shoulder so I giggled seeing his red face which looked amusing to me. Not a minute later and Jungkook finally showed up. “Where the hell were you?” I inquired.

“Don’t worry dude I wasn’t in hell, just roaming around.” After saying those words to me, he directed his gaze towards Yoongi, “you studying kid”

“Yeah, students are supposed to be studying which apparently won’t work for you guys.” He looked at me imparticular, “you know you can’t be in the same class as me if you failed right?”

“Who said anything about failing?”

“Do you think Taehyung will fail? Are you stupid?” Jungkook snorted in amusement.

“I bet he’s the one who’ll fail,” I laughed it off with Kookie.

Yoongi’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance, saying “and I bet that both of you will fail.” He crossed his arms on his chest with his legs dangling on the floor from above the bed.

Kookie raised his hands in surrender, uttering “I don’t mind leaving school any moment. Your problem is with Tae, not me.”

“What will you do if I passed?” I raised a challenging eyebrow at Yoongi.

He snorted in response and said, “I’ll let you fuck me. That’s how confident I am in you failing so hard.”

“Oh! That’s intriguing!” I licked my lips.

Jungkook suddenly cleared his throat, raising his hand “can I watch?”

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